Martin Scorsese

Our Ultimate Coat Guide is all-new this week, with a fresh batch of cold-weather lifesavers.

Though the guide is stocked with a range of outerwear from uptown overcoats to summit-ready mountain gear, we were inspired by the year-round versatility, and all-around badness*, of a leather jacket.

Throw one on over a T-shirt and jeans in warmer months, and you’re basically Marlon Brando. Fast-forward 30 years, grab a guitar, and you’re Joe Strummer. Add a rebel streak to your shirt and tie with a trim-fitting leather jacket, and you’re straight out of GQ.

When it comes to braving colder months, it’s a simple question of creative layering. If you like your leather to fit trim and streamlined, like the Italian-made bomber above, underpin it with a toasty thermal or cashmere sweater, then add a scarf, hat and/or gloves on top. If you opt for a looser-fitting fatigue style, like the caramel-colored number below, you can get more creative with chunky knits underneath—we even saw a member of our visual merchandising team sport a denim jacket under his leather coat just yesterday.

Check out a few more favorites below, then shop our full selection of leather jackets.

Scotch & Soda | Diesel | Zegna Sport

*Speaking of badness: Did you catch Spike Lee’s 25th-anniversary special on Michael Jackson’s Bad last week, in which Kanye West confirms that Jackson’s black leathers in the 1987 Martin Scorsese-directed short film (Part 1 | Part 2) still influence his stage wardrobe to this day? Check out the trailer.



Midnight Movies: Raging Bull

Film buffs and design fans rejoice—you can now take home your very own visually gripping piece of cinema history from LA graphic artist (and dedicated cinephile) Midnight Marauder.

Marauder gained internet buzz recently for his quietly chilling concepts for Prometheus and Drive. For his inaugural set of limited-edition prints, though, the artist delved deep into his archives—selecting a classic homage to 1980’s brooding boxer biography Raging Bull, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro (whose portrayal of troubled, tough-as-nails boxer Jake LaMotta earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor).

Details for ordering an 18×24 screen-printed poster of your own can be found here. It’s a limited run of 250, so don’t procrastinate. (We have #22 at home, and trust us: The print looks even better in person.) While you’re waiting for the mailman, go ahead and re-watch Raging Bull this weekend—here’s the original trailer to get you started:


Director’s Cut: Go inside the mind of graphic designer Midnight Marauder with a step-by-step tour through his creative process—The Making of a Criterion Cover: Raging Bull


[Poster ©Midnight Marauder. Trailer courtesy of United Artists and Chartoff-Winkler Productions.]