Style Resolutions: 5 Easy Ways to Up Your Game

Is it just us, or is 2014 flying by? Seems like just yesterday we were toasting the new year and shoveling snow—suddenly, it’s nearly spring. If you’ve been infinitely too busy to make a New Year’s resolution or two, fear not—it’s never too late to improve yourself. And unlike last year’s resolution to get ripped like Conan (the Barbarian, not O’Brien), the following five simple style tips will last all year—or even a lifetime.

Clean Up Your Act. If you’re scrubbing your mug with bar soap in the morning (or worse yet, your significant other’s perfume-y goo), take our advice and grab a tube of no-nonsense, masculine-smelling (in a good way) face scrub. You’ll start the day invigorated—and you might even avoid a wrinkle or two.
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Learn That Shoes Make the Man. So you’ve taken the first step and invested in a grown-man pair of wingtips or dress boots. Great. But if you don’t keep them at their best, you’ve only won half the battle. Many of our stores offer on-site shoe-polishing services—all your nearest Nordstrom and find out if they’re one of them.
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Get the Blues (and Greys). By now you know that a good pair of jeans (or two, or five) is a life essential. A clean, dark pair can keep you nonchalantly sharp at the office, a washed-out pair will keep you faded in the shade on the weekend, and a grey pair—well, the power of neutrals is practically limitless. If your denim game is lacking, we recommend stocking your drawer with a few well-fitting pairs, stat.
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Make a New Friend. Do you own a suit or sportcoat that, over time, has made its way to the back of your closet due to minor shortcomings? Droopy shoulder, sleeve too long to show shirt cuff—these fit flaws might have passed muster a few years ago, but your present-day, well-dressed self will not abide. Every Nordstrom store staffs expert tailors who can make you look good in ways you didn’t know possible. Pay one a visit today.
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Drop Your Drawers. The ratty, faded, warped-waistbanded, threadbare pairs, that is. In the trash. And re-up with fresh, fitted undies; we recommended briefs or boxer-briefs for daily wear—boxers only for bedtime. And while we’re on the subject, why not make sure to see your doctor in 2014, to check the (*ahem*) hardware. Cheers to men’s health, gentlemen.
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