More YOUphoria Coming Soon

Our team was in northern Cali recently, shooting a new series of YOUphoria videos. Get a sneak peek at the outfits above… but for the strange scenarios our models find themselves in, you’ll have to stay tuned! Here are our previous YOUphoria clips, in case you missed them:


…And here’s a further glimpse at the fun we had behind the scenes while filming—from nurturing a need for speed to communing with wildlife:


(For more behind-the-scenes action, check out the photos we took at our Minibike shoot.)



Behind the Scenes at our ‘YOUphoria’ Video Shoot

Our new video campaign, ‘YOUphoria,’ is about clothes that let you be yourself and live life to the fullest—whether that means nailing a presentation at work, having an amazing night out with friends…or rocking a dirt bike in five-inch heels.

Re-live the fun time we had on-set with the photos below, and find some YOUphoria of your own in the Savvy Department.

We filmed at the idyllic Tresch Family Farm in Petaluma, California.

Our model, Bijon, was a natural at motorsports. She learned to ride that morning!

The locals crowded around to see what all the commotion was about.

Hair and makeup—out of the back of a van.

Getting the extras to line up was a bit like herding cats.

Ready to roll. Out of the way, tattooed crew guy.

Left: Chilling (literally) between takes—the temp was a frigid 34 degrees to start the day!
Right: Catching a ride to the next location.

We can’t recall her name, but this farm dog was extremely popular.

The set-up used to capture those smooth, panning shots.

Mmmmm, Jimmy Choos. And that’s a wrap!