12 Gifts our Female Colleagues Think She’ll Dig

Gentlemen, have you seen the holiday video above (which we’re proud to say our compatriots here at Nordstrom HQ recently filmed QUITE handily)? It might be the first romantic comedy in years that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed, in spite of the uncomfortable truth that it conveys: Women are better than us at nearly everything—including giving Christmas gifts.

Our male protagonist delivers knockout gift after knockout gift: boots, jewels, burgers. And yet, his better half still one-ups him in the end. It’s likely that your wife or girlfriend will win at Christmas this year as well—not that it’s a competition—but to minimize the thoughtfulness gap, we asked a cross-section of stylish, intelligent (and yes, picky) women at Nordstrom’s Seattle offices to share what’s on their own wish lists this year. Follow their advice, and you can at least take pride in being a good loser:

1. A Memorable Scent. “I wish my boyfriend would get me one of the hand-blended fragrances from our Pop-In Shop. The ‘Forêt’ scent smells so dreamy. Some of our favorite memories are of hiking and spending time in the beautiful outdoors, so this present would be über thoughtful.” —Stacey C., Women’s Print Stylist
Shop: OLO Hand-Blended Fragrances | All Women’s Fragrance

2. A New Old Favorite. “I want the Wildfox reindeer sweatshirt to wear on Christmas morning when I open gifts! It’s super soft and just makes me happy.” —Kristi L., Women’s Site Merchandising
Shop: Wildfox ‘Little Helper’ Sweater | All Women’s Sweaters

3. A Little Bling (or a Lot). “I want this new ‘Jeweled Pump’ from Miu Miu. It’s glam to the extreme and just one-of-a-kind. Santa, I’ve been good this year—I promise!” —Erin H., Women’s Site Merchandising
Shop: Miu Miu Jeweled Pump | All Designer Shoes

4. A Collector’s Item. “One of my favorite designers is Alexander McQueen, and after his passing, I was happy to see Sarah Burton continue his vision. I have coveted his clutches, the skull ones and the knuckleduster clutches, too…But really, any McQueen bag would be loved forever.” —Lynn F., Senior Web Designer
Shop: Alexander McQueen Lambskin Leather Clutch | All Designer Handbags

5. A Fresh Start. “I’m wishing for a legit cute sweater. I threw out all my old sweaters since they turned into pilly crop tops, so I’m in the market for a fun, bright sweater, like this gem from Splendid.” —Molly B., Women’s Site Merchandising
Shop: Splendid Stripe Knit SweaterAll Women’s Sweaters

6. A Tiny Survival Kit. “Years ago, one of my favorite bosses gave us these Swiss Army knives. Best gift ever. It’s the prettiest blade, nail file, screwdriver, scissors, key ring, tweezers and toothpick a girl is ever going to find in one package. Something no one wants to buy for themselves, but they’ll thank you forever.” —Tina R., Senior Web Designer
Shop: Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife | All Gadgets

7. A Bag She’ll Take Everywhere. “I have to pick just ONE?! OK, I have been eyeing this purse for weeks! It’s the perfect bag to carry on both weekends and to work. I love the mix of textures and the zip-out sides. Are you getting it for me?” —Cara R., Weddings Blog Editor
Shop: Aimee Kestenberg Small Crossbody Bag | All Handbags & Wallets

8. A Checkered Past. “I could use a new pair of Vans. I’m at my best in a casual top jeans and some sneaks. Not to mention I’m a classic gal at heart.” —Molly B., Women’s Site Merchandising
Shop: Vans ‘Classic’ Sneaker (Women) | All Women’s Sneakers

9. A Sneaker She Dropped Hints About. “When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I suggested he check out my Pinterest page, where I like to make seasonal inspiration boards for how I want to dress. For winter and spring, a must-have is a statement sneaker, so I’m asking for a pair of Nike Air Max.” —Melia M., Men’s Site Merchandising
Shop: Nike ‘Air Max IVO’ Sneaker (Women) | All Women’s Athletic Shoes

10. A Wearable Work of Art. “I am coveting this grey leather jacket from Trouvé. I love the neutral-but-not-black color—and I think this style, with its nice draped neck, will punch up a dress or look great dressed-down with my favorite white tee and jeans on the weekend. I hope Santa is listening…” —Ashley W., Women’s Dress Buyer
Shop: Trouvé Collarless Leather Jacket | All Women’s Leather Jackets

11. A Custom Creation. “I’ve been eyeing the Michele ‘Urban Mini Diamond’ two-tone watch. Not only is it completely timeless, it’s a stunning watch you’d want to wear every day—and what girl doesn’t love a little bling?” —Amy J., Accessories Site Merchandising
Shop: Michele ‘Urban Mini’ Watch CaseBand | Make Your Own Michele | All Women’s Watches

12. A Place for Everything. “I’ll be traveling a lot next year, so I want items that are practical and keep me organized. This wallet has a slot for your boarding pass, which I somehow always seem to lose between check-in and my gate.” —Angela S., Video Producer
Shop: WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie ‘Liberty’ Travel Wallet | All Women’s Wallets


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