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Steve Madden’s 1990s-Inspired Style Challenge | #SMxNordstrom

FeralCreatureHear ye, hear ye: Steve Madden and Nordstrom are running a contest to see who can put together the best outfit while rocking a pair of ’90s-inspired shoes. You shall know this contest by its social media hashtag: #SMxNordstrom.

All you have to do to enter is take a picture of yourself flossing in some ’90s-esque, chunky Steve Maddens. Style yourself most excellently. Post to IG, the Twittersphere or wherever you like to update the whole Internet about what you ate for breakfast. Then BOOM. You’ve entered.

The winner gets to fly to Steve Madden HQ in New York City, tour the Steve Madden showroom and meet Mr. Madden himself. Our own Fashion Office will be scoping #SMxNordstrom and narrowing down applicants to a handful. Team Madden makes the final call.

We called on some favorite Insta queens to model what we’re talking about and get this hashtag rolling. That’s @FeralCreature above. More inspiration below.

Shop: Steve Madden | Fjällräven backpack

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What Nordstrom’s Social Media Gearhead/Yogi Brings to Fashion Week

When I asked Kent Worthington to let me take a look inside his NYFW gear bag and tell me how he gets kitted out to support our Beauty team with their exclusive backstage reports, I wasn’t expecting him to say this: “I like to build a little shrine in my hotel room using some spiritual earth elements to ground, support and bring me energy during the week. The rocks are a great element for the week and often I carry them in my pocket around the bustling city to ground me so I don’t get carried away.”

Naturally, I needed to know more.

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Follow Friday: Cyber-Stalking Stacey Bendet

Many fashion designers have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, but few actually update the account themselves. This is far from the case with Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia. The New-York-based designer and self-professed girly-girl is one of the most prolific Tweeters on our feed, posting outfit shots, behind-the-scenes bits and hilarious anecdotes, often more than a dozen times a day. We’ve culled some of our favorite pictures and status updates from her @alice_olivia page (and now-retired @staceybendet account).

“Note to self: massive # of bobby pins can set off airport security and no they don’t care about your hair.”

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”

“Bubble gum is meant to go with champagne!”

“Ok I’m definitely the only one here in leopard tights and a leather Tshirt #juryduty”

“i just love dressing a woman like a woman.”

“Mommy why do you dye your hair? Well because I like it black Why mommy Well I guess because I’m weird! Oh! Ok!”

“Half asleep getting massage + feel little fingers poking my nose “mommy can you breathe with your face in there” not w/fingers up my nose…”

“Follow your dreams especially when they involve dressing up! ‪#girladvice‬”


Salt Lake City Nordstrom: A Bright Idea

The future’s looking bright at our newest store—Nordstrom City Creek Center in Salt Lake City—and it’s powered by you. For a limited time, in celebration of the Grand Opening March 22, our two-story LED wall will respond to your tweets.

Is your mood colored purple? Carmine? Sea foam? Thanks to our Interactive Development and Visual Teams, our Java-programmed LED wall at City Creek Center can display a staggering spectrum of shades. To watch the wizardry at work, just tweet our hashtag #newnordstrom and whatever color strikes your fancy.

How does the magic happen? First, be sure to tweet just the hashtag and the color (see below for ours). Our LED wall programming searches Twitter for #newnordstrom, which will alert it to your color and then queue it up for display. When your color goes up, our wall will ‘at-reply’ your Twitter handle, so you won’t miss it. Amazing.

Your blog editors may not understand all the code, software and technical hocus-pocus, but we do know how excited we are to get our cameras out and snap a pic while accessorizing our favorite outfit with 2 stories of color. We’re off to try #newnordstrom cerulean!