Nike: Greatness For All

In the weeks leading up to yesterday’s Summer Olympics finale, Nike issued a call to arms for all of us, Olympians and otherwise: Find Your Greatness.

The world took note—278,908 jumps, 811,758 miles and nearly 600 million NikeFuel points (if you know what those are) later, everyday athletes in 86 countries had teamed up to make 8-12-12 the most active day ever.

The evidence is above: Instagram pics submitted by diehard ballers (including murderballers), runners, walkers, golfers, surfers and yes, even unicyclists—all with the hashtag #FindGreatness. Visit to see tons more.


New York-based producer/designer/Nike collaborator/street artist Eiknarf chose a less conventional but equally impressive path to greatness. Watch it take shape in the video above, and see what random, interesting stuff he’s up to here (including a trip to London with close access to Kobe).


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