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Todd Snyder

Always a highlight of New York Fashion Week: the impeccable proportions of badass classics by Iowa-born menswear vet Todd Snyder.

We were lucky enough to have photographer Faith Silva on-site at Thursday night’s show. Keep reading to see her photo journal from behind the scenes at Todd Snyder Fall ’14.

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With Christmas right around the corner, we asked three male colleagues here at Nordstrom HQ to share what’s on their gift radar this year. First up is Strath Shepard, our Creative Director for Custom Digital Content—a man who’s equally into outdoor excursions and obscure periodicals. If this sounds like someone on your own holiday shopping list, continue reading to find the perfect gift.

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Huge congratulations to our friend and one of our favorite designers, Todd Snyder, on scoring a cool feature in the New York Times’ Style section, below, as well as opening a brick-and-mortar pop-up shop, City Gym, in New York’s Nolita neighborhood.

As the name would suggest, City Gym centers around the Iowa-born designer’s Todd Snyder + Champion collection, a tough yet tailored take on archival pieces from the 94-year-old American athletic brand. You can also pick up some Snyder-approved accessories—like medicine balls by Leather Head, bike pumps from Kaufmann Mercantile, and a midcentury-modern Stephen Kenn couch made of Army blankets. As Snyder states in the article, “It’s not just about me and my brand, it’s about my filter and how I view things.”

Snyder’s accolades are adding up, with a recent full-page GQ spread devoted to the Champion collab under his belt as well. Check out a few shots from that article below, then shop our Editor’s Picks from the collection.

[Shop: White T-Shirt | Blue T-Shirt | Grey Shorts
Black Letterman Jacket | White Hoodie]

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Editor’s Picks from the Todd Snyder + Champion collection:

Top: White T-Shirt | Grey Shorts | Grey T-Shirt | Grey Sweatshirt | Red Patched T-Shirt
Bottom: Grey Hoodie | Blue T-Shirt | White Shawl-Collar | Red Sweatshirt | Black Wool/Leather Jacket



…And read our exclusive, in-depth Q&A with Todd Snyder here.

Photographer Ryan Plett (you might recognize his Tumblr: You Have Broken The Internet), along with friend and GQ alum Sean Hotchkiss, have launched a new online magazine, simply titled EDIT.

Their inaugural project depicts New York City—in all its grit, majesty and weirdness during the recent events of Fashion Week—as envisioned by a rotating cast of industry insiders using Fuji 400 disposable cameras. Here, a sampling of the kind of imagery you’ll find at EDIT today and in the days to come, photographed and captioned by co-founder Ryan Plett.

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[Above: "An off-duty model at the Ovadia & Sons presentation—waiting for
her model boyfriend to finish the show, of course."]

“NYC is always stunning at dusk. I think this was 20th, outside of a film lab.”

Nick Wooster posted up outside Lincoln Center. It was great to see Nick switching up his usual, dressed-up style for a more laid-back vibe this season.”

“What now seems to be the official ‘kickoff’ to my fashion week each season is the Todd Snyder presentation. A packed house, a great guy from Iowa (like myself), and of course a spectacular clothing line—what’s not to like?”

“Snapped this woman taking a break outside Milk Studios.”

“Something I love about fashion week is seeing how diversely my friends dress—and yet we all respect each other’s style.”


Visit for more—and look for additional exclusive
photos here on Men’s Shop Daily in the days to come.

Having knocked the collective socks off the menswear industry last week (no small feat when most of whom are still clutching at summer sockless-ness) with his impeccable vision of Spring ’14 (look toward the bottom of this post), what do you think Iowa-born designer Todd Snyder immediately did? A) Sleep for 50 consecutive hours; B) Go to Disney World; C) Cross the pond for a little R&R—and of course, more work.

If you guessed C, treat yourself to an extra Guinness on this glorious Wednesday. While the self-professed workaholic’s shot of Europe’s finest shearling, above, first caught our eye (and got us jazzed for Fall) this morning, the pics below kept us scrolling. Check out the view from Snyder’s Paris hotel, the designer’s favorite London hat shop, an epic victory in the form of actor Justin Theroux rocking Todd Snyder + Champion on the cover of GQ, and much more—all on Todd Snyder’s official Instagram feed.

…And while those Autumn tones match our current mood to a T, a pop of color is always welcome:


- Shop Todd’s fall collection
- Read our exclusive Q&A
- Get Todd’s tips on office decorum

What happens when our Men’s Shop video team goes to Las Vegas during Market Week? They run into Pharrell. They get down to brass tacks with up-and-coming design heroes. And they make some movie magic.

Above is one of four new videos we shot while traversing the vendor booths in Vegas during three furious days of menswear trade shows. Press play, learn about the elbow grease that goes into some of today’s best gear, and shop our Editor’s Picks from a few of the brands we interviewed. (Notice a theme? Fall is officially here.)

L-R: Wolverine Boot | Ted Baker London Coat | Red Wing Boot
Gant Shirt Jacket | Sperry Top-Sider Belt

L-R: W.R.K. Blazer | New Balance Sneaker | Grayers Cardigan | Sperry Top-Sider Boot
Todd Snyder + Champion T-shirt


Watch: More Videos in this Series

Shop All: ‘Functional Craftsmanship’ Featured Brands

Amidst world travels, presenting their own clothing line at the recent menswear tradeshows, and debuting an art installation based on their first short film, the multitalented men behind acclaimed website Street Etiquette (Travis Gumbs, above, and Joshua Kissi, below) still found time to document the visual spectacle known as New York Fashion Week in collaboration with Nordstrom Men’s Shop.

Here, enjoy part 1 of NYFW as seen through the eyes of two preeminent authorities on the future of men’s style—including a look at what’s next from one of our favorite American designers, Todd Snyder.

[For more, catch up on last season's SE @ NYFW coverage.]

Inspired by Joshua’s look: T-shirts | Cargo Pants | Sneakers | Bracelets
Joshua’s recommendation for the day’s playlist.
Read more on Street Etiquette’s musical predilections here.

Travis of Street Etiquette (left) and stylist Keino Benjamin.

Inspired by Travis’s look: Jackets | Jeans | Short-Sleeve Shirts | Hats | Boots
(Travis’s boots are by Dr. Martens—shop similar here.)

Inspired by Keino’s look: Leather Jackets | Sunglasses | Black Jeans

Indie NYC brand L’Enchanteur.

Inspired by Joshua’s look: Distressed Jeans | Henleys | Tote Bags | Boots
Inspired by Travis’s look: Denim on Denim | Shorts | Sneakers

Joshua of Street Etiquette and photographer Justin Bridges of Tucked Style.

From left: artist Cleon Grey, Jerry St. Aubin, photographer Joshua Woods
(who contributed to our previous SE @ NYFW series).

Chucks—the classics endure.

Below, Josh and Travis had the chance to get up-close and personal with Todd Snyder’s Spring 2014 collection. Read our recent Q&A with Todd, and shop his Fall collection here: Todd Snyder. [Click small images to enlarge.]


Last season’s NYFW coverage
Exclusive SE Video + Q&A


[Photos by Street Etiquette.]

As hinted at in our recent Q&A, our good friends Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette are back to cover the stylish mayhem known as New York Fashion Week once again.

Seen here are initial installments from our own @NordstromMen Instagram feed, where you can continue to see NYFW through the Street Etiquette gents’ eyes in the days to come. Stay tuned to Men’s Shop Daily for more from our Street Etiquette x Nordstrom collaboration coming soon.

L: The epic beard and immaculate street style of @EliSoul01.
R: A first glimpse at the spring/summer 2014 offering from Todd Snyder.

L: Fashion-week wingtips on the feet of @ReallySL.
R: Shadowy style courtesy of @DapperLou.

L: Cameras and camo, two fashion-week essentials.
R: Note to self: Think black, white and beige for next spring. [At the @PublicSchoolNYC presentation.]

L: Huge congrats on our Street Etiquette friends’ first gallery showing: Slumflower.
R: Killer madras and a classic cap, sported by @LavishLivez.

Style Profiles. In honor of our twice-a-year Men’s Shop Catalog dropping this month, we decided to profile 6 real men of style and substance. Today, midwestern menswear engineer Todd Snyder.

If the phrase “fashion designer” sounds like someone you could never relate to—consider Todd Snyder. Born and raised in Iowa. Dropped out of architecture school (not enough girls in the class). Loves Newman and Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. And one of the nicest guys you can ever hope to meet.

Having paid dues for 20 years at some of the best menswear powerhouses in the biz (Ralph Lauren, amongst other)—before quitting a plush job in order to start his own business, just in time for the recession to hit—we figured Snyder knows a thing or two about workplace decorum. In the video above, and the choice words of wisdom below, he delineates what to wear and how to act at the office—and why there are more important things in life than work.

ART x INDUSTRY. “My father was an engineer. My mother was an artist. So I always had this kind of push-pull on art and building things, and that was always the thing that I think really kind of helped me become who I am.”

MEN AT WORK. “My father had his own company. He was a civil engineer in Iowa. I worked summers on the survey crew, which would go out and do the layouts for bridges and roads. Then I moved into the office, where I started working as a draftsman. That’s where I really fell in love with the more technical aspects of building something.”

THE SCIENCE OF STYLE. “In college, I worked at this men’s shop called Badowers, in Des Moines. That’s where I learned how to sew and alter garments. I wanted to learn from the ground up how to make something—to understand the mechanics that go into it.”

HAND CRAFTED. “It’s rewarding to see something you did, and step back and say, ‘Wow, I did that.’ I used to build furniture sometimes…I did all of this molding in here [pointing to the office wall]…When I first moved here to New York, I was making all my own shirts.”

MADE IN THE USA. “For our new line of Todd Snyder suiting, we collaborated with Southwick, a factory in Massachusetts. They’ve been in the business over 100 years. They traditionally made jackets my father or grandfather would wear. Now, you’re starting to see a younger generation of guys wanting to know about it, wanting to dress like gentlemen—which is kind of rebellious in a way.”

THE FIRST THING YOU NEED. “A perfect-fitting navy suit. You can wear it with jeans on a date. Wear it as a suit to a wedding. You can wear a dark tie and be very sophisticated at night. Make sure the sleeves aren’t too long, so you can see a little bit of cuff. Those little details make a huge difference.”

FROM THE GROUND UP. “Buy good shoes. Look at them as an investment. Get yourself a great pair of wingtips, desert boots, and sneakers, and you can wear them with anything.”

BUILDING A WARDROBE. “I’ve always looked at fashion similar to architecture, and it always starts with a great foundation—great jeans, great chinos, a great suit, great oxford, sweatshirt, and so on. As long as you have those pieces, it’s really easy to make outfits.”


WORDS TO LIVE BY. “I talk to a lot of students, and they always ask me, “What’s your advice?” And I’ve always said, “Work hard and be nice.” It’s two simple things. But you’d be amazed at how many people screw that up.”

WORK/LIFE BALANCE. “I have two daughters. Some might disagree, but having kids kind of keeps me sane. Going home and just seeing them changes my whole [perspective]. If I had a long day, going home, seeing their faces, you forget about it instantly.”

—  —  —

Shop: Todd Snyder’s favorite items
Read more: Style Profiles

Market Week: (noun) A series of concurrent menswear trade shows, during which our buyers spend a busy 72 hours hitting the best booths, meeting with dozens of designers and brand reps, and getting a hands-on look at what next season will have in store (literally).

Our video team tagged along to the trade shows in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. Check out the trends they spotted below, with commentary by our Men’s Fashion Director Jorge Valls—and watch for video interviews with our favorite booth-keepers coming soon.

—  —  —

[Photos above via @NordstromMen on Instagram. Clockwise from top left:
Johan Lindeberg of BLK DNM; welcome to Project Las Vegas;
Marcus Troy's 'Blogger Project'; historical plaids with the good people at Grayers;
Todd Snyder showcasing his Champion collab; spotted in the wild at Stance socks.]


Trend 1: Nautical Influences. “Breton stripes continue to be big. We’re starting to see maritime pops of color, like bold yellows and reds.” —Jorge Valls, Men’s Fashion Director

[Above: On-deck at Sperry Top-Sider;
a wavy show-goer with eye-catching accessories.]

Trend 2: Indigo Everything. “We saw every shade and shape of denim imaginable: raw, worn, torn, washed, you name it. Denim shirts and jackets. A chambray shirt is great to have—dress it up or down. Blue, in general, is everywhere. Deep indigos look especially good to me right now.” —Jorge Valls, Men’s Fashion Director

[Above: Black (and grey, and blue) denim at BLK DNM;
our denim-clad friend at AG Jeans.]

Trend 3: Tropical Skater. “The combination of floral/Hawaiian prints with skater/surf culture we’re seeing feels fresh, and is incredibly vibrant and colorful. Do one piece of pattern, or mix patterns and stripes together—there’s a version for every guy.” —Jorge Valls, Men’s Fashion Director

[Above: '90s-inspired hoodies with modern lines;
this guy mixed patterns like a pro.]

Trend 4: Tried and True. “Traditional men’s cues are still important—think heritage and prep. Keep it up-to-date with a modern fit.” —Jorge Valls, Men’s Fashion Director

[Above, clockwise from top left:
Matteo Gottardi of W.R.K.; inspired hosiery at Stance socks;
cream-color shawl-collars at Gant;
the wall of American-made boots at Red Wing.]

—  —  —

Watch for Market-Week video interviews in mid-September.
In the meantime, check out our street-style report live from the trade-show tents.


[Photos by Matthew Sumi. Quotes by Jorge Valls, Nordstrom Men's Fashion Director.]