The Better Half: Birthday Edition

[A new feature in which we tip our hats to members of the fairer sex who we wouldn’t mind hanging out with—if they’d have us.]

Mila Kunis likes iced coffee. We like iced coffee! There’s so much we have in common. Except that we’re not fluent in Russian, adept with firearms, nor are we Esquire magazine’s reigning ‘sexiest woman alive.’ Plus we’ve never made out with Natalie Portman (yet). At least we could talk Family Guy reruns with Kunis over a venti cold one. Check out evidence of Mila’s many talents below—and more from GQ, in honor of her 30th birthday today, here.

Is the Kunis to your Kutcher celebrating a birthday soon?

We’d recommend:

Fragrance – Can’t go wrong with Chanel.
Jewelry – Alexis Bittar blends edgy and classic.
Handbags – Ladies love Chloé.

…And as always: Keep the receipt. No man is a mind reader.


[Photo by Terry Richardson for GQ. Esquire video by Cliff Watts. Trailer © Fox Searchlight. Conan clip © TBS. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]

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