Lily Wyckoff

No matter where you go, there you are. And chances are good that while you’re there, you’re going to get hungry. Fashion Week may be a jigsaw puzzle of planes, trains, automobiles and killer looks, but it all goes down in New York City—a caffeinated culinary capitol of the globe, so of course we take our time-outs as seriously as our show schedules.

Enter Lily Wyckoff, Nordstrom Social Media. Look up “well-connected” in the dictionary. Go ahead, we’ll wait. You’ll find a picture of Wyckoff there, probably jetting from a Insta meet-up to runway event to a chic cafe. Which chic cafe? Glad you asked.

First, let’s let her count the ways. What follows are our technocrat’s eatery criteria, and then her top six picks for sustenance with style.