Mulholland Drive

Midnight Movies: Mulholland Drive

The latest limited-edition print by LA artist (and movie-poster revisionist) Midnight Marauder pays tribute to 2001’s surrealist Hollywood head-trip Mulholland Drive.

It’s not every day you can pick up a piece of home-theater decor that mixes eerie visual impact with intellectual street cred to a degree guaranteed to impress your Xbox buddies and highbrow film-buff friends alike. (Nab a signed and numbered print for just $40—details here.)

Just don’t ask David Lynch—the film’s abstract-expressionist auteur and winner of a Cannes best-director prize for his work here—what exactly the movie is about.

Although critics, fans, and cast members have their theories on the film’s meaning, Lynch insists on leaving it open-ended. As is true of a piece of music, or even a dream, the director feels adamant that a film’s ideas, once put into motion, cannot adequately be translated back into words. (Watch an in-depth interview on the subject—fascinating for Lynchephiles and casual film fans alike.)

As always, Marauder’s poster design wordlessly conveys the filmmaker’s intentions better than a small army of critics ever could. Askew, dueling blondes, implying the film’s identity crises…The subject’s obscured gaze (a classically anarchic punk-rock poster motif)…Minimalist elements used to maximum effect. It all adds up to a strange but powerful feeling—similar to that imparted by the film’s moody score (see above) and Lynch’s one-of-a-kind work itself.


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[Poster © Midnight Marauder. Trailer courtesy of Universal and Studio Canal. Soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti, courtesy of Milan Records.]