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Zombie Ryan Gosling is so 2012. And so are those scorpion jacket knock-offs from Drive. Here’s a last-minute Halloween costume you can likely pull right out of your closet, en route to hunting and gathering for peanut-butter cups with your kids tomorrow night.

While our generation’s Paul Newman (controversial! but we’re not the first to say it) wore a pretty distinctive red moto jacket in 2013’s The Place Beyond the Pines, your tried-and-true black one should do the trick. Black jeans? If you don’t already own a pair, now’s the time. And although one of our favorite parts about Gosling’s carnival-daredevil/bank-robber was his penchant for Metallica T-shirts, any black tee should suffice. (This Joy Division-themed one would be a funny alternative to Ride the Lightning, even if you’re the only one who gets the joke.)

Accessorize with a baby, if you have one handy, and a couple dollars’ worth of temporary tattoos from your nearest party store (or have your leading lady draw some on with washable marker, if you forget). Emulating the bleached-out coif Gosling donned for the film takes a little more commitment—so if you’re not into it, just pull on your motorcycle helmet. Or a terrible wig. Bonus: Your wife can probably whip up this Eva Mendes “costume” in a pinch, too. Congrats on proving you’re the coolest couple in the cul de sac—yet again.

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Black coffee, a four-in-hand knot, Calvin Klein underwear. Some things are classic.

Other things—like ‘Marky’ Mark Wahlberg’s improvised dialog in this 1991, MTV-debuted television ad—don’t hold up as well over time. (See a more timeless view of the ’90s in our previous post on photographer Herb Ritts.)

To balance out some of the awkward moments (and testosterone) in the clip above, here are two more Calvin Klein ads, starring Kate Moss (sans Marky) and Eva Mendes, that will likely look as good in 20 years as they do now.


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Remember that Calvin Klein T-shirt we featured last week? The one GQ Creative Director Jim Moore endorsed as part of our new GQ Selects collaboration? The one that comes in a 3-pack for just $37.50?

Well, here’s how it appears in the July issue of GQ, as modeled by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. You might recognize him from killer guy movies like this summer’s Marvel Comics blowout The Avengers (he played Thor), and J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek redux, where he cameo’d as James T. Kirk’s dad. As far as we can tell, the guy’s never stepped foot on a rom-com set. (Ryan Gosling may be dating Eva Mendes, but was it really worth suffering through filming The Notebook to get there? OK, dumb question.)

At any rate, trust us: Looking good in the most basic of wardrobe staples doesn’t require the physique of a Greek god. It just takes a T-shirt cut as impeccably as the one above.

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