Gasoline Dreams: Scott G Toepfer


The central thesis of LA photographer Scott G Toepfer’s work is so instinctual, it practically goes without saying: It’s Better In The Wind.

Undeniably, the sensation of oxygen and nitrogen molecules colliding with one’s face is refreshingly life-affirming—but it’s the metaphor that holds real power. To be in the wind: Free. Untethered. Sans obligations, agendas, appointments, offices, annoyances.

The means to that enviable end, which receive due adulation in Toepfer’s grittily poetic imagery, are the lovingly restored, vintage Triumphs, Harleys and Yamahas that he and a tight-knit band of brothers ride countless miles across the American West’s wide-open spaces, exploring salt flats, ghost towns, untouched creeks—anywhere will do, really, as long as no one else is there.

The spontaneity-fueled solitude is enough to give hope to the rest of us city-bound working stiffs…All you need is a few bucks for a used bike, some free time, and a couple like-minded friends. Until you can scrape those together, at least roll down the windows on your SUV this weekend, and enjoy a few moments of well-deserved Wind.


A trailer for Toepfer’s short film. Watch the full 17 minutes here.


[Photos ©Scott G Toepfer. View more at his official website,—as well as at his ongoing, road-based photo project: It’s Better In The Wind.]

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