LA Outtakes + 10 Style Tips for Spring

We’re not sure we believe in the concept of “too much of a good thing”—but the harsh struggle known as more stellar photos than can fit into one online editorial is all too real.

Such was the case with our recent New Streetwear project, shot against the washed-out concrete, gleaming glass and open air of Los Angeles: dozens of stylish, sun-dappled captures (by photographer Zoey Grossman) and only so much available space. We can’t abide good work going to waste around here, so keep reading for our favorite outtakes, along with 10 style tips for spring.

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Tip #1 (up top): Know Your Surroundings. No, we’re not going to recommend wearing flowers in your hair. But if you’re entering the slippery slope of Instagram selfies, do pay attention to the backdrop. (Your parents’ basement does not induce #FOMO.) Classic shades help, too.
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Tip # 2: Lighten Up. Not overly warm and virtually indestructible, a denim jacket makes an ideal spring layer. Try a lighter wash for sunny weather; this one’s bleached-out sleeves are a nice touch, too.
Bonus Tip: If you haven’t already, start checking top-button compatibility when shirt shopping. If the collar’s too tight, the shirt’s too small.
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Tip #3: Stop Worrying. White kicks are a summer essential. And while rare Jordans must be kept crispy, go-everywhere shoes like Vans and Chucks are meant to be lived in—they actually look better a little beat up, so there’s no need to step lightly.
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Tip #4: Stay Fit. Two meanings here. First, your casual gear should still be well-kempt, so look for shorts that land above the knee and T-shirts and polos that hit mid-biceps. Second, for your sleeve to hit mid-biceps…you need biceps. So lift a weight, shoot a hoop, and push a lawnmower once in a while.
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Tip #5: Be Free. If you’re anything like us, you count down the days at the end of winter until you can chuck the socks. Don’t get us wrong, fly hosiery is a way of life and a great way to assert your sartorial prowess—but feeling the breeze on your ankles means spring has finally sprung.
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Tip #6: Live a Little. If you want to wear a T-shirt with personality, you’re going to need some personality of your own to back it up. So whether you’re hanging with friends, on a date, or just buying a bag of groceries from a stranger—loosen up, be yourself, do or say something crazy. Summer 2014 will never happen again, people. Think about it.
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Tip #7: Send Mixed Messages. Things we’re currently into: stripes, florals, brights, neutrals, black, white, camo, tropical prints, geometric prints, dark denim, light denim, acid-washed denim…we could go on. And while one school of thought recommends limiting yourself to one “statement piece” at a time—spring is a time to let loose a little. As the guy above proves, sometimes two trends is better than one.
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Tip #8: Jog Your Memory. Remember super-baggy pants? In some far recess of the fashion universe (like Japan) they might be due for a comeback, but for our part, we’re still on board with the clean look of tailored trou’. One of their many advantages is that they don’t flop all over your shoes and drag in the mud during music fests and creekside hikes. Jogger pants (cinched at the ankle) are a zero-effort alternative to the patented cuff-roll—and are currently prolific in fabrics from soft fleece to crisp twill.
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Tip #9: Use Your Noodle. We’re keen on beanies and will happily rock a snapback backwards, forwards or (only sometimes) sideways. But nothing beats a tasteful straw fedora for instantly increasing the sophistication of an otherwise extremely casual kit. Do: cock it back on your melon at a jaunty angle. Don’t: use it to mask bed-head. When the hat comes off, your date should not be appalled.
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Tip #10: Take It to Go. A laptop, secret documents, a six-pack—there are a lot of things a reliable backpack can stash, and because you literally wear it upon your person, it’s important that yours looks good, too. From work to a cross-city sojourn to the festival circuit, this thing will follow you everywhere—so choose wisely.
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  • Philomena April 24, 2014, 9:51 pm

    Maybe you should think twice about linking the photographer’s instagram site to your site. I don’t think the good Nordstrom name would want to be linked to the “F bomb”. I know it is “cool” and “hipster” to post the F-Bomb. But frankly, I’m offended.

  • Justin, Blog Editor April 26, 2014, 9:21 am

    Hi Philomena, we apologize that you were offended. While we wouldn’t have placed the phrase you mention on our own blog or site, we do find it valuable to offer our readers chances to discover new avenues of art and culture in the world. We think Ms. Grossman’s work is stellar, and hope you enjoy it, too; we initially deemed her Insta feed appropriate within the usual realm of fashion photography, but thank you for calling your concern to our attention. We’ve updated the link in our post to a magazine Q&A with Grossman instead.
    Thank you for reading and all the best,
    —Justin, Men’s Blog Editor

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