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Our street-style photographer, Crystal Nicodemus, spotted so many amazing accessories in New York that we decided to do an entire Scene Snaps highlighting the best bags, jewelry, hats and more.

See all of Crystal’s Scene Snaps at New York Fashion Week, and stay tuned for her updates from London.

We love this behind-the-scenes look at how Anna Beck accessories are made; check out the intricate handiwork that goes into every single piece—no wonder they’re all so exquisite.

And if you’re in the mood for a mini-vacay to Bali (yes, please!), let Anna Beck’s designer and founder, Becky Hosmer, take you on a journey into her life and life’s work. Looks like Indonesian paradise to us!

Allow us to introduce you to one of our newest brands at Nordstrom: Pandora. We spent a (almost embarrassingly) long time browsing the hundreds of charms available, and still can’t decide on our favorites.

All you need is your base bracelet, and you can go to town picking the charms you love the most—from witty little animals and creatures to symbolic ornaments and accents—oh, the possibilities! It’s all the customizable fun of DIY: no toolkit or safety glasses required.

We ran across Alyson at her blog, Crushing on Clothes and loved seeing her mix of aquas and the casual styling of this Willow & Clay asymmetrical hem dress—perfect for a sunny stroll around the University of Washington campus here in Seattle.

She’s hitting all the right trends with her bright pops of color,  high/low hemline and a light-and-airy look for spring. So cute!

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Shop our Editor’s Picks to recreate this look:

Willow & Clay Asymmetrical Hem Dress

Alexis Bittar Medium Tapered Bangle (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Jimmy Choo Riki Shopper

We’re so charmed by these ‘Rare Wonders’ talisman necklaces from Lagos.

In case you’re having trouble picking a favorite, Lagos’s handy quiz matches your personality traits to your perfect creature. Your blog editor’s result? The gecko: embodying creativity, intuition, fun and poise. Love! Who doesn’t want an inspiring reminder of how amazing they are to wear around their neck?

What’s your talisman?
Seahorse: Perception, originality, uniqueness and strength
Butterfly: Lightheartedness, grace, flirtatiousness and femininity
Gecko: Creativity, intuition, fun and poise
Turtle: Sensitivity, peace, friendship and kindness
Elephant: Power, strong will, honesty and trust

February 8, 2012

A Spring Tide of Sea Foam

Straight from the ’50s and pastel-obsessed ’60s, these pale, watery hues of the sea are on the rise.

So refreshing! After all the bright colors we’ve been talking about, these shades—from minty green to faded aqua—are feeling like a cool alternative to blazing color.

Try lighter or sheer fabrics in pale tones for breezy, flowing silhouettes, and more saturated tints with tailored pieces. Keep this color looking easy and extra-fresh by pairing with warm neutrals or a mid-tone blue.

Sanctuary ‘Leotie’ Crinkled Asymmetric Maxi Skirt
Yves Saint Laurent ‘Manicure Couture’ Duo
Sibilia Square Statement Necklace
Elizabeth and James ‘Adrienne’ Slub Knit Dress
Fossil ‘Sydney’ Colored Dial Bracelet Watch
Wit and Wisdom Color Denim Skinny Jeans (Nordstrom Exclusive)
Caslon V-Neck Textured Sweater
Botkier ‘Valentina’ Shoulder Bag

Jeff Powell

Inspired by and in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Dragon, the John Hardy ‘Naga’ collection is now available at Nordstrom.

This distinctive collection showcases Hardy’s meticulously handcrafted detail with dragon heads or scales gracing each piece. Named after a legendary Balinese dragon that dwells in volcanoes and dives into the sea, the ‘Naga’ collection infuses the symbols of love, prosperity and luck of the dragon into a signature John Hardy look with ornate gold and silver craftsmanship.

Whatever your plans, our Editor’s Picks are sure to please you and your Valentine. Whether you’re more sugar or spice, these looks will make everything nice—the romance is up to you.

This flirty, color-blocked Jessica Simpson dress goes prim with a frilly pink clutch, all accessorized by a hint of dazzle. A sophisticated nude pump, not to mention that croc-embossing detail, keeps this look sophisticated while still satisfying your date’s sweet tooth.

Pictured (clockwise):
RED Valentino Leather Bow Clutch
Jessica Simpson Sleeveless Chiffon Dress
Alexis Bittar ‘Otto’ Encrusted Ring
Alexis Bittar Crystal & Lucite Drop Earrings
Dior ‘Miss Dior’ Peep Toe Pump
Alexis Bittar ‘Smoky Dust’ Small Hinged Bracelet (Nordstrom Exclusive)

A neutral, sequined shift dress is the perfect palette for layering on your own personality. Try going on a gold rush to infuse the sequined sparkle with individuality—think unique accessories in similar tones and materials with just the right amount of edginess and texture. A black high-heeled sandal, street-wise enough to ground all that gold, pulls together a crush-worthy look that’s urban and sleek.

Pictured (clockwise):
Jewelry Fashions Statement Necklace
Alexia Admor Sequin Shift Dress
Jewelry Fashions Wide Cuff
B Brian Atwood ‘Clio’ Sandal
Rafe New York ‘Maryanne’ Minaudiere
Daly Bird Diamond Cut Leather Earrings

Check out more pieces for a Valentine’s Day outfit, and shop our Valentine’s Day Lingerie Guide for something comfortable to slip into when Valentine’s Day turns to night.

Jeff Powell

Today we learned two things related to British TV. Shirley MacLaine is joining the cast of Downton Abbey for Season 3 (from the BBC News. So excited), and Ab Fab’s Pats and Eddie are back and teaming up with jewelry designer Alexis Bittar for his fall/winter 2012 campaign.

Known for showcasing questionable (okay, dreadful) fashion choices and raucous characters, 20-year-old Absolutely Fabulous is enjoying not only a comeback with its recent specials, but now also a campaign with the charming, talented and funny Alexis Bittar (read our interview with him). Perfectly in character, there’s at least nothing questionable about the absolutely fabulous accessories Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders are sporting.

We can’t wait to see the full campaign and all the gorgeous new accessories to come! We hear Patsy saying, “It’s fabulous, darling.”

Jeff Powell

An incredibly talented and highly acclaimed jewelry designer, the dashing and easygoing, Alexis Bittar spent a generous six hours in our downtown Seattle store today signing his pieces, chatting and shopping with customers. He also carved out a few minutes from time with his fans to share his infectious laugh and speak with us about his collections, style tips and what’s next for his label.

What do you love most about what you do?
I think the best thing about being a jewelry designer is that I feel like what I do hopefully straddles art and fashion. You get to create this personal expression for women that they wear. Wearable art has such a bad connotation, but I feel like there is that component involved in the jewelry.

I like to push the limit with developing techniques and trying new mediums. So, I feel like ultimately it’s an expression of art and fashion.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
I look at everything…I’m always looking for innovation. I look at architecture, furniture—I love antique jewelry. I feel like in terms of craftsmanship and skill, if you look at jewelry pre-1950s and 1960s, the craftsmanship is just incredible. I look at fashion, art—I try to take all of that in, you know?

I love turn of the last century, like 1900-1915 in terms of modern art. It’s incredible. For me that’s the birth of real modern art.

Your three lines Lucite, Elements, and Miss Havisham all have a distinct look, but what ties them all together? What defines Alexis Bittar?
I design every piece, so hopefully my DNA is in there. Hopefully there’s—this is a generalization because it’s maybe not true for all the pieces—there’s a sense of creativity, a little bit of whimsy, and I feel like the pieces are all strong. They’re not coming from a timid place.

If you could give your customers a tip on style or wearing your pieces, what would it be?
Well, I think a few things. One is that a stack of bracelets looks better generally than just one, unless it’s a strong bracelet. I think it’s good to invest in a statement piece of jewelry, whether it’s a cocktail ring or a larger bib necklace. And I think you need to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. You really want to choose it…you don’t want to feel like the jewelry is wearing you, so you need to have a sense of comfort, but you always try to push it a little bit…push your limits a little.

And I would definitely say stay away from wearing matching sets, like a set of hoop earrings with a hoop necklace, even for my brand, you don’t need to put on Lucite earrings and a Lucite necklace…one’s enough. [Laughs.]

You’ve worked with a long list of celebrities and designers—like Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field, Michael Kors and recently Jason Wu. Are there more collaborations on the horizon? Who would be your dream to partner with?
I would love to work with Comme des Garçons—that would be like my favorite brand to work with. Or McQueen, even though he passed away, I think the show [at Paris Fashion Week] looked really good…Sarah Burton is strong.

In terms of collaborations, [long pause] yeah, I have one, but I can’t talk about it. Sorry. [Smiles.]

What’s next for Alexis Bittar?
I am going to be working on a bridge fine jewelry line; I think that’s the next real venture for the company.

Anything for men?
You know it’s weird, it comes up a lot as a question, and it’s a really particular market. I definitely think I can get to it, but feel like I’d rather get to the fine jewelry first. Men, me included, often own and wear their same one piece of jewelry everyday, and that’s it. It’s not as fun, and you don’t want to make the jewelry too fun. You don’t want guys wearing tons of jewelry. So it needs to be really simple, unless you’re like Liberace, and you can pull it off. [Laughs] but I’m not rushing it.