Trend Recap: Art Factory

The ’60s have been an inspiration point for several designers across Europe, and we’ll admit, we always have a certain reluctance about retro eras when they’re taken too literally. However, we cannot ignore the optimistic approach in the ’60s cues that are popping up in Paris.


What’s captured our attention is the “graphic art,” which is young, fun, vibrant and is part of the bigger story of art dressing we mentioned in London. New patterns evocative of the psychedelic era are noteworthy, especially when coming from such a broad array of designers—from the master of textiles, Dries Van Noten to the energetic new approach from Valentino, not to mention the recently revived, now uber cool, Kenzo line.

We don’t believe anybody wants to look like they’ve stepped out of an Austin Powers movie. Our advice is to follow the best examples from the Paris runways, borrowing a cue from them—a silhouette (like A-line), a pattern or graphic, or a feature, like a fun color pop. Mix any of those in with contemporary pieces to keep it all truly new and exciting.

If the ’60s silhouettes or patterns don’t do it for you, try incorporating the trend via accessories or shoes, like these ‘kinky’ boots: they feel the way to go-go.

Have fun!
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  • Patricia March 6, 2014, 7:52 am

    Great advice for following the trend without looking like an Austin Powers character!

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