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Who doesn’t love a fabulous pair of shoes? From footwear research to product development, our merchandisers are dedicated to finding you the perfect sole mate season after season. Get to know Steve Culton, Women’s Product Merchandiser, and find out why he has such a cool job and what’s on his radar for winter.

THE THREAD: What do you do as a product merchandiser?
STEVE CULTON: As a product merchandiser I research and shop trends, collaborate with buyers on their specific needs and develop product with our sourcing partners specific to each label with the help of color and trend direction from our Creative Resource division. I also work with our factory partners on fit and execution of shoes, collaborate and coordinate with my Nordstrom Product Group (NPG) Ready-To-Wear counterparts to ensure brand alignment, and lastly I manage and execute strategic objectives to achieve financial goals.

THE THREAD: What do you like most about being a product merchandiser?
STEVE: I really enjoy developing product and collaborating with our supplier partners abroad to do so. It is also rewarding working with our buying teams to deliver new and exciting product.

THE THREAD: What is your background in fashion?
STEVE: I started my career working on the sales floor, and held several footwear management jobs, both at Nordstrom and other retail companies. My positions ranged from department manager to merchandise manager to buyer. I have been a footwear store owner, and have spent 10 years in my current position developing footwear.

THE THREAD: What are the big trends you see for footwear this winter?
STEVE: Short boots, specifically short wedge boots! Smoking slipper silhouettes—they are everywhere, from luxury designers to starting price points. I also see a return of the ladylike single-sole pump.

Footwear Trends to Try for Winter
L to R: BP. ‘Binzo’ Oxford
Biala ‘Ashby’ Collared Wedge Bootie


When it comes to designer shoes, Nicholas Kirkwood has become a go-to guy for girls who desire luxe, conceptual footwear. And, we must admit, the shoes he crafted for last night’s Victoria’s Secret Angels runway show took fantasy footwear to new heights. Whether it’s Kirkwood you’re craving or a few extra inches, pump up your shoe game with these sky-high platforms.

Top to Bottom:
Nicholas Kirkwood ‘Frill’ Pump
Nicholas Kirkwood Platform Pump in Red Velvet
Nicholas Kirkwood Platform Pump (Pre-order)


Scrumptious Sandals

These Tory Burch beauties are looking so delicious, they’re giving us a midday sugar rush.

Our Inspiration:
The rich, buttery leather interwoven with golden brown fibers on this Tory Burch ‘Layce’ High Heel had us craving something sweet. Thankfully, Martha Stewart came to our rescue with a recipe for checkerboard cookies to stop our mouths from watering. Well, from watering over shoes anyway.

Jeff Powell


Testing, Testing

These wedges have stepped right into a puddle of the bright, brash colors of a TV test pattern.

Seeing these colors on your screen used to mean you were up either way too late or way too early. Outdated now with 24/7 programming, we never thought we’d see these colors together again—but we can’t think of a more daring, fantastic use for them than adding flash to these Jimmy Choo ‘Pearl’ sandals. Sunny winter getaway perfection.

Jeff Powell