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What to Pack for Fashion Week with Nordstrom Senior Editor Laura Cassidy


Our own Laura Cassidy—who publishes here on The Thread and also over at SPACE—is a Fashion Week warrior. She goes twice yearly to New York and then European Fashion Weeks, hitting one city after another (after another), scoping styles and writing furiously.

We admire her poise and how she consistently dresses as well as she writes. We don’t know how she does it. So we asked!

The Thread: Do you plan your Fashion Week outfits? If so, how do you go about it?

Laura Cassidy: To a degree, yes. Certainly I think about the weather. My favorite way to wear a spring dress while it’s still winter: pull some pants on under it, and a sweater over the top of it. Easy. And I really feel like sneakers are the way to go for the February through March run of shows. The weather is just too terrible, and the pace is so crazy—and Nike’s fabrics and colors make it so easy to treat your trainers like oxfords or ankle boots. Sunglasses are key, too, for New York’s cold-sunshine winter and just in general for “disappearing.” These oversized Gentle Monsters are going to allow me to feel alone from time to time, and that’s just really necessary inside the crowds and chaos of the month.

I always bring a furry clutch, because … lap blanket. And I’m never fully dressed without a statement earring. Simone Rocha’s accessories have been so wonderfully timeless and magically toned lately.

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What do you normally wear that you would not be caught dead in during FW?

I don’t know that I wouldn’t be caught dead in my after-work uniform of grey sweats and matching grey sweatshirt, but maybe that? Honestly, I would probably pack the look if I thought I had room in my suitcase.


What guilty pleasure helps you survive the craziness?

I don’t watch TV at home—we don’t even have cable. But I love some hotel TV! At night after the shows when I’m filing stories, I’m happy to get in bed with my laptop and find some terrible reality shows or old movies. But I don’t know, answering this question makes me feel like I really need to update my indulgence game.


Do you have a “Fashion Friend” that you make sure to hang out with/go to shows with during FW?

I love seeing Annie Greenberg and Connie Wang from Refinery29. Those girls just light me up. Otherwise, I love being in market with our buyers. It’s super fun to get their insight—on designers as well as from the sales floor. Also, Shawn Serven, who as SPACE Ambassador helps support all our SPACE salespeople, usually goes to a few shows in New York and he’s both a sponge and a fountain. He can’t get enough knowledge and he shares it in such an effortless way. I love that guy! 

What is the coolest or weirdest celebrity interaction you’ve witnessed at FW?

I lived in New York in the ’90s, so that moment when I sat across the aisle from Mary J. Blige was pretty much everything—until the following season when she performed live at a Jimmy Choo party. Real love!


  • susan February 17, 2017, 9:47 pm

    I’m boycotting Nordstroms too. So are my friends and family.

  • Steffi February 17, 2017, 3:05 am

    I guess if I would ever go on fashion week, I will bring with me the entire wardrobe! I never know what I will wear and I change my mind right before leaving the house!

  • Sandi Mueller February 16, 2017, 1:30 pm

    I will never purchase anything from Nordstrom, nor will any member of my family.

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