Sunscreen: we all know how important it is. Healthy-looking skin demands it, your mom and doctor want you to wear it, and—with almost every moisturizer including it—there’s just no ignoring it.

Lily Pulitzer Sophie dress

SHOP: Lilly Pulitzer Sophie shift dress (UPF 50)

But if you really want to step up your sun care, add SPF to your clothes. Yep: UPF—ultraviolet protection fabric–is very much a thing, and companies have made it their mission to make fashionable clothing with high sun protection. For starters, a typical white T-shirt has an average UPF of 5, meaning it allows about 20 percent of ultraviolet light to seep through. Synthetic fabrics like nylon, rayon and spandex tend to have a higher UPF than natural fibers, and the tighter the weave, the better. By using these textiles in dresses, shorts, shirts and swimwear, clothing can provide just as much protection as your lotion, without requiring reapplication.

Here are some looks that are short on neither style nor protection. Mix and match them for the right amount of coverage.



To celebrate the first day of summer, we’re presenting you with list of phrases useful for all of the sun-filled activities sure to follow.

Summer hairBeach combing: Brushing out your sea and sand-matted hair. Consider these products treasures for your tresses.

Solar glare: That look you unintentionally give everyone because you forgot your sunglasses.

Board shortsSpeedo limit: When it’s time to change into roomier swimwear.

Fanny fur: The pilling that results from your bikini bottoms rubbing on concrete or other hard surfaces. Fanny fur signals it’s time for a new suit.

Towelette: A too small beach towel, one that quickly becomes damp after a dip and doesn’t provide space for sunbathing friends.

SPF-bomb: When your sunscreen spurts out of its bottle and all over your clothes, maybe causing you to drop the F-bomb.

Poolite behavior: Etiquette guidelines for sharing a pool, such as making room for others to swim, being aware of your toys and inflatables and corralling your children so they don’t cannonball into strangers.

X-Ray-Ban vision: Hiding your your ogling of strangers behind a pair of conveniently opaque sunglasses.




Since being in the sun requires shade and a soundtrack, we partnered with independent label Terrible Records from NYC, whose acts we’re jamming all the time these sunny days, for a music mix and an exclusive hat.

Blended together by co-owner Ethan Silverman, our Terrible mix starts out swirling and gets dance-y in a hurry. We hope you enjoy it, along with our two TERRIBLE hats in colors you won’t find anywhere else–available exclusively through Pop-In@Nordstrom de Soleil, our sun/swim-themed shop curated by Olivia Kim.

Terrible hats | Pop-In@Nordstrom de Soleil




Lay out your beach blanket and celebrate the sun with Pop-In@Nordstrom de Soleil, our summer swim shop curated by VP of Creative Projects Olivia Kim. Pop-In de Soleil showcases swimwear and accessories from an international selection of brands for both women and men. Inside you’ll find exclusive, custom designs, richly detailed patterns and everything you’ll need to enjoy your place in the sun.

Pop-In@Nordstrom de Soleil


Men’s Summer Styles 2016

What to wear this summer? Short answer: fresh prints, surf-shop tees and broken-in denim. Check out your new summer wardrobe in our video above. You’ll notice the looks come pretty fast. Key individual pieces are below.



Your schedule is already packed—you’re so popular. The invites keep coming. Another music festival just announced its lineup, which looks pretty great. Plus you have to make time for the beach, backyard barbecues and rooftop cocktails. This summer is going to be amazing, and exhausting.

Your Summer Soundtrack

To help psych you up for it and set the mood at your many events and outings, we’ve curated four playlists with Spotify. Turn them on while you get ready. Crank them up in the car on your way to meet friends. Play them while you celebrate in the sun. These are jams to keep your energy high all summer long.



eskimeauxImages by Manuela Insixiengmay

In a contemplative mood this summer, we’ve been reaching for OK by the New York City band Eskimeaux, an album that makes us believe again in the power of turn-of-the-millennium indie rock. We listen while we read Rookie Magazine and The Le Sigh, and think maybe it’s not a dead genre. Maybe instead it’s a not-broken, doesn’t-need-fixing staple.

We met with bandleader and sometimes solo performer Gabby Smith in an undisclosed greenhouse to talk about the weird ambient music she used to make, her upcoming video session for NPR and the value of tenacity in one’s artistic process.



The easiest way to play with your style when it’s a million degrees outside? Jewelry, obvs. We asked accessories designer Rebecca Minkoff to pick her favorite pieces of the moment, and give us the inside scoop on how she’d wear them right now.


Station Hand Chain

“This boho-inspired hand chain is lightweight and super wearable. I’ll style mine with a long, floor-skimming maxi.”


Double Chain Ring

“I love the bohemian feel of this chain ring. It’s the perfect statement piece that works both day and night.”


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Vaadat Charigim: Dan Bloch (denim jacket), Juval Haring (hoodie), Juval Guttmann (black tee); images by Manuela Insixiengmay

In case of the summer bummer, we’ve been known to turn to shoegaze rock–the subgenre made from loops and layers of guitar noise–and travel to a place where pain is beauty.

It usually works.

When we caught up with Juval Haring, who fronts Israeli shoegaze band Vaadat Charigim, he described himself as “pessimistic” and “cynical.” He also deadpanned about his first name, which he shares with his drummer:

“Juval is a common Israeli name. I’m kind of like the Israeli Craig.”

Haring is funny. His band’s new album, Sinking As a Stone, generally, is not.

With little to no musical support system back home and yet over 1,000 concerts played so far, Haring explained what Berlin, Germany, and Portland, OR, have to do with each other, some of his more existential lyrics–and why he keeps on rocking in the free world.




Looking for dreamy tunes to soundtrack summer hangouts? We thought you might be!

Check this exclusive mix from independent Brooklyn-based music label Mexican Summer–the brain trust which popularized Best Coast and Washed Out a few years back–compiled by the man in charge, Keith Abrahamsson. The music is a blend of the beautiful and the strange. You will find rock, pop and electronic music. Old styles and new ones.

And it all goes together fluidly.

If you like what you hear, we recommend spending more time with Mexican Summer and its sister labels Anthology and Software. In our opinion, Abrahamsson and his crew are 100% trustable.

Relatedly: Abrahamsson’s wife, Kate Young, is a fashion stylist we greatly admire and the designer of several Tura sunglasses featured in our current Pop-In Shop.

We spoke to Abrahamsson on the phone about getting style advice from his wife, the future of the music biz and the best swimming hole in New York.

And we had him take a few photos of his desk, so you know what it looks like to steer the good ship Mexican Summer.

Shop: Poolside Pop-In@Nordstrom


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