Iris Apfel

“Oh, yes, she and Dries are in love with each other,” said Griet Vandekerckhove, a member of Dries Van Noten‘s Belgian sales team. She was speaking of Iris Apfel, the 94-years-young American interior designer, style icon and documentary film star. Mrs. Apfel had suddenly appeared in the dark, rectangular runway room in the 8th arrondissement just as Jennifer Wheeler, Nordstrom’s VP of designer apparel, and I were talking to Griet about the collection—the perfect coincidence.


Griet says Van Noten was inspired primarily by the eccentric Italian heiress Luisa Casati and her lover, the poet and playwright Gabriele D’Annunzio. But who can think of eccentrics without thinking of Mrs. Apfel—particularly if you’re really good friends with her?


As we watched a collection of extra-textural, overtly decadent metallic and velvet looks come down the runway, we were especially drawn to the Apfel-like accessories, the D’Annunzio-rooted menswear and the wild, animal-print outerwear. For lovers of smart contrast and elegant clashing, fall 2016 is going to be a really, really rich time.



Good things come in threes, like this trio of springtime style flicks. Save one for a rainy day or beat the early heat with a matinee.

Dior and I

Released Sunday, April 12, this documentary details the insane amount of work, tenacity and heart that went into the first Dior collection presented by the fashion house’s newly appointed creative director, Raf Simons. Using behind-the-scenes footage, director Frédéric Tcheng brings the house’s drama to life, yielding a must-see for aspiring designers and fans of the luxury line alike.

Bonus scene: Here’s what Jaime King, Britt Robertson, and Ashley Madekwe wore to the premiere at LACMA.


Excellently accessorized with her iconic, oversized, thick-rimmed round glasses, 93-year-old Iris Apfel is one of the most recognizable faces in fashion, and the kind of person that young fashionista women (and many men) aspire to be when they grow up. Her career spans massively influential decades of style and her fun-loving outlook on life is as refreshing as it is inspirational. This documentary from director Albert Maysles gives a glimpse into Apfel’s life, trailing her as she navigates her fast-paced and glamorous world, from party hopping and handling her career to settling into intimate moments at home with husband Carl Apfel. Set to release on April 29, Iris is a sweet and stylish portrait of a woman who never ceases to amaze.

Bonus scene: Iris Apfel on the Coveteur

Saint Laurent

Starring Gaspard Ulliel as a young Yves Saint Laurent, this stunning biopic set to drop in the U.S. on May 8 is a visual spectacle chronicling the life of this seminal French fashion favorite. Director Bertrand Bonello presents an ode to haute couture as told through the clothes showcased throughout the film, starting the story at the height of Saint Laurent’s influence and popularity, and jumping around through time to highlight essential epochs of the designer’s career. While the non-linear plot can be a bit rocky to follow at times, the cultural impact of the quintessential fashion house remains crystal clear.

Bonus scene: Gaspard Illiel looking dashing on the red carpet of Saint Laurent‘s 2014 New York Film Festival premiere.


Iris Apfel for Dazed & Confused

What’s 91-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel up to these days? Oh, just lounging around in Comme des Garçons at photo shoots for Dazed & Confused magazine.

Always an inspiration.

Jeff Powell


Iris Apfel

Our favorite nonagenarian style icon, Iris Apfel is making headlines again. The Boston Globe reports that she’s donating over 600 articles of clothing and accessories (we’re talking the likes of Lagerfeld, Dior, McQueen) to the Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts.

All 600 enviable pieces were already lent to the museum during its 2009 exhibition, “Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel.” After reading the news of her collection’s permanent return to the museum, we thought it a perfect time to open our treasure chest and relive our interview with Apfel—shot as she as she marked the exhibition’s opening by styling our Nordstrom Northshore windows.

“If you can have one good little black dress and have a lot of accessories, you can change the look of the dress, and you can have umpteen outfits and always look good.”—Iris Apfel

This rare bird of fashion is sheer delight.