Summer Occasion Guide: Outdoor Concert

Hot weather’s officially upon us, and with it, the perennial question arises of how to look your best without breaking a sweat.

Keep reading to find out what to wear—and drink, and take pictures with—at an outdoor concert. We’ve taken the liberty of prepping you for two potential circumstances: a gruelingly gratifying 72-hour festival, and a night of bar-hopping and backstage debauchery.

Wear: A T-shirt that doubles as a mission statement. Shoes that you can easily stow in your backpack. Pants you’ll be comfortable in from 10am to 2am.
Drink: H2O. The key to having a good time for a long time is hydration, people.
Don’t Forget: To save your wristbands for posterity—and to impress your future sons and daughters.

Pictured Above: Zanerobe Button-Down | KW Sunglasses
Teva Sandals | Polaroid Camera & Film | American Needle ‘L.A. Dodgers’ Cap
Fjällräven Backpack | Zanerobe Jogger Shorts
[Altru T-shirt available at selected stores as part of Pop-In @ Nordstrom Welcomes Poketo.]

L: Think paint spatters are immature? Try telling Jackson Pollack that.
R: Fjällräven’s water-resistant backpack has helped Swedish schoolkids weather harsh winters for decades.
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L: Tie-dye x gradient = pattern mixing at its finest.
R: Teva-strap tan lines make a great souvenir.
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L: Point. Shoot. Print.
R: An elastic waistband lets you mow food truck fare to your heart’s content. #YOLO, etc.
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—  —  —

Wear: Pants like Kendrick. A bomber jacket inspired by Yeezus’ stage gear. Sneakers meant to be taken out of the box.
Drink: 24-oz tallboys let you stay in the pit longer between breaks for the beer garden.
Don’t Forget: To time your arrival. Fashionably late is one thing; missing a rad opening act is another.

Pictured Above: Zanerobe Jogger PantsA.P.C. SweatshirtG-Shock Watch
Diesel Bomber JacketKW Sunglasses | G-Star Raw Tank Top
[Vans ‘Sk8-Hi’ Sneakers available at selected stores.]

L: What you hide in this on-arm stash pocket is your business, not ours. How about gum?
R: GQ endorsed mirrored shades in a recent issue. We endorse this endorsement.
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L: We dig rare Jordans—but Vans look better with some battle scars from the mosh pit.
R: Tying your discarded sweatshirt around your waist creates a warrior-like, Braveheart vibe—without having to go full-kilt, like Kanye did.
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L: G-Shock watches take a licking and keep on ticking. Literally.
R: Stripes and a touch of army green ensure a near-monochromatic look isn’t a one-note wonder.
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—  —  —

The gear above will serve you well day or night at any summer music fest—including our Seattle hometown’s own Capitol Hill Block Party. Click the image below to check out a CHBP playlist we recently posted on our sister blog, The Thread:


[Photos by Justin Abbott.
Styling by Justin Abbott & Jodi Taylor.]

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