Midnight Movies: Classic Horror Edition

In honor of today’s ominous holiday, movie buff and design mastermind Midnight Marauder recently released a series of re-imagined movie posters inspired by his favorite horror films of the past 40 years.

In a true feat of artistic prowess, the LA-based graphic designer constructed a self-imposed challenge of creating five posters in five days. The results are below, along with notes from Marauder himself. Now all you need is the proverbial bowl of candy on the porch, so trick-or-treaters don’t egg your house while you’re busy freaking the [expletive] out in front of your flat-screen tonight.

#1 of 5: The Exorcist. “For the first poster in the series, I wanted as little color as possible. I also tried to bring an edge that the film gives from the very beginning—as if the film was made by a demented Polish director.” [Editor’s note: Some might call the on-set methods of Amercian director William Friedkin demented indeed.]

The Exorcist airs on IFC tonight.


#2 of 5: Drag Me to Hell. “One of my favorite horror thrillers of the last 10 years. It’s a gem, a masterpiece of a film—it’s a ‘Treehouse of Horror’ story put to film. I tried to really bring the sense of evil, with the hands clawing themselves up, and the eyes that stare right back at you.”

Watch Drag Me to Hell on Xfinity On Demand.


#3 of 5: The Fly. “Cronenberg’s fascination with the human body takes new form in his remake of the classic. Not much color to speak of—I didn’t want any colors that we tend to associate with the film, glowing greens and blues. Metal-grey is more bleak. The halftone image represents the molecules morphing within the teleportation machine.”

Watch The Fly on Blockbuster On Demand.


#4 of 5: Let the Right One In. “This film really moved me like no other vampire film has ever done before. It’s a beautiful love story. With this poster, I didn’t want to use any element from the film. I had this old photo of a little girl that reminded me of the girl in the film, so I fixed it up slightly, and the final poster is rather chilling.”

Stream Let the Right One In on Netflix.


#5 of 5: The Silence of the Lambs. “Everyone knows this one, it’s a marvelous film. Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster are amazing, but I think the real star of the film is Ted Levine. A pure genius in acting, hands-down the greatest serial killer in movie history. The poster has various levels of shapes and hidden surprises. The colors are simple as with all the posters in the series. I wanted simplicity with the entire group.”

Watch The Silence of the Lambs on Xfinity On Demand.

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[Artwork © Midnight Marauder. Movie trailers: The Exorcist courtesy of Warner Brothers; Drag Me to Hell courtesy of Ghost House Pictures and Universal Pictures; The Fly courtesy of Brooksfilms and 20th Century Fox; Let the Right One In courtesy of EFTI, Sandrew Metronome, et al; Silence of the Lambs courtesy of Strong Heart/Demme Production and Orion Pictures. Individuals featured do not endorse Nordstrom.]

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