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Fashion Week


Fashion Week is a myth. Well, maybe more like a misnomer. While the seasonal proceedings in each global metropolis (New York, London, Milan, Paris) last approximately seven days, the cumulative tour spans more like a month.

Which is to say that Nordstrom’s traveling trend spotter, Crystal Nicodemus, is practically a decathlete. Amidst days on end spent fighting jet lag and jogging between the venues of every major women’s runway show, she still scores shot after killer shot of the world’s best dressed.

Keep reading for additional highlights from Crystal’s social anthropology of the female of the species in London and Milan (as observed on our sister blog, The Thread)—blue-haired mermaids, stiletto-clad cyclists and all.

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Fashion Week: where killer menswear, a sartorial shenanigan or two, and throngs of uncannily photogenic women are par for the course.

Regarding the latter, keep reading to see our favorite female NYFW attendees (as spotted on our sister blog, The Thread)—women whose beauty, poise and personal style are rivaled only by their talent and intelligence as photographers, models, buyers and editors.

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One of them is a multilingual Fashion Week veteran who’s lived in Portugal, Belgium and Spain. The other is a first-timer whose hobbies include motorcycles, IPA and minimalist sneakers. They both work here at Nordstrom HQ—and they both had a hell of a time in Europe last month for Fashion Week.

Keep reading to see selected Instagram pics by our colleagues Jorge Valls and Dan Drewes—and read their notes on favorite spring/summer 2015 fashion shows, travel tips and more.

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A British expat stationed at the helm of Z Zegna—the younger, more experimental arm of 104-year-old Italian luxury fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna—creative director Paul Surridge seems to approach each season with a mix of minimalistic precision and scientific wonderment. Through it all, he pays homage to the house’s dignified history (and makes rigorous use of Lanificio Zegna, the family’s state-of-the-art fabric mill).

The result on Surridge’s spring 2014 runway was a yin and yang of futuristic yet sophisticated evening wear juxtaposed with a painterly mix of daytime neutrals (as seen in the behind-the-scenes photo above). On our own shelves, Surridge’s vision takes shape in sublimely cut suits in innovative fabrics, poised for a night out, and refined T-shirts and polos that raise the bar on summer weekends, without breaking a sweat.

Keep reading for a Q&A with Z Zegna creative director Paul Surridge himself.

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New York-based designer Patrik Ervell melds Japanese-inspired prints, granola-fed outdoor gear, laser-sharp tailoring and obscure textiles like no one else can. A California-raised economics and art-history major, Ervell is also a friend of the Nordstrom family–he and our Director of Creative Projects, Olivia Kim (the mastermind behind each Pop-In @ Nordstrom) go way back. In fact, his current studio happens to be Olivia’s old apartment.

Keep reading for an exclusive glimpse at this innovative designer’s inner sanctum—and to sit in on a candid chat between longtime compadres Olivia Kim and Patrik Ervell.

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Leave it to the cultivated yet comedic design duo behind Shipley & Halmos to combine their menswear expertise, aptitude for product design, and irrepressible sense of humor all under one roof.

We stopped by their limited-run, Canal Street-themed pop-up shop while visiting New York last week. Canal, if you’re unfamiliar, is a mecca of cheap tchotchkes and tacky NYC souvenirs—and while Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos found inspiration in the low-brow thoroughfare around the corner from SH’s posh design studio, their own iterations of typical Canal trinkets are undeniably sophisticated (and often hilarious).

Keep reading for a look inside the Shipley & Halmos pop-up shop—which you can still visit* through this weekend—and get a healthy dose of the dry wit and attention to detail that informs the brand’s impeccable clothing. We even asked Sam and Jeff a few awkward questions…

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Designer Shayne Oliver’s Hood By Air is an idea, an attitude, a movement, encapsulated in clothing. His runway shows blur gender roles and re-assess the meaning of clothing in society. The graphic-heavy Hood By Air T-shirts and hoodies in our new Pop-In Shop are not only interesting to look at—they signify a progressive mindset embraced by the wearer.

Sound like a lot for mere clothes to accomplish? Keep reading to watch video commentary from Oliver and others, and see what you think for yourself.

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Billy Reid marked the final stop on our itinerary of men’s shows at New York Fashion Week this season—and we couldn’t have asked for a more immaculate style spectacle to cap things off.

From the Alabama native’s ruggedly luxurious clothes to the jaw-dropping historical venue, woozy live-music soundtrack, and bourbon drinks served on silver platters upon the show’s conclusion, the evening coalesced into a full immersion in the Billy Reid world. We were on-site and front-row with photographer Faith Silva. Keep reading to see a full gallery of sublime images and video of the show.

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Designer Patrik Ervell is a bit of a walking contradiction. Or maybe it all makes sense…

Ervell grew up in the wilds of the California redwoods; studied poly-sci and economics at Cal Berkeley; ditched those fact-based pursuits to create clothes; and finds ways to incorporate wildly utilitarian materials, like sailcloth and drysuits, into his minimalist, tailored aesthetic.

We’d like to believe a man is at his best when he’s well-rounded, and Ervell appears to be just that. A fusion of outdoor exhilaration and studied pragmatism seems to pervade his work, resulting in a deft take on that eternally sought-after apex of form and function. Keep reading to see Ervell’s impeccably cut clothes in action.

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The next stop on our New York Fashion Week coverage is a double-take-inducing lineup from LA brand Band of Outsiders—true to form in its winking sense of wit, signature shrunken tailoring, and luxe-meets-laidback wearability.

We were there on the scene (and behind the scenes) at Sunday morning’s show. Keep reading to see our full photo journal from Band of Outsiders Fall/Winter ’14.

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