Father’s Day Gift Picks: Site Merchandiser Yaro L.


Wives, kids, domestic partners: Curious what gifts and activities your Man of the Moment might enjoy this Father’s Day? (It’s June 15, by the way.) In order to discern the complex goings-on that occur behind a dad’s stoic visage, we went straight to the source, asking several real-life family men here at Nordstrom HQ to offer notes on their personal style and parenting style.

Keep reading for our second installment in this series, in which Yaro Levkiv—a brand-new dad who’s still adjusting to #burblife, as he sometimes refers to it—shares his thoughts on “dad jeans,” Russian cartoons, and the ideal Father’s Day breakfast.

[Photos via Mr. Levkiv’s Instagram.]

Name: Yaroslav Levkiv

Age: 29

Profession: Men’s Online Merchandiser.

Kids: One boy, four months old.

Favorite Thing About Fatherhood: My son is starting to smile a lot, so that’s pretty awesome.

Least Favorite Thing: Sleep really becomes a low on your priority list.

#1 Parenting Tip: I hate to give “parenting tips” with only four months of experience, but balance has been key for me. Even though having a kid is a huge undertaking, I have been trying to keep a good balance in my life with my work, passions, and most importantly, spending quality time with my son and wife.

Favorite Kids’ Show: Ну, погоди! Awesome Soviet-era cartoon series that most kids in the USSR grew up on.

Favorite Game/Toy: Not applicable. My son is still so young that we don’t really play games, other than me talking to him and trying to make him smile.

Go-To Kid Meal to Cook: I’m pretty good on the grill, so when he gets older, I anticipate lots of BBQ’ing when Mom’s not around.

Ideal Dad’s Day: My first one will be this year, so I’m hoping it goes something like this: Eggs Benedict for breakfast (my favorite), visit my dad and grandpa, and then spend the rest of the day laying on the beach somewhere.

Gift Picks:

1) Dad Jeans. A.P.C. makes some of the best denim, and these light-wash “dad jeans” are perfect for warmer weather. [Shop: A.P.C. ‘New Standard’ | All Jeans]

2) Classic Kicks. These slip-ons are great for summer and go with pretty much everything. They’re perfect for the weekend, but clean enough to wear to the office, too. [Shop: Vans Slip-On | All Sneakers]

3) A Grown-Man Tee. I know, I know, it’s an $80 T-shirt—but it will instantly become your favorite piece in your wardrobe. I already own one, but would like to have at least two or three! Black and white are must-haves. [Shop: T by Alexander Wang T-shirt | All T-shirts]



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