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From Robert Frank to Vivian Maier and Lee Friedlander, modern humans have always had an appetite for raw, urban photography. What’s there to say about that appetite now that street style images make up a democratized runway and Facebookers from Istanbul to Indianapolis are enamored of Humans of New York?


Amid typical film fest fare—foreign narratives, art house shorts—Houston Cinema Arts Festival includes in its week-long offerings Street Scenes, a multimedia four-title presentation and conversation with the artists about life in the city, or more to the point: cities.

Exploring the nitty and the gritty, film fest visitors take a look down the lens of four visionaries in the field: New York-based Cheryl Dunnartist/painter James Naresnoted rockumentarian Jem Cohen and Occupy Wall Street photographer Ken Jacobs, and get in on the action themselves with an Instagram contest, running now through midnight on November 7 and judged by Cheryl Dunn herself.

Houstonians: you’re encouraged to submit your own urban images with the hashtag #HCAFstreet. The winner gets their pic thrown up on a monitor in the Street Scenes gallery and entered into the mix of city shooters feted all month long at a related gallery show.

Image of “Boogie” by Cheryl Dunn and still from “Same Streets, Different Worlds” by Jem Cohen from Houston Cinema Arts Festival

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September 24, 2014

The Big Lebowski, in Pizza Form

Galaga in the break room. Views of the Space Needle. Meeting interesting people. There are plenty of perks to working at Nordstrom HQ, but topping the list would be our stellar employee café, where culinary delights like huevos rancheros, fire-grilled flank steak and wood-fired pizzas are made to order while you wait.

If you hit up the pizza oven as frequently as we do, you’ll notice daily specials—sometimes odd (we ate one with charred lime slices once), unfailingly tasty, and cleverly named after notable figures from history or fiction. We dug “The Beast Mode” during Seahawks week and “The Agent Dale Cooper” during Twin Peaks week. But it was only recently, upon realizing we were in the flavorful midst of Big Lebowski week, that we knew we had to dig deeper.

Keep reading for five Dude-approved pizza recipes you can re-create at home—and words from sous chef James Edmunds on the process behind the pies.

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Woohoo! (Or d’oh, for those of us without a valid excuse to stay home, glued to the tube.)

In case you haven’t heard, the FXX network is currently in the midst of a 12-day, 552-episode marathon of #EverySimpsonsEver. That’s 25 years worth of arguably the best animated sitcom (and officially, the longest-running scripted primetime series) of all time. This immediately made us think of our colleague Andy Comer—Men’s Creative Strategy Director here at Nordstrom HQ—who recently decided to introduce his eldest son, 7-year-old Wilfred, to the show that he himself holds dear.

Keep reading for four tips (and warnings) for passing The Simpsons down to a new generation—compiled in collaboration with a man who, for better or worse, has tried it firsthand.

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If you’re an avid reader of our sister blog, The Thread, you might have caught our recent coverage of the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)—including a Q&A with its organizers, photos from its opening-night Jimi Hendrix flick, and a look at menswear mastermind Raf Simons’ new gig.

SIFF is the biggest festival of its kind—this year’s consisted of 435 films screened back-to-back at multiple venues during the course of 25 days—and while we hit upon a few highlights, we couldn’t come close to seeing it all. Which is why we asked our Nordstrom colleague Liz Marklewicz (a film buff whose fiancé gave her a SIFF pass as a gift—take note on that one, guys) to catch us up.

Keep reading to preview Liz’s three favorite SIFF flicks—which encompass Australian musician Nick Cave, Dazed & Confused director Richard Linklater, Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men and more.

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“Hey hey, my my. CAMOUFLAGE will never die.” If designer Mark McNairy’s Twitter declaration didn’t make his opinion clear enough, the T-shirt he shut down his show with last year (on the chest of rapper Pusha T of Clipse and Kanye West’s GOOD Music fame, no less) could not have provided much louder an encore.

Curious why his position on the pattern is so resolute, we asked McNairy, “Why will camo never die?” He replied simply (and in all caps): “BECAUSE, UNFORTUNATELY, WAR WILL NEVER DIE.” Keep reading to see McNairy’s top-five camo icons of all time, culled from decades of menswear’s form-meets-function lineage.

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The men at this year’s Golden Globe Awards Sunday night were full of surprises. Jared Leto, once dubbed the worst-dressed man in the world by GQ (and with good reason), turned up in the event’s most stylish tux. SNL alum Andy Samberg took home a statue (no one was more shocked than him). And serious-seeming Bono even played along winningly with co-host Amy Poehler’s fake-makeout schtick.

The ladies, on the other hand, were utterly predictable: hilarious, intelligent and talented, in addition to easy on the eyes—as per usual. Nothing wrong with consistency. Keep reading to see a few of our favorite photos from the night, via Instagram.

[Above: Emma Roberts, niece of screen legend Julia,
shows fans how to pre-func, Animal Style.]

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As you bask in the afterglow, and shredded Christmas gift wrap (and enjoy your spoils like Ralphie here), you might find yourself in the mood for the time-honored pleasure of ye olde Xmas movie. While basic cable is at the ready with a multitude of traditional yuletide standards, leave it to our friends at Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF for short) to subvert expectations.

Keep reading for three new, interactive twists on Christmas flicks from SIFF—which include swashbuckling, olfactory stimulation and chinese food—each of which you can re-create at home.

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Time flies when you’re having fun-ukkah—and with the final night of Hanukkah sneaking up fast, even heroic dads might find themselves short a present or two. We have just the intergalactic ticket: a galaxy of Star Wars-themed gifts, from Darth Vader Pez dispensers to a Lightsaber night-light to a C-3PO phone case ideal for Dark-Side selfies.

Keep reading for our Star Wars gift picks—for kids large or small.

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It’s become de rigueur these past several years for major fashion houses and acclaimed directors to collaborate on short films that blur the lines between advertisement and art. Prime example: Prada. Last year, we saw Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter team up for a therapy session. And now, we have Wes Anderson transforming wunderkind Jason Schwartzman into a mustachioed, introspective race-car driver. (Continue reading to watch the video.)

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New sources are reporting a spike in Breaking Bad-themed costumes this Halloween—and with artist Nathan Peters documenting The Wardrobe of Walter White episode-by-episode in illustrated form, there are plenty of iterations to choose from.

If you forgot to pick up a haz-mat suit and gas mask ahead of time, here’s another costume idea—like our heavy-metal Ryan Gosling post yesterday—that you should be able to put together mostly from your own closet. Any beige bomber, windbreaker, or trucker jacket will work; and while the authentic pant option (unfortunately) is to go khaki-on-khaki, if you’re cool with your neighbors, you can try roaming the streets in Walter White’s infamous premiere-episode tighty-whities. High-quality, sky-blue Pop Rocks are the candy of choice.

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Editor’s Picks to Get the Look:

Burberry Bomber Jacket | KW Glasses | Goatee from your local party store | Rag & Bone Hat
Clarks ‘Wallabee’ Boots | Blue Pop-Rocks | Nordstrom Cotton Briefs


Side Note: We all know these guys are 10x more stylish off the screen, so if you’ve got a killer suit, some stacks of Monopoly money—and maybe some fake blood for holiday-appropriate flair—red-carpet Walt or Jesse are entirely viable options.