Post-Thanksgiving Recommendations

turkey-cranberry-sandwich3It was slightly more stressful than it needed to be and your aunt said that one offensive thing, but guess what? Thanksgiving is over.

Now it’s time to make a sandwich and shop our men’s designer clearance sale.

We’re talking 55% off the regular retail price, in some cases, until November 30. With so many incredible brands suddenly in your realm of purchasing: go for it.

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Ilaria Urbinati fitting and Eddie Bauer jacket on a model
With the winter freeze approaching, conditions are just right for the new Eddie Bauer by Ilaria Urbinati collection. A leading celebrity stylist (she’s dressed Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck, so yeah), Urbinati created looks for the urban adventurer by updating classic Eddie Bauer pieces. These cool, heritage-rich styles will prepare you for the season in just a few lean layers (no marshmallow puffers here).

Eddie Bauer and Ilaria Urbinati collection Huntridge jacketWe spoke with Urbinati about working with the American outfitter and what essentials a man needs.

How did this collaboration come about?

I’d done suiting before, and this time I wanted to do a men’s collection with an all-American active brand. I loved the idea of creating sportswear that fits like a tailored suit—with slimmer cuts, higher armholes, etc. I wanted to work with a brand that has history and heritage that I could help modernize and introduce to a new audience. I made a wish list and Eddie Bauer was at the top. Somehow I talked them into it, and a few weeks later I was in Seattle working on the collection.



Did we know we needed a lesson about how to tie and lace our shoes? No. Did we expect to be instructed on the subject by Bloomberg News? No. Do we normally ask ourselves questions aloud? Some Wednesdays, yes.


GIF via Bloomberg

Anyway: Read the piece. It’s good. It features entrancing GIF animations. And that attractive sneaker above? Brand name Common Projects, model name Achilles Low. We carry it at 17 stores.


Easy, creamy, classic clam chowder recipe from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.

Our Classic Clam Chowder is actually quick and easy to pull together. This recipe–from our Family Table Cookbook and restaurants–is just the right thickness and isn’t stingy on the clams. All it takes is a bit of dicing, sautéing and gentle simmering, and about 45 minutes.

Easy, creamy, classic clam chowder recipe from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.



6A8A9B7B-F57E-452B-949BFC1CFA7C07F6Apolis makes smart, durable menswear and maintains utter transparency about its supply chain, achievements for which it is recognized by both style and business organizations. You may not know the brand, but you should.

We got on the horn with cofounders/brothers Raan and Shea Parton to talk about the mission of Apolis, collaborating with Warby Parker and the benefit of growing up next to a Patagonia visionary.



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Parka Time | Throwback Thursday

throwbacksnowAnother great photo from our old workwear catalogs–this one’s from 1981 and was entirely shot in Alaska, it looks like. The scene here perfectly illustrates that you need a parka when it’s cold outside. And you’re outside. And you might be there for a while.

Not because you’re lost, though. Never that.

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How to Wear Cashmere

Itchy sweaters can be cool, but once you step into the golden fleece of the cashmere goat, you’re always going to need that softness in your life. As for what to wear with a cashmere sweater? Studio N stylist Chad Christensen offers these three looks. Please consider our full selection of complete looks a helpful style resource.


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Shop look 1: Levi’s jeans | Pendleton jacket | 1901 cashmere sweaterdenim shirtRed Wing boots

More fresh fits through this link


EJCome hang out at our Chicago flagship store in Men’s Shoes this Thursday from 5-7PM, where we will be hosting special guest EJ Samson, director of content strategy for Hearst Media Group–aka the guy who runs the website for Esquire.

It should be fun. All the event info is here.

Samson put together outfits featuring Timberland boots which will be on display in the store. He will be ready to answer your questions.

Ask him about the outfits. Ask him about Esquire. Dance to the deejay or stomp around in your Timberlands and enjoy light bites and cocktails.

To get to know him better, we called Samson ahead of the event and asked him about his history with styling and his visions for the future of digital journalism.

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Fall Textures Via Studio N

Roberto1To inspire your next fall outfit, check out this impromptu photo shoot created by our homegirl Morgan Dillon at Studio N. Morgan is a stylist we trust and right now she’s crazy about leather and wool–at the same dang time. Fall textures, for sure.

We’re feeling Morgan’s outfits this combination of materials and feels.

Maybe we’re reaching, but isn’t there something physically uplifting about wearing fuzzy wool and buttery leather? Like gaining new muscles.

Shop outfit 1: Kent and Curwen jacketBOSS pants | S. N. S. Herning sweater | Cole Haan boot

More fall textures from our friends at Studio N


As you may know, Pop-In@Nordstrom x Opening Ceremony is the next evolution of our constantly changing store within a store, an experiment curated by VP of creative projects Olivia Kim. The shop is live now and includes menswear, womenswear and gifts.

For more on that story we direct you to this article in WWD. The venerable outlet comes correct with history and context.

Writer Sharon Edelson says this particular joining seemed inevitable, since Olivia was the first employee at Opening Ceremony back in 2002. She helped bring the now-iconic New York City store and brand to its current prominence, before joining Nordstrom in 2012.

Says OC co-founder Carol Lim about Olivia:

“When she moved to Nordstrom, the scope of [her job] seemed like a natural fit for Opening Ceremony. Nordstrom has been a longtime partner with the Opening Ceremony brand. It felt like a nice merging of the two companies and our relationships.”

Also in the article: Olivia mentions upcoming partnerships with Danish home brand Hay, the Italian Trade Commission and the return of the men’s streetwear/lifestyle Pop-In, Heartbreakers Part 2.

Stay tuned, y’all!

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