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From Our Friends at Who What Wear: 4 Cool Ways to Style the Nike Sneakers L.A. Girls Love

Lauren Eggertsen is an associate editor at Who What Wear. As a huge fan of trending items, under-the-radar brands and timeless basics, she does not take the search for that perfect pair of sneakers lightly. Nike Cortez sneakers have everything she looks for in that ideal pair, and she’s about to tell you exactly why.

If there’s one sneaker I’ve noticed the cool girls of L.A. wearing as of late, it’s the Nike Cortez. But since the shoe is inherently quite sporty, it may seem a bit intimidating to style, which is exactly what I’m here to help you with today. I clearly love these sneakers (I own how many pairs now?), so, in an effort to remain somewhat unbiased, I decided to also bring you street-style images of cool girls around the world wearing them.

Ahead, you’ll find four of the most forward yet approachable ways to style Nike Cortezes. With outfit combinations ranging from floral dresses to statement trousers, my roundup has a look or a style tip in here for everyone, guaranteed. Basically, if there’s one pair of sneakers you invest in this season, I recommend it be these for their flattering shape, level of comfort and overall stylish qualities.



Allure Mag Talks Korean Fashion with Olivia Kim | Required Reading

Olivia Kim makes Seoul’s pop-culture-obsessed fashion scene sound dangerously exciting. Talking recently about trends and It items with a writer at Allure.com, she puts herself in the platform shoes of the city’s youth culture and imagines them going, “We’re going to embrace it. We’re going to love it. We’re going to kill it. And then we’re going to move on to the next thing.”

(Insert that wide-eyed, surprise-face emoji here.)

The imaginative style vibe of South Korea’s capital is totally trending right now, and in Allure‘s new must-read memo on the ten hottest brands, our New Jersey-raised, Korean-American creative projects VP dishes on the pop stars and designers who drive the obsession, trends and demand through the streets and then out into the world.

Snapshot of Allure.com article on Korean fashion

Allure.com’s Korean fashion news flash


It’s a cool read and a great way to get caught up with what might become the world’s next fashion city—Seoul Fashion Week anyone?—and it’s also the perfect primer for our brand new Pop-In@Nordstrom: KFASHION, which runs March 31 through May 7.

So, who are the designers behind these It items?


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Hey, Toronto! You Can Meet Vejas Kruszewski in SPACE LAB at Nordstrom

We’ve had the pleasure of standing in a Paris Fashion Week showroom twice now with the lauded and awarded-young SPACE designer Vejas Kruszewski (no really, though; he’s just barely two decades old), and we are here to tell you that he’s one of the most easygoing yet intellectual designers we know.


Vejas; image by Jessa Carter

If you live in Toronto and you like talking fashion, please note this date and time: March 15 from 5 to 7pm.  

Vejas and his right-hand, Saam Emme, will be at Nordstrom Toronto Eaton Centre to chat through inspiration and innovation—and your personal style and the spring ’17 collection. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 416.552.2900, ext. 1350. 


EXPLORE: current-season emerging designers

—Laura Cassidy

Fashion Week SPACE

Olivia Kim’s Favorite Parisian Vintage Shop

Every once in a while you end up in a weird situation where you’re ahead of schedule for an appointment or a meeting, and you can’t decide whether to just show up all awkward and early or try to kill a little time somewhere. But every once in a great while, something magical happens: a third option emerges. Maybe you run into a friend you haven’t seen in ages or you pass a bookstore that’s perfect for getting lost in.


Today, in the middle of our Paris Fashion Week showroom rounds, we realized we were headed for the Roksanda showroom with a fairly decent amount of time to spare. Should we just pop in early? Should we call ahead and see if popping in early would be OK? How did we manage to get that far ahead of schedule anyway, when 97% of Fashion Week is spent racing the clock and being almost-late everywhere we go?

Just as we were pondering all that, Olivia Kim looked out the window and noticed where we were.

“Hey! My favorite vintage store is on this street.” Problem solved.


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Fashion Week SPACE

SPACE Favorites from London Fashion Week

“A lot of times what I feel when I’m here watching the shows is that I’m so honored to be in the company of these women—women like Simone, Molly, Ashley,” says Olivia, after we duck into a Mexican restaurant out in the East End. It’s the last day of London Fashion Week, and we’re between appointments, so now’s the time to take stock.


Olivia Kim with buyer Raul Becerra at lunch.

Each season, in every city, there are one or two collections—and a few key pieces and a few key moments—that stand out among the rest. Here are Olivia and Raul’s favorites from London.


ALL POSTS Interviews POP-IN@Nordstrom

KBEAUTY School with Christine Chang and Sarah Lee from Glow Recipe | Pop-In@Nordstrom: KBEAUTY


To help you discover the best KBEAUTY routine for your individual needs, we consulted experts Christine Chang and Sarah Lee of Glow Recipe. First, here’s what they had to say about Korean beauty in general:

“Korean beauty is all about layering, learning and customizing to suit your skin care needs. The layering of targeted, skin type–optimized treatments is the cornerstone of KBEAUTY … and the ideal of glowing, radiant skin! And it’s not just about products—the application and enjoyment of uniquely sensorial textures are just as much a part of the Korean beauty routine as a great treatment.”

The basic routine:


Now here’s their advice, broken down by skin concerns including acne and oil, dryness and sensitivity, anti-aging care, and dullness.

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom: KBEAUTY


ALL POSTS Beauty Interviews Men's Grooming & Fragrance POP-IN@Nordstrom

Inclusive Beauty with Photographer Ashley Armitage | Pop-In@Nordstrom: KBEAUTY

2017 February Pop-in Shop KBEAUTY

We’re big fans of up-and-coming photographer Ashley Armitage, who centers real people in her work for fashion magazines like i-D, Dazed and Teen Vogue. Shining her own artistic (and often pink) light on models not normally seen in the mainstream – with various body shapes, skin colors and identities on the LGBTQIA spectrum – she’s already begun to break through just one year out of college.

For Pop-In@Nordstrom: KBEAUTY, our dive into the addicting world of Korean beauty and skincare, Armitage kept her aesthetic intact and further built out her dreamy world. She shot non-professional models in a simulated bathroom rather than at her house. Rare for her: a few professional models, and one of the non-professional models was a man (second time ever). Since it was a big job with a lot of shots, Armitage hired photo assistants (first time ever) and chose digital format over her beloved Kodak Portra film.

We spoke with her on set about what it’s like being new and in charge. We also learned about her surprising history with Nordstrom and mission to fight the beauty standard and “hack into mass media.”

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom: KBEAUTY


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Unmistakably Korean Materials | Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster

The 2017 series of Pop-Ins at Nordstrom begins with three shops featuring the exciting cultures of Korean fashion and style, curated by Olivia Kim. To start: Gentle Monster, the youthful Korean sunglasses company with a penchant for artistic storytelling.

Beyond making fantastic sunglasses, a big part of the Gentle Monster brand is creative store design. You don’t just inhabit a Gentle Monster retail zone, you get a rich offline experience. We knew they’d do something special for our Pop-In Shops—and they did.

We went straight to the source to learn more, asking Renee Kim, Gentle Monster Associate Space Designer, about the seemingly somber concept behind our joint shops and the meanings behind the Korean materials she used.


SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster


ALL POSTS Interviews POP-IN@Nordstrom

Offline Experiences: Stories Behind Three Gentle Monster Stores | Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster

The 2017 series of Pop-Ins at Nordstrom begins with three shops featuring the exciting cultures of Korean fashion and style, curated by Olivia Kim. To start: Gentle Monster, the youthful Korean sunglasses company with a penchant for artistic storytelling.


We love the bold, fun designs of Gentle Monster sunglasses, but one thing that’s really intriguing to us is how the Gentle Monster stores—which started five years ago in Seoul and spread through Asia before coming to the U.S.—are basically standalone modern art exhibits. Whether or not you purchase anything, you leave feeling enriched like you went to a museum.

We spoke with Anthony Bae, Gentle Monster head interior designer, to ask one main question about two especially interesting spaces in Seoul and one in Shanghai: What’s the story behind these stores?

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster


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Sunglasses Brand or Art Gallery? The What, Why and How of Gentle Monster | Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster

The 2017 series of Pop-Ins at Nordstrom begins with three shops featuring the exciting cultures of Korean fashion and style, curated by Olivia Kim. To start: Gentle Monster, the youthful Korean sunglasses company with a penchant for artistic storytelling. 


Gentle Monster sunglasses are striking, but the whole idea of the company is intriguing: a brand that’s trying to decorate your face as well as mess with your mind. The origin story is unusual too. It all deserves a proper introduction, so we broke it down with Taye Yun, Gentle Monster U.S. VP of Communications.

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster