Shooting Around w/ Photographer Joshua Woods

Style Profiles. As part of our twice-a-year Men’s Shop Catalog, we profiled 3 real men of style and substance. Here, self-made lensman Joshua Woods.

Joshua Woods is no stranger to readers of Men’s Shop Daily; he gave us an inside view from the European Men’s Fashion Weeks and popped up in our Street Etiquette at NYFW coverage. The 27-year-old has been getting a lot of attention for his work, and it’s obvious why. Woods possesses a unique point of view that’s evident in his photography—and, we’d say, his personal style (you don’t see nearly enough men sporting a bucket hat these days). Keep reading to learn more about Woods’ signature headwear, his style icons, and how basketball influenced his career path.

Be a floor general. “I played basketball in high school—point guard. Running the point, you need a vision for the whole court; you need to see the moment before it happens. That inspired me to pick up a camera and learn how to shoot.”

Put a lid on it. “A nice hat is essential. I think of Jamel Shabazz’s photos from the ’80s, with everyone wearing bucket hats. I bought tons of them. It’s one way I showcase my personality.”

Live in the moment. “My style icons are my peers. I didn’t grow up looking at magazines. I pretty much just had my older brothers. Growing up in Harlem, there was a big emphasis on dressing well. You needed to always look at what trends were happening to stay on top.”

Go with the flow. “I’m an in-the-moment kind of guy. I dress how I feel. Some days, I wake up and feel like putting on a suit. Other days, I reach for a T-shirt and a pair of chinos. Personal style is a reflection of the life you want to live.”

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Get the Look: Shop the items Woods wore for our catalog photo shoot. (The bucket hat is from his own collection, but we’ve selected a similar style.)

L-R: Barbour Fishing Jacket | Original Penguin Bucket Hat | Santorelli Trousers
Wolverine Boots | Grayers Sweater

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