5 Music Picks from Hip-Hop Singer Hollis


Our friend Hollis Wong-Wear is kind of a big deal—and we’re not even saying that for ironic effect.

She blew up The Tonight Show alongside Schoolboy Q and Macklemore, belting out the crazy-catchy (in a good way) chorus to “White Walls,” a moonroof-open ode to the road. Her band The Flavr Blue pumps out indie/pop/electronic/alternative gems that will win over people (ourselves included) who weren’t even fully aware of how much they enjoy indie/pop/electronic/alternative music. And she cracked a Socrates joke within the first three minutes we met her.

To which the only logical response was, “What are you listening to lately?” Keep reading to find out.

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A note from Hollis on her methodology: “I focused on new, more independent artists, all of whom are kind of joined together by genre-blending, organic and electronic elements.”

1) “Death” by Made In Heights. “Made In Heights is homegrown wanderlust. Based in L.A., Sabzi from Blue Scholars and the otherworldly vox of Kelsey make this project one of the most exciting to watch. Made In Heights revels in the paradox, the ‘pop fiction’; it manages to be both ephemeral and earnest, hypnotic and heartfelt. This song is a perfect example—an exquisite, hope-fueled song called ‘Death.'”

2) “Hard Time” by Seinabo Sey. “I’m low-key obsessed with Seinabo Sey, a gold-throated badass from Sweden, where all of the best electronic music seems to reside. She’s probably going to blow up on that major label connection, and that’s all good to me; I love how her songs and her visuals are visceral, unapologetic, and give me chills every time I listen and watch. Strong femininity is the ish.”

3) “Suckling” by Pattern Is Movement. “How did two bearded Philadelphia dudes make such an intoxicating track? I love the muted timbre of this song punctuated by piano frills; when the drum cracks, it punches through to the heart. Love how the details in this video are shot.”

4) “Realla” by TOKiMONSTA feat. Anderson Paak. “TOKiMONSTA is currently slaying on the dance/EDM circuit at every major festival. She’s ill at getting a crazy party started, which is why I think I love this slinky and undeniably sexy track even more. Anderson Paak, who I’ve been following for hella as Breezy Lovejoy, is murderous here. Ever get stoked on a new flame? This is your theme song. It’s hard to sleep / when your body’s in arm’s reach / my mind is a grand prix.”

5) “The Joy” by M&O. “Out of Chicago, M&O is like a full minute of fresh-air deep breathing. Velvety jazz roots, elliptical electronic details, and the sweet rawness of Jamila’s vocal delivery make me put this album, and particularly this cut, on repeat. Auditory sunrise.”

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[Photos via @wongweezy and @theflavrblue on Instagram.]

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  • Anonymous August 13, 2014, 5:24 pm

    I have just started following all of these bands. Thank you, Hollis!

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