Customer Favorites: Top-Rated Items of 2013


Thumbs up. On fire. Very strong. With the advent and recent all-encompassing popularization of emojis—those simple yet uncannily communicative cartoon drawings overtaking your text messages and social media feeds—the human race is now able to state its opinions without saying a word. Thankfully, that didn’t stop legions of our best customers from waxing poetic about their favorite items on this year. Keep reading to see some of our (and your) favorite men’s items of 2013, with customer-submitted descriptions of what makes them great.

(Ready to grab 2014 by the noise-cancelling headphones?
These items might even inspire a New Year’s resolution or two…)

Resolution #1: Get Fit.

L: Nike ‘Flyknit Lunar1+’ Running Shoe. “I purchased these two months ago, and I haven’t been able to wear any of my other shoes since. They are extremely comfortable and look great with all types of outfits. Doesn’t necessarily only have to be worn while at the gym/running. I wear mine as everyday shoes—and even out to dinner. There are endless times I have chosen to wear these as sneakers as opposed to the high-end designer sneakers I have—only because not only are they comfortable, but they look awesome, clean and classy. (I purchased black.)” —WTFabbas • New York, NY • Age 25-29
[Shop: Nike ‘Flyknit Lunar1+’ Running Shoe]

R: Nike Hyperwarm Dri-Fit Long-Sleeve T-Shirt. “These shirts are really warm and comfortable. If you are fit, they fit close to the body and work nicely as a base layer. I use them for training and for layering in cold weather. They seem built to last, so I purchased a variety of colors.” —Broland • Los Angeles, CA • Age 30-34
[Shop: Nike ‘Hyperwarm’ T-Shirt]

Resolution #2: Get Fresh.

L: Zanerobe ‘Sureshot’ Slim Tapered-Leg Jogger Chinos. “The kind of pants that make you feel like vaulting cop cars, heisting jewels, and fighting FBI special agent task forces assigned to your case. They fit slim through the leg, with a lot of extra length, so you get the much sought-after wrinkled look. Somewhere between your favorite jeans and your most comfortable sweatpants, these pants will fight your battles and solve your problems.” —Exigy • Chicago, IL • Age 20-24
[Shop: Zanerobe ‘Sureshot’ Chinos]

R: Acqua di Parma ‘Colonia Essenza’ Eau de Cologne. “This is a classy, clean, soapy, elegant, and urbane scent. You can wear this from a dinner date to a black-tie affair or into the office to a board meeting. A very nice, very refined cologne. It has an air of casual elegance. I highly recommend this cologne…a must buy!” —Cologneluvr • Gaithersburg, MD • Age 40-44
[Shop: Acqua di Parma ‘Colonia Essenza’ Eau de Cologne]

Resolution #3: Keep It Classic.

L: Timberland Boot Company ‘Wodehouse Lost History’ Boot. “The perfect boot. I have this boot in both black and brown, and I can’t say enough good things about it. The leather is very soft and comfortable, and the attention to detail is extremely good—for example, this boot has a padded tongue. I’m not sure if they’re ‘hand-crafted,’ but they certainly look like it. They are both classic and modern and look great. They go very well with both jeans and semi-formal attire.” —Fade • Seattle, WA • Age 40-44
[Shop: Timberland Boot Company ‘Wodehouse Lost History’ Chukka]

R: John W. Nordstrom Half-Zip Cashmere Sweater. “This is a great sweater. Works as a casual item with jeans, and a professional item with slacks and a blazer for work. I own this style in the current colors, and it’s a staple item in the fall and winter.” —billmiller22980
[Shop: John W. Nordstrom Half-Zip Cashmere Sweater]

Resolution #4: New Year, New Gear.

L: Herschel Supply Co. ‘Pop Quiz’ Backpack. “Best backpack ever! Made with high-quality, durable material. Ergonomically well thought-out with pockets and slider areas. The laptop area is padded for extra protection. It’s a backpack you can take to the office as well as use for casual outings.” —Ashima • Orange County, CA • Age 30-34
[Shop: Herschel Supply Co. ‘Pop Quiz’ Backpack]

R: Bose ‘QuietComfort 15’ Acoustic Noise-Cancelling Headphones. “The noise-cancelling of the Bose allowed me to fly from San Francisco to Athens, Greece, next to irritable, screaming babies and remain perfectly at peace while I watched movies and listened to music on my iPad, worked on my laptop, or simply slept. As for the music, I listen to rock, pop, hip-hop, country, classical, you name it. The Bose allows excellent separation across the entire dynamic range of each type of music.” —Spinedoc • San Francisco, CA • Age 40-44
[Shop: Bose ‘QuietComfort 15’ Headphones]

Resolution #5: Less is More.

L: Ray-Ban ‘New Wayfarer’ 55mm Sunglasses. “I love wayfarers, but a lot of them are a little too big and goofy looking for me. These are the perfect size—they’re slightly smaller and more polished looking. Also, I have a round and somewhat larger face, but these fit me perfectly, not looking either too small or too big. I love Ray-Bans for their quality and these are worth the price to me. They look great with everything and I anticipate having them for a very long time!” —Stuckonsushi • Las Vegas, NV • Age 20-24
[Shop: Ray-Ban ‘New Wayfarer’ Sunglasses]

R: Calvin Klein ‘U1000’ Cotton Briefs. “This is always just the right fit and comfort. I have bought these for the last 20 years.” —Ldcarolina • South Carolina • Age 60-64
[Shop: Calvin Klein ‘U1000’ 3-Pack Briefs]

Resolution #6: Upgrade Your Office Supplies.

L: Nordstrom Smartcare Trim-Fit Dress Shirt. “True to size. Well-made. Great price. Travel VERY well. (I am a road warrior and travel about 55% of the time.) These shirts come out of the suitcase needing little attention. I ordered several colors and mix and match my ties. Highly recommend. Do not dry clean…It takes away the ‘Smartcare’ for the shirt.” —C22206 • Arlington, VA • Age 35-39
[Shop: Nordstrom Smartcare Trim-Fit Dress Shirt]

R: 1901 ‘Roller Buckle’ Belt. “I really like this belt for a number of reasons. The leather is soft, thick, and feels solid. I like that it was made in America. I like the carving details on the buckle. Not only is it stylish, but a great price!” —Fostej15
[Shop: 1901 ‘Roller Buckle’ Belt]

Resolution #7: Become a Morning Person.

L: Kiehl’s Since 1851 ‘Facial Fuel’ Energizing Scrub for Men. “I’ve been using this scrub for several years now and have not a single complaint. I’ve tried more scrubs than I can count over the years, but this is the only one I’ve found that (a) isn’t gritty or weird-feeling and (b) tangibly leaves your skin feeling ‘scrubbed’ afterwards. I also love that it’s competitively priced: not as cheap as the drugstore brands that don’t really work, but also nowhere near as expensive as the upscale brands that don’t work as well. It’s a perfect, Goldilocks-like fit!” —Kirker • Texas • Age 40-44
[Shop: Kiehl’s Since 1851 ‘Facial Fuel’ Energizing Scrub]

R: Nordstrom Supima Cotton Athletic Tank. “Love the supima cotton. This tank fits well and is of good quality. I wear these under my shirts because they are fitted, and I do wear them to bed also. So I bought like four packs.” —Marcus000 • Seattle, WA • Age 35-39
[Shop: Nordstrom 4-Pack Tank Tops]

Resolution #8: Form Meets Function.

L: The North Face ‘Denali’ Recycled Fleece Jacket. “Very good jacket for the cold weather. I like the nylon on the chest and elbows that blocks cold air from flowing into jacket. Overall it’s a great jacket to wear during bad-weather days. It is very comfortable and lightweight. I’ve owned other North Face products, they are not as comfortable as the Denali. The Denali is my recommendation to you.” —Rodni • USA • Age 20-24
[Shop: The North Face ‘Denali’ Jacket]

R: Victorinox Swiss-Army ‘Alliance Chrono’ Large Bracelet Watch. “One of the nicest watches I own. It immediately caught my eye, and I fell in love with it. Super clean. Colors are perfect, the weight feels nice on the wrist, and overall it’s a solid watch. Worth every penny. Looks really good. You can wear this formally or even sporty, because it just looks that good. For the price, you definitely get a good-quality, solid watch.” —Balladavid • Southern California
[Shop: Victorinox Swiss Army ‘Alliance Chrono’ Watch]

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