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July 16, 2012

Highlight Reel: Chris Webber’s Power Suiting

Chris Webber isn’t just one of the NBA’s best-dressed announcers—he’s also one of its most insightful.

Tapping into a 15-season NBA career rich with hard-fought grudge matches (see Kings v Lakers for the Western Conference, 2002), Webber translates his experience on the frontlines as an elite power forward into court-side commentary that elucidates the pressures, mindsets and motivations of players and coaches like none other.

Check out Webber’s style highlights from the 2012 post-season, and don’t miss the video below—it’s the kind of unflinching advice that could only come from a man who’s been there himself.

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[Above]: Act Natural. It takes more than a three-piece suit to stifle Webber’s animated personality—a good reminder to have yours tailored trim, but still comfortable enough to move around in.
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Sweat the Small Stuff. Usually the rule is to vary the scale, but here he nails a difficult small-on-small pattern combination. The secret is varying the kind of pattern: like dots on checks. The solid-grey suit helps calm down the intricate shirt and tie.
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Old-School Flair. Brown can risk looking vintage, but this modern blend of cool earth tones easily stands out amongst the crowd of navy blue.
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Go Big or Go Home. A signature part of Webber’s look is a masculine, ’70s-inspired lapel. You don’t have to be 6’10″ to pull it off—just confident. (Here he boldly goes stripe on stripe, on stripe. Vary the scale between all three and you’re good.)
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Real Talk. Webber’s comprehensive knowledge of Machiavellian hoops tactics, delivered in his signature zen-like, philosophical syntax (although he gets a bit revved up here) is a rare commodity in a field that often defaults to the stereotypical “boring guys yelling.” Above, his brutal but honest words of wisdom for last year’s faltering Miami Heat.


[Video stills courtesy of ABC, ESPN, TNT. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


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