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Keeping up with fashion trends is a full-time job. In fact, it’s Ruth Basloe’s job. As our Nordstrom styling director, Ruth tirelessly researches designer collections and streetwear style to guide our strategy at Nordstrom. In addition to that, she has to field annoying questions from us like: “Can I wear black socks with white sneakers?” “What style of jacket should I buy this spring?” “Does this look weird?” But she’s always game to offer her good-natured guidance.

For our own reference, we selfishly asked Ruth how she’s updating her wardrobe for 2017. Now we’re generously sharing her pointers and shopping wish list with you!

Paris street style spring 2017
  1. Updated shirting.
    “I love all the new plays on the classic woven shirt: off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, statement sleeves, extra long or oversized,” says Ruth. “I’m hoping to find something that is really unique and interesting in a bold striped pattern.” On Ruth’s wish list: this striped shirtdress from Tibi.




Photos by Kristin Yamada.

By now, we’re all up to speed on the dominance of the fashion sneaker. Worn to work, with dresses for a night out and at front row during Fashion Week, kicks have become a perennial shoe option regardless of the outfit or outing.

Based on our extensive street reconnaissance, we can now report that the fashion hoodie is the next activewear piece to get the all-the-time treatment. We spoke with our Nordstrom styling director, Ruth Basloe, about all the ways to wear the hooded sweatshirt, including with suits, dresses and heels.



It’s no longer fair to call athleisure (aka sportscore) a trend. Its staying power has been cemented by its 2016 entry in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The sporty casual style that began with the sneaker craze and went on to inspire joggers (tailored sweatpants) now touches fashion at all levels: designers Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney have both collaborated with adidas; for Spring 2017, Versace incorporated nylon and spandex for an urban, athletic look and Vera Wang outfitted a cabal of health goths. Designers from Rihanna for Fenty Puma to Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and Fendi construct sneakers meant for going out for a drink rather than a jog.

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Spring 2017 Copenhagen Fashion Week attendee 

But the style is much more complicated than sneakers and yoga leggings. While its appeal lies in comfort and simplicity, the new way to wear athleisure is to inject some obvious non-workout components. Flashier elements like tulle skirts, jaunty scarves and luxury handbags signal that the wearer is adopting the style, not coming straight from the gym. We snapped some successful instances of the lifestyle look on the streets of Copenhagen, Los Angeles, New York and Stockholm. Here are some ways to wear athleisure now.



We’re sure you’ve contemplated it before. Now we have evidence that your instincts were right: our street photographer Kristin Yamada captured a good number of stylish ladies the world over rocking frocks over jeans and trousers this fall. So we’re calling it a trend—just in time to sit down for a monstrous meal with the fam and engage in some roughhousing with the nieces and nephews.

Street Style: dresses over pants.

Photos by Kristin Yamada

Consider this post permission to just throw a dress over your jeans this holiday season. Well, maybe not “just.” There are a few guidelines we’d like to share first. Here are the primary ways in which the style-setters are pulling off this perfectly lovely and practical look.


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Velvet for Days–and Nights

A favorite formal fabric during the holiday season, velvet started showing up even earlier this year, namely in September. During Fashion Week Spring 2017, the cloth was a head-to-toe favorite among the world’s most stylish ladies, who wore it in a variety colors, during the day, through city streets. Fulfilling unlikely fashion icon George Costanza’s wish, it seems it is now societally acceptable–even embraced by the femmes du monde–to drape oneself in velvet. So what are you waiting for?

How to Wear Velvet for DayLiz Uy, Nausheen Shah, Joanna Hillman and Erika Boldrin at Fashion Week Spring 2017

Formality is another fashion rule that’s readily being broken, and wearing velvet further blurs the high/low divide by injecting luxury into the everyday. Eveningwear continues to influence daywear: we see furs, lace, embellishments, jewel tones and rich fabrics worn to the office or to the store with denim and tees.

Velvet Over-the-Knee boots

As always, street style during Fashion Week serves as a bellwether for the season’s trends. Some of our favorite velvet looks below show how the style stars are wearing the fabric–without it looking like drapery.


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Paris Fashion Week Street Style Spring 2017

Photos by Kristin Yamada

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 is in full effect, and the style in the French fashion hub is phenomenal. Here are some of our favorite (shoppable!) looks from PFW so far—captured by our gimlet-eyed street-style reporter Kristin Yamada—that we plan on emulating posthaste, and here’s how we’ll do it.