Father’s Day Gift Picks: Retail Director Bob B.


Wives, kids, domestic partners: Curious what gifts and activities your Man of the Moment might enjoy this Father’s Day? (It’s June 15, by the way.) In order to discern the complex goings-on that occur behind a dad’s stoic visage, we went straight to the source, asking several real-life family men here at Nordstrom HQ to offer notes on their personal style and parenting style.

Keep reading to catch up with Bob Bailey—an experienced dad with a refined taste for dub monks, IPA and analog tunes.

[Photos via Mr. Bailey’s Instagram.]


Name: Bob Bailey

Age: 48

Profession: National Retail Director, Men’s Tailored Clothing.

Kids: Three of them—ages 21, 21 and 16.

Favorite Thing About Fatherhood: To see how my kids contribute and feel responsible to the world around them. Each of them do it with such passion, conviction and creativity.

Least Favorite Thing: Seeing them experience life’s big disappointments. With time, they’ll gain perspective—but as it’s happening, it’s painful for all.

#1 Parenting Tip: Wow; how this has evolved. I realize my son may read this…I’d say at this point, it’s “balance.” There are times when I know it’s my job as a father to advise the wiser path, but I secretly enjoy watching them experiment and learn from their own.

Favorite Kids’ Show: Since you’ve revealed my age…Speed Racer and Jonny Quest. Both very stylish heroes in their own right.

Favorite Game/Toy: There’s a love-hate relationship with Monopoly in our family. Competition and emotions run equally high.

Go-To Kid Meal to Cook: Something with eggs; a take on the sandwich Adam Sandler made in Spanglish.

Ideal Dad’s Day: When we lived in Northern California, we would take frequent trips to the Wine Country. I remember one Father’s Day, we visited the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Occasionally, you would run into Francis and his wife, who were completely lovely and hospitable. Elliot loved to play with the toy sailboats on the water. If I could fit a spa day in, it would be perfect.

Gift Picks:

1) Mediterranean Shades. Incredible Italian history and style. There’s an intelligent balance of detail that stands out—without looking like you’re trying too hard to stand out. [Shop: Persol Polarized Keyhole Sunglasses | All Persol]

2) A Family Heirloom. Always worth the investment. I have this great messenger bag that will never be out of style and only looks better with age. (Since you made me admit my age, you know this is something I can appreciate.) Ghurka has gone from being the “established man’s” pick to an en-vogue purchase for a younger guy, too. [Shop: Ghurka Leather Gym Bag | All Bags & Wallets]

3) High-End Electronics. From Stevie Wonder to Red Hot Chili Peppers and CeeLo to Björk, the Moog has been there. The first time I discovered the Moog sound was from Bernie Worrell and Parliament—few can make these synths speak like Bernie can. Today, there’s a surge of artists (Francis and the Lights, Chromeo, Portugal. The Man, St. Vincent) returning to these classic analog synths, and that makes me happy. I want one. [Learn about a massive Moog | Buy a Moog Minimoog Voyager XL]



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