London List from SPACE

Where does a girl in ruffles, gingham and tulle go? Anywhere she wants to, of course.


Molly Goddard spring 2017; this collection will be online and in stores very soon. 

Image by Portia Hunt.

SPACE designer Molly Goddard is one of the biggest names in London right now—in no small part because she’s helped define a look that’s part party girl, part everyday sport-romance, and part remembered fever dream from your very first ballet class. But the bottom line is that you can take anything from her spring collection, add sneakers and a T-shirt, and you’re good for a night of soccer matches, sushi rolls or late-night club tunes.

If you ever wanted to try any of the above in the designer’s hometown, now you can. Just let Molly and her boyfriend/business partner, Tom Shickle, tell you where to go.



One more post from London before we’re fully in the EU for the remainder …

I’m someone who believes pretty darn firmly in the sanctity of a proper dose of caffeine taken in an unrushed, thoughtful manner. So when I walked into Fabrique in Shoreditch on the afternoon immediately following Marques’Almeida’s monumental spring ’16 showcase, I felt like maybe I should extend my congratulations and thanks to the baristas and bakers who work there.


When I asked the Marques’Almeida team for their London List, the note next to this Swedish stone-oven bakery read, “the best bread; we usually pick up our breakfast sandwiches and coffee here.” Meaning, this is how Marta and Paulo and company start their day. Meaning, this is how they generate the brain power to drape denim and shape brocade.

Meaning—I believe—the traditional dark grains and Swedish-roasted coffee beans are in some small way responsible for the shift in modern ready-to-wear. I mean, right? Take a look at these images and tell me that you don’t think this is an exceptionally beautiful and grounding way to start each day’s creative process. And that you don’t want to thank these women, too.



Fashion Week crossover warning: The shows are in Milan now,
but we have a few more things we want to share with you from London.

One of the signs of a great partnership is when one half of a duo has a lot to say about the other half. While out in East London visiting with Aries co-founder and co-designer Sofia Prantera, she brought up Fergus Purcell, her other creative half, quite often. And while she could have dropped any number of names alongside his (he worked with Marc Jacobs, Supreme and Alexander McQueen, for instance), the one we talked about was London’s legendary Palace Skateboards.


Skate culture is central to the Aries story. Prantera and Purcell came of age in the time of raves and ramps, and after graduating from London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins in the ’90s, they worked together at Slam City Skates, the board brand that made it possible for Palace to come along later.

SPACE designer Ashley Williams also mentioned Palace Skateboards when she gave us her London List, so the Soho shop was already in my to-do notes, but when I took a recent spin through before leaving town, I looked at it all with a very Aries-centric lens.



Ciao Milano! Fashion Week steps into Italy today, but we’ll be posting a few more London stories before we’ve got both feet in the land of Moschino, Cavalli, Marni and more.

When jewelry designer Tiffany Phillips of the SPACE brand URiBE told us that her husband, co-designer Sion Phillips, got her engagement ring at Gray’s Antique Center in Mayfair (near the Bond Street Station in London), it went to the top of our list of London’s not-to-miss. The only thing better would be seeing the ring itself and hearing about how this super-talented and ultra-modern duo chose to mark their union with a piece of history.

As close as we got to URiBE’s flower market recommendations.

But we never made it there. Fashion week schedules are hard to explain; they can really only be experienced. Suffice it to say there are plenty of places we didn’t visit during this brief jaunt. But next time you’re in London, make sure you hit a few of the spots that the Phillipses were so kind to share with us.



We’re big fans of letting experts be the experts, especially when it means asking for a few good recommendations when you’re visiting someone else’s town.


While we’re here in London we’ll be eating, drinking and gallery-ing our way through the city based on the suggestions of some of our favorite SPACE designers. First up, at the referral of the Roksanda team: a trip to Nopi, the small-plates jewel of the crazy-popular Ottolenghi family.

Going to London soon? You’re going to need to know about this beautiful Soho-area spot, and you’re going to need the rest of the Roksanda team’s London List. Not going to London anytime soon? Get your hands on the Nopi cookbook, pictured above. There’s every chance it’s going to be as popular (and bloggable, ‘Grammable, brag-able) as the mothership original.