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Planning ahead is no small feat. Paying bills, showing up to your dentist appointment, having a dinner reservation locked and loaded when your wedding anniversary rolls around—we find these side effects of modern life counterintuitive to man’s most basic instinct, i.e., to kick back with a cold one and live in the now.

Luckily, our annual Anniversary Sale makes getting ahead of the game second nature. Fact: Besides being our best sale event of the year, Anniversary is also a fall preview. We give you a chance to score leather jackets, work boots, dark denim, and everything else you’ll need for cool weather at reduced prices NOW, in the middle of summer, before they ever hit the floor at full price.

You can thank us later. For now, keep reading to see the Anniversary items that caught our eye while roaming our flagship store on opening day.

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Hot weather’s officially upon us, and with it, the perennial question arises of how to look your best without breaking a sweat.

Keep reading to find out what to wear—and drink, and listen to, and marinate with—on the auspicious (and happily, pretty much inevitable) occasion of a backyard barbecue. We’ve taken the liberty of prepping you for two potential circumstances: cocktails on the patio and burgers on the lawn.

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Just because the Spurs cut the Finals a bit short last month, trouncing the Heat 4-1, doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of summer without a basketball fix.

Stance—maker of unique socks for the office, the basketball court, and lounging (and sliding) in style at your hardwood-furnished apartment à la Risky Business—has outdone itself yet again. Now, in addition to carrying out said activities in stripes, spots, floral, Fair Islecamo, tie-dye, leopard and 4th of July-appropriate red, white and blue, you can also don the photographic likenesses of your favorite NBA legends—on your feet.

Keep reading to see six of our favorite socks (and players), from The Reign Man to The Worm—plus classic highlight reels for each one.

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With summer temperatures climbing—and your blazer, bomber or denim jacket increasingly likely to come off mid-workday—it’s more important than ever to have an arsenal of solid dress shirts at your disposal. Keep reading for five new styles to try (plus the ties to match) if you’re ready to transcend standard stripes and solids.

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Best Made Co is physically based in the big city of Manhattan—but the five-year-old company’s ethos is keenly focused on wide-open spaces with nary a skyscraper in sight.

Originating with a simple proposition to build a better axe (a lifeline in the wilderness as well as an inspirational symbol for city-dwellers), Best Made quickly expanded its offering to include form-meets-function items from first-aid kits to fireside coffee cups.

They frequently field-test said products in picturesque, enviably uninhabited locales—and collect incredible visual documentation while they’re at it. Keep reading to see excerpts from four of our favorite Best Made photo essays from all corners of the great United States (a perfect way to wrap up our LET’S GO Pop-In Shop, which comes to an end this Sunday).

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We based our latest Pop-In Shop—LET’S GO!—on the idea of an epic road trip through the US of A. But that doesn’t mean the gear housed therein isn’t tough enough to go international. Keep reading for a selection of photos from our Creative Director, Strath Shepard, on a recent road trip across British Columbia to the Canadian Rockies.

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The word “heritage” gets thrown around pretty frequently these days; in a digital age where notoriety can come and go overnight, every start-up wants to put a pair of antlers on the wall to impart some sense of history. However, when vintage photos of a long-standing brand’s headquarters include a horse and buggy out front—you can rest assured that it possesses the know-how and work ethic to truly stand the test of time.

Keep reading for a Q&A with Faribault Woolen Mill, the 149-year-old Minnesota manufacturer whose made-in-USA blankets are part of LET’S GO!, our current, road trip-themed Pop-In Shop.

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Fresh air. A campfire. Beers cooled in a creek. We can write these things down all day, but it’s impossible to understand the sheer satisfaction that such simple, outdoor pleasures can engender without experiencing them first-hand—and, preferably, with frequency.

Portland brand Poler operates on a simple mission (which desk jockeys like us can appreciate): to get average people outdoors—and out of their everyday routine—more often. They sum it up with a deceptively simple catch phrase/hashtag: #CampVibes, two syllables that manage to instantly evoke dirt underfoot, cedar in your nostrils and a canopy of stars overhead. And they make it effortless, with innovative gear like a sleeping bag you can walk around in, a camera bag that doubles as a cooler, and a Stumptown coffee kit designed for the campsite.

Keep reading for our exclusive Q&A with Poler Co-Founder and Creative Director Benji Wagner, in which he discusses couscous, favorite road trip spots, and thinking like a kid.

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Wives, kids, domestic partners: Curious what gifts and activities your Man of the Moment might enjoy this Father’s Day? (It’s June 15, by the way.) In order to discern the complex goings-on that occur behind a dad’s stoic visage, we went straight to the source, asking several real-life family men here at Nordstrom HQ to offer notes on their personal style and parenting style.

Keep reading for some wise words from our Associate Digital Creative Director Jeremy Prasatik—a man who appreciates barbecue, basketball, and sleeping in (just a little).

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If you’ve been following our recent Father’s Day posts, you’ve probably noticed that Dads appreciate functional gifts: sunglasses, gym bags, whiskey—things they can use every day.

The ruggedly refined mix of nature and technology created by Silver Moon Woodworks—with one-of-a-kind iPad stands and cell phone valets wrought from reclaimed wood—more than fit the bill. Keep reading to catch up with the man behind the brand, George Knutson, as we tour his Renton, Washington, workshop and learn about the philosophy that fuels his tactile craft.

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