Let’s Go!

From slingshots and sporks to a solar-powered phone charger, our latest Pop-In Shop, LET’S GO!, has everything you need for an epic American road trip—including expertly curated tunes to fuel long hours in your #adventuremobile between points A and B.

We’ve got 15 interstate anthems courtesy of Justin Gage, the man behind Los Angeles-based website Aquarium Drunkard—an eclectic, independent audio blog that bridges contemporary sounds with vintage garage, psych, folk, country, soul, funk, R&B and beyond.

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The word “heritage” gets thrown around pretty frequently these days. But, when vintage photos of a long-standing brand’s headquarters include a horse and buggy out front—you can rest assured that it possesses the know-how and work ethic to truly stand the test of time.

Head over to our Men’s Blog to read a Q&A with Faribault Woolen Mill’s Creative Director, John Mooty for insight into the the 149-year-old Minnesota manufacturer’s history and inspiration, as well as John’s favorite places in the USA and road-trip tips. Just in time for LET’S GO!, our current, road trip-themed Pop-In Shop, where you’ll find beautiful Fairbault Woolen Mill Blankets.


Pop-In Shop: Travel Outtakes

For our latest Pop-In Shop, we gathered up a heap of travel adventure shots from our colleagues here at Nordstrom HQ—all taken in the great USA. Here are some of our favorites—see where we’ve been!

Now that you’re inspired, get ready to explore this summer. Let’s Go!


Portland, OR brand Poler operates on a simple mission: to get average people outdoors—and out of their everyday routine—more often. They sum it up with a deceptively simple catch phrase/hashtag: #CampVibes, two syllables that manage to evoke cedar in the air and a canopy of stars overhead.

Head over to our Men’s Blog to read an exclusive Q&A with Poler Co-Founder and Creative Director Benji Wagner, in which he discusses couscous, favorite road trip spots, and thinking like a kid.


Our Director of Creative Projects and Pop-In Shop Curator Olivia Kim offers up daily inspiration, favorite products and things she’s super in love with right now.

“I love the idea of versatility. If I can utilize something in multiple ways, it is going in my suitcase. This Faribault Woolen Mill tartan throw is a road-trip backseat essential—perfect for a beach bonfire blanket or even a snuggly bed for my Frenchie, Spy. Wool is naturally antimicrobial, so I don’t even have to worry about it getting germy!”

Faribault Woolen Mill Wool Throw Blankets


Our latest Pop-In Shop at Nordstrom celebrates the cool, the quirky and the quintessentially American with an homage to a favorite U.S. pastime—the road trip. Olivia Kim’s expertly curated shop will get you geared up for summer travel, whether your itinerary includes camping, divey diners and/or a corn palace. Below, we present a handful of editor’s picks to get your motor running.




Pop-In_700Our latest pop-in shop is here! Explore the USA with road trip essentials curated by Olivia Kim, Nordstrom’s Director of Creative Projects. Let’s Go!