Anniversary Sale: Shop Like a Pro, Part 1

ANNIVERSARY SALE HAS BEGUN. Which means now’s your chance to score brand-new Fall essentials at great savings. Given the massive amount of stuff on sale, we decided to ask a few experts here at Nordstrom HQ for their insight on what ‘s new for Fall. First up, our Men’s Shop creative strategy director Andy Comer. Shop Andy’s picks here, and read about some of his inspirations below.

[L: Andy proudly displaying his Danzig find. | R: A turtlenecked Phil Ochs.]

[L: Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni. | R: Andy in Thom Browne vs. Andre the Giant in a unitard. Who wins?]

[A classic shot from photographer Bruce Davidson’s 1959 Brooklyn Gang series.]

MEN’S SHOP DAILY: Your number one style icon—who is he (or she)?
“If pressed, I’d say Marcello Mastroianni. But my reference points are always shifting. Right now, I’m really into Phil Ochs. Lots of knit ties, rumpled oxford cloth shirts, and turtlenecks worn under tweed sports jackets. And terrific records. Check out Tape from California.”

MSD: You recently released your solo debut album, Bloody Amateur. How would you describe it?
“Candid. No over-arranging or unnecessary ‘parts.’ The sound is my own, inspired by the artists I like: PJ Harvey, Michael Rother, Brian Eno and Lou Reed, to name only a few.”

MSD: You clearly have a lot of love for the music scene in Louisville (your hometown). How are you liking the Seattle scene?
ANDY COMER: “You can really feel the richness of the scene’s history here; it reminds me of Cleveland (another of my favorite music towns) in that regard. I hit a great record fair called the Big Dig a couple weeks back and scored a Danzig bootleg 45 and a near-complete collection of The Lost Lennon Tapes. A good sign.”

MSD: Any fall trends you’re excited for?
ANDY COMER: “I’m excited about the new spin on classic English and university themes: tartan peacoats, slim tweed sportcoats, quilted vests and jackets in bold colors and patterns, all cut a little shorter than usual. Also the cool Bruce Davidson moto vibe that’s trickling into the mainstream: tough belts, knit hats, and leather jackets in styles that work for a wide range of men.”

A few of our favorites from Andy’s Anniversary-Sale picks (from left):
Hugo Boss cotton sportcoat | Frye wingtip boot | AG Jeans | Nordstrom Smartcare dress shirt




[Interview by Laura Oxford. Photos of Andy by Strath Shepard. Phil Ochs photo via; Marcello Mastroianni photo by Steve Schapiro, via; photo © Bruce Davidson via. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]

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