Simplicity ruled the runway at Narciso Rodriguez‘s fall 2017 collection debut. Not that the designer dialed back his sophisticated styles any more than usual, but the looks were without embellishment. Instead, Rodriguez emphasized the silhouette and its movement through dramatic shapes and strategically placed cutouts. Fluidity in sleeves, hemlines and silk fabrications gave these muscular constructions an ease and rhythm.

Shiseido at Narciso Rodriguez

Pared-back beauty in simple rosy tones topped these strong designs with an ethereal face. No makeup artist can illuminate the complexion quite like Dick Page. For this show, the Shiseido artistic director created petal-like skin that was all the more delicate next to the contemporary, moody clothes.

Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2017

Photo by Indigital Images

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Paris is usually the setting for Cecilia Bönström’s Zadig & Voltaire girl. Frankly—pun unabashedly intended—if you were situated in as appealing a locale as the French capital, why would you relocate?

For Fall 2017, however, Bönström decided to plop the Parisian in NYC. This was achieved through athletic silhouettes and primary hues interspersed among lots of black—a color appropriate for any metro.

Backstage at Zadig & Voltaire Fall 2017

Dick Page, Shiseido artistic director, countered with his specialty—luminous skin—and pretty pops of color on the eyes and lips. The effect was energetic and youthful, like a newcomer looking wide-eyed at the shiny Big Apple.

Backstage at Zadig & Voltaire Fall 2017

“This season’s collection was full of energetic, bright hues. To complement that, I created a makeup look featuring interventions of color—similar to the way you would accessorize clothes—to bring a cohesive believability to the vibrancy of each style,” said Page about the beautiful faces he created for the Zadig & Voltaire show



The ethereal looks in Maria Cornejo’s Spring 2017 collection evoke romanticism with a sophisticated simplicity well suited to the modern woman. It’s often said that Cornejo makes clothes that showcase the individual. Her design ethos is instantly recognizable, yet it never overpowers. It’s always the woman that shines.

Zero Maria Cornejo Spring 2017
All runway photos: InDigital Images

This season’s graceful silhouettes are a case in point. Working predominantly in white, Cornejo’s lineup of fluid looks, shown on barefoot models, feels unfettered and luminous—and the makeup is perfectly in tune.

Zero Maria Cornejo Spring 2017

Created by Dick Page, lead artist for Shiseido, the makeup celebrates natural beauty, with an emphasis on gorgeous, blushing cheeks. The key to nailing the look yourself lies in where and how you apply your blush.




The Zero + Maria Cornejo SS15 collection was a combination of nostalgia and femininity, inspired by a recent trip to London and Venice which was reminiscent of her time spent there in her youth—Cornejo used lace and light weight fabrics to create a casually understated effect. Dick Page for Shiseido and James Pecis for PHYTO and T3 were tasked with creating a fresh, summery, innocent look.



Dick Page, Artistic Director for Shiseido, was backstage creating the look for the Spring 2011 Narciso Collection. The colors are very neutral in this collection, so Dick wanted to do a more colorful face.

He used a sheer foundation on the models’ skin—the focus for this show was the eyes. Dick layered a creamy coral brown shade on the lid and used Shiseido ‘The Makeup’ Luminizing Satin Face Color in ‘Tea Rose’ and ‘Petal’ in the crease of the eye. He also took all three shades underneath the eye. The key with this look is using a great brush and blending. Dick did not use any eyeliner or mascara, and on the lips, Shiseido’s “Whisper” was used.

Dick told me, “this look includes a warm eye and a cool lip. There is no season to this look. It’s all about what looks good with the collection.”



Dick Page, Artistic Director for Shiseido, was on hand backstage creating the look for the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. Dick and Marc really wanted a look that would pop with the collection of clothes.

The strong trend with this look is the bright orange lip. Dick used Shiseido’s Day Lily Lipstick and layered orange powder on top to give a strong matte feel. The skin was kept very matte and translucent with powder was used on top. Dick went for a high rosy cheek with this look and used Shiseido ‘The Makeup’ Luminizing Satin Face Color
on top to highlight. Also notice the eye is wet with this look—Dick used a little lip balm on the eye.

The trend for spring is definitely Orange!!!
And check out the hair: big and highly teased with a twist at the top. Perfect for this look.