Our Gift to You: Xmas Lingerie Outtakes

In what we hereby declare to be a Nordstrom Men’s Blog Christmas tradition, we are pleased to present a new collection of photos from our annual December Lingerie Catalog. At the risk of repeating our advice from last year’s installment, we stand behind such items 100% as a valid and in fact thoughtful gift for your significant other—however ONLY as the icing on the cookie, once your G-rated gifts like sweaters, watches, knives and dogs are already under wraps and under the tree.

Keep reading for dozens of unreleased lingerie shots that you won’t see anywhere else—plus insights on the topic of gifting intimates from a female perspective.

In case there’s any lingering confusion, YES, women are on-board with the idea of receiving lingerie for Christmas. Read our advice from last year here (highlights: go comfy or flashy based on her personality; don’t make it the only gift you give her; and save it for behind closed doors if your mother-in-law is in town)—and check out Women’s Site Merchandiser Molly O’Bryen Bozick’s thoughts on the matter below. Molly’s professional experience here at Nordstrom has made her a verified expert on weddings, proms and, in our opinion, all things related in any way to courtship of the female species:

I have a Christmas wish to be the best and cutest version of myself in 2014. That means in-shape, making smart financial choices—and living to the max, of course. I foresee this requiring a lot of yoga, work, water, and puppy love. So my wish list from my beau includes some sweet threads for around the house that show off my…ahem…efforts:”

1. “PJ pants to wear at home with a tank top for cooking, playing with the doggy and chores. There’s no reason I shouldn’t look adorable while doing all of these things.”

2. “Let’s get real, I’m not actually wearing lingerie when I get home and pour my nightly wine after work. But maybe I should?”

3. “Matching sets to show my traditional and dorky side.”

4. “No matter if I’m winding down at night or waking up and getting ready, I insist upon being comfortable and haute!”



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