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As any model will tell you, the work really isn’t that glamorous. You hardly get to eat anything—just a biscuit after every take. There are long hours under the lights with your water dish out of reach. The photographers and art directors can be real handsy, too, always petting you, calling you “sweetie” and “good girl.” They just drool all over you.

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And then there are the other models. Some are real amateurs. They’re so excited to be a model, without realizing what the job entails. They come in all excited, greet everyone on set affectionately and really kiss up to the crew. But when it comes time to work, they’re always taking breaks and darting off camera. It’s like they have no concept of time.

Best in Show


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Behind the scenes of our January trend shoot

Too often you only get to see the talented faces in front of the camera, not those equally gifted and often adorable souls who work their magic behind the lens. During our January Trend shoot, we reversed our camera angle to highlight the artists who execute the style and vision that make fashions come to life.

Hear from two fashion photographers plus nail and hair stylists on how they launched their successful artistic careers and what makes them excited about their crafts—including tips on how to perfect your manicure and hairdo.

SHARP SHOOTER: Zoey Grossman, Photographer 

Photographer Zoey Grossman

How did you decide this is what you wanted to do professionally?

I have always been drawn to the arts. I grew up painting and sculpting, and ended up going to an arts high school where I got to draw and paint every day. I had always played around with photography, but it wasn’t until college that I found my genuine love and passion for photos. I took a few photo courses in college that really promoted incorporating my personal experiences in life, and encouraged me to be vulnerable and really convey real emotion through photography. I have always loved fashion, magazines, etc., but these college classes really showed me that fashion photography could be deeper and more meaningful if I wanted it to be.



We invited a handful of our favorite NYC Instagrammers to collaborate with us on our fall trend accessories and shoes campaign. They joined us at an Instameet-style shoot in the Big Apple because, party! We filled the studio with next season’s shoes, handbags, jewelry and hosiery, and let them do what they do best. It was a photo shoot match made in heaven, and we’re in love with the results. It’s a little bit of catalog and little bit of Instagram. We’re calling it Instalog! Here’s our partnership lineup:

Sara Zucker @SARAZUCKER | Laurel Pantin @LAPANTIN

Liz Eswein @NEWYORKCITY | Alice Gao @ALICE_GAO

Rachel & Nicole Effendy @RACHELETNICOLE | Madeline Poole @MPNAILS

Susan Joy @SUSANJOY | Anthony Danielle @TAKINYERPHOTO

Jessie Artigue @STYLEANDPEPPER | Hilary Rushford @HILARYRUSHFORD

Caroline Harper Knapp @HOUSEOFHARPER | Getting the shot behind the scenes.

Check out the fresh perspectives of our 11 featured Instagrammers in our fall handbags, jewelry, boots and hosiery shops.

Jeff Powell


nordstrom-designer-photo-shoot-feb-2014-3aFrench model Pauline Hoarau rocks the latest styles from our Designer Collections spring photo shoot. Go behind the scenes and discover some of our must-have looks of the season.



United Nude, New to

Since 2003, Rem D Koolhaas, Dutch architect and shoe engineer of United Nude, has been constructing innovative footwear that pushes technological boundaries and astounds the imagination. The Thread phoned Rem, who at the time was traveling through China, to learn more about his point of view on conceptual shoes.

United Nude Shoes now online at Nordstrom. Photos by Jeff Powell.

Angular Proportions: United Nude Collection ‘Lo Res’ Pump (Online Only)

THE THREAD: What we love most about United Nude is that you design from a place that has no limits.
REM D KOOLHAAS: Yes, we’re designing footwear to push boundaries, to experiment… Yet as a brand we’ve grown up a lot and offer a broader lifestyle range of shoes. At the same time, we’re doing more wild collaborations, theaterlike footwear, let’s say, with people like British architect Zaha Hadid or Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen. This kind of balance between experimentation and wearability is what really keeps us awake more than anything else.

United Nude Shoes now online at Nordstrom. Photos by Jeff Powell.

Mod Moves: United Nude Collection ‘Kim’ Sandal in Gold Mirror Leather (Online Only)

THE THREAD: Your theater footwear analogy is quite thought-provoking, especially thinking of some of your designs worn by characters like Lady Gaga.
REM: The good thing about celebrities is that they want to be seen. They are the most open to join the “theater of fashion,” which is basically where people wear something to really show off and make a statement. Most people in their day-to-day life don’t really want to wear things that are too adventurous, but then you have someone like Beyoncé , who recently sent us a request and desires a state-of-the-art shoe. We have continuous requests from the stylist of Lady Gaga to design shoes for her that complement her theatrical way to perform.



Road Trip: On Location in Nashville

Our September catalog featured three distinct styles in three different cities: Seattle, Chicago and Nashville–where it was all about hot trends and rock ‘n’ roll. We had an awesome time hanging out in Music City, so we’re sharing some pics we snapped around town and at the catalog shoot.


Ever wonder what goes on at Nordstrom’s Seattle headquarters? We took a field trip to one of our photography studios for a peek at a day in the life of our stylists, photographers and models.

Studio N in Georgetown is one massive warehouse, split up into several mini studios. On the day of our visit, nearly every one was buzzing with models, art directors and stylists.

We popped in on a product shoot and found a stylist outfitting a model in a summery Diane von Furstenberg dress. Note the gigantic vertical monitor displaying images as they’re shot—handy for spotting and perfecting every fabric wrinkle or flyaway hair.

Chaotic makeup table, or dream vanity? Either way, we found out that there’s definitely a method to the madness.

These Michael Kors vachetta leather wedges were just one of the stylists’ many enviable shoe options.

Speaking of options, behold the studio’s shoe closet. Floor-to-ceiling footwear? Paradise! This Vince Camuto color-blocked sandal was particularly distracting.

Now, let’s take a walk down Merchandise Lane, shall we?

Clothes, clothes and more clothes! Our stylists have to stay super-organized, labeling each piece and putting them all back in the exact, right place, every time.

In another studio down the hall, a stylist puts the finishing touches on a male model’s shirt. He’s already got his stance down, broad shoulders and all.

We’re never short of inspiration around here. A magnetic bulletin board showcases the latest looks catching our collective eye.

And that’s a wrap! Tell us what you think of our insiders’ tour—we’ll be bringing you more behind-the-scenes action as we unveil our spring photography. Stay tuned!