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Fashion Week is a myth. Well, maybe more like a misnomer. While the seasonal proceedings in each global metropolis (New York, London, Milan, Paris) last approximately seven days, the cumulative tour spans more like a month.

Which is to say that Nordstrom’s traveling trend spotter, Crystal Nicodemus, is practically a decathlete. Amidst days on end spent fighting jet lag and jogging between the venues of every major women’s runway show, she still scores shot after killer shot of the world’s best dressed.

Keep reading for additional highlights from Crystal’s social anthropology of the female of the species in London and Milan (as observed on our sister blog, The Thread)—blue-haired mermaids, stiletto-clad cyclists and all.

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Are you into #hashtag quote-unquote “fashion”? Maybe not. But are you on-board with attractive members of the fairer sex displaying creativity and good taste via uniquely expressive and eye-catching clothing choices? If you answered “No”…Well, that’s probably not possible.

Seen here are our latest favorite images from our sister blog, The Thread—where New York Fashion Week is currently in full swing. Head on over for tons more street style, celeb spottings, backstage antics, and runway reports. And don’t say we never did you any favors.

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[Above: One of our Nordstrom Beauty Spot guest bloggers, nail artist Madeline Poole
a certified hit on our Tumblr page, thanks in no small part to a devastating
girl-next-door combo of red nails x white Chucks.]


Jessica Paré, aka Megan Draper (yes, that Megan Draper) from Mad Men, front row at Jason Wu.

And below: In our opinion, the cream of the street-style crop—so far—by our own roving photographer, Crystal Nicodemus. There’s a school of thought out there that such assertive “fashion” is capable of physically repelling men. We are not repelled. Keep trying, women of Fashion Week—we insist.


[Street style by Crystal Nicodemus; Jessica Paré photographed by Mary O’Regan.]


Our global street-style survey continues with a fresh batch of photos from roving correspondent Crystal Nicodemus—this time from Paris Fashion Week a few days ago. Re-create your favorite looks with the links below, and catch up with more street-style inspiration from London and New York.

The coordinating couples theme continues. We appreciate the subtle approach seen here, but to each their own.
[shop his look: sweaters | fedoras]

Digging this woman’s retro Nikes.
[shop his look: lightweight jackets | gloves | jeans]

What skirt? Call it a kilt. The brand behind this man’s shark-jaw hoodie, Givenchy, is available at selected Nordstrom stores—but re-create parts of his look here.
[shop: hoodies | baseball hats | high-tops]

This duo is harmonizing on a rare frequency. They varied the scale of their stripes, and his facial hair even matches her ombré highlights. Kudos.
[shop his look: overcoats | vests | dress shirts | sunglasses]

Classic windowpane pattern, with a Piet Mondrian twist.
[shop: coats | bags | shave]

shop: scarves | wool coats

shop: leather jackets | wayfarer shades

Color-blocking at its best.
[shop: red coats | orange pants | yellow shirts | beanies | backpacks | loafers]

Not sure who makes this Navajo-meets-military coat—but the jeans are by Nudie.
[shop: utility coats | sweaters | jeans]

[Photos by Crystal Nicodemus. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


The Clash. Kate Moss. The 6-year-old near the bottom of this post. Brits have always had a way with style, as history and the photos here prove. Precisely who does it better is hard to say; review last week’s post on NYC street style, compare to the batch below (shot by our own Crystal Nicodemus on her recent trip to London Fashion Week), and judge for yourself.

For more models, on- and off-duty, check out The Thread.

shop: boots | jeans | lightweight jackets

shop: overcoats |baseball caps | sneakersshaving

shop: sportcoats | ties | dress shirts | scarves | socks | briefcases | wingtips

shop (clockwise from top left): monk straps | chinos | blazers | varsity jackets
[click images to enlarge.]

Coordinating with your sig other takes courage. These two succeed where countless celeb couples have failed.
shop his look: t-shirts | beanies | lightweight jackets

Even the kids in England are sharp dressers. [shop kids’ clothes]

…The same kid, ten years later?
shop: leather jackets | t-shirts | bracelets



[Photos by Crystal Nicodemus. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]

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After a busy couple weeks partnering with our friends at Street Etiquette, we’re finally catching up on care packages from our own street-style sharpshooter, Ms. Crystal Nicodemus.

The arctic forecast at New York Fashion Week earlier this month didn’t stop Crystal from snagging her usual assortment of menswear inspiration, from natty tailoring to avant-garde goth. If anything, the rough weather was an excuse for New York’s finest to break out their best outerwear and creative layering techniques. Click the smaller images to enlarge—and watch for more street style from Crystal coming soon.

shop: overcoats | sunglasses | gloves | camo pants | sneakers

shop: sportcoats | bags | dress shirts | pants | wingtips

shop: all black everything | boots

shop: gloves | briefcases | oxfords

shop: sportcoats | tie clips | hair care

shop: scarves | sweaters

shop: bags | parkas

shop: boots | beanies

Those feet look familiar.

Photographing photographers has become an art unto itself.
Here’s one of our favorites: Mr. Karl-Edwin Guerre.

Print-mixing. Pops of color. Produce [click to enlarge her pear sweater, far right].
For more women’s street style, head over to The Thread.



[Photos by Crystal Nicodemus.]


Paris Street Style: Part Deux

Our very own street-shooting woman, Crystal Nicodemus, sent home a fresh batch of menswear from the bustling avenues of Paris Fashion Week. What’s the scene like on the ground over there? In Crystal’s words— “Summary: Soooooooooooo cold! Really, truly freezing.” That didn’t stop her from snagging shot after shot, between snow flurries, of well-turned-out runway patrons; in fact, all the better for capturing a wide cross-section of killer coats. DBs seem to be reigning supreme, with pops of orange and plaid making appearances. Scroll down to see for yourself—and in case you missed it, catch Crystal’s previous post featuring Kanye West, Tommy Ton, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist and many more.

These two are ahead of the curve on emerging runway trends like turtlenecks and oversized outerwear.
(Shop: Turtlenecks | Double-Breasted Coats & Suits)

Shop: Boots | Bags

Shop: Peacoats | Overcoats
Varsity Jackets | Cords | Wingtips

This walking work of art looks like it came straight off a runway.
(In case you haven’t noticed, wearing your coat like a cape is the new killing it in 2013.)

Shop: Vests | Plaid Coats
Leather Jackets | Hoodies | Blazers

Shop: Camo | T-shirts

Shop: Scarves | Utility Coats | Backpacks
Bomber Jackets | Toggle Details | Snapback Hats

Shop: Shearling | Overcoats | Double-Breasted Coats & Suits

Shop: Peacoats | Newsboy Hats | Insulated Coats | Beanies | Jeans | Boots
Trench Coats | Sweaters | Chinos | Lightweight Jackets | Scarves

Eugene Tong (R) of Details Magazine.
(Shop: Utility Coats | Cardigans | Insulated Coats | Overcoats | Sunglasses | Sneakers)


[All photos by Crystal Nicodemus. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Crystal Nicodemus, our very own street-style photographer, is in Paris as we speak—roaming alleyways, lurking outside shows, and generally on the prowl for the crème de la menswear crème during Paris Men’s Fashion Week. She caught so many iconic moments (including exclusive pics of Kanye West, Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton and more) that it was near impossible to edit down to a favorite few. Here’s a cavalcade of sartorial inspiration; stay tuned for even more from Crystal’s Paris trip in the days to come.

Shop: Denim Jackets | Sweatpants | All Things Camel
Trench Coats | Boots | Black Jeans

Austin Wong (in grey herringbone) wearing Thom Browne,
alongside expert lensman Tommy Ton (in orange).

Shop: Pink Socks | Peacoats

Scott Schuman: The Sartorialist himself.

From top: Creative proportions. (Shop: Bomber Jackets)
Bad Boy for life. (Shop: Backpacks)
Americana in Paris. (Shop: Wingtips | Scarves)

Another glimpse of Kanye West between shows.

From top—Shop: Sneakers | Sweaters | Leather Jackets



[All photos by Crystal Nicodemus. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Our street-style photographer, Crystal, sent home way more killer photos from Paris Fashion Week than we could cram into a single post. Here’s a fresh batch of the trad-vs-avant-garde fashion mash-ups for which Parisians (and visiting dignitaries alike) seem to have a knack.

See more of Crystal’s work here: Paris Men Part 1 | London Men Part 1 and Part 2 | New York Women Part 1 and Part 2


[Photos by Crystal Nicodemus.]


Our very own street-style photographer, Crystal, continues her global fashion-week quest for the well-dressed. Here’s an extremely abbreviated cross-section of her multitude of amazing photographs from Paris Fashion Week.

See more of her work here: Men in London Part 1 and Part 2, plus much more on our women’s blog, The Thread.

[Photos by Crystal Nicodemus.]


Here’s the second installment of street-style pics our photographer sent home from London Fashion Week. (In case you missed it, check out Part 1.)


[Photos by Crystal Nicodemus.]