The Sneaker Project: NYC Shot by Ryan Plett

Whereas our first installment of “Sneakers in Your City” followed two hip-hop artists to their favorite spots in Seattle, episode 2 takes us to New York, where Ryan Plett—the photographer, consultant, and self-described “generalist” behind popular mood board blog You Have Broken the Internet—showed us the Big Apple through his own unique lens.

He also shot some damn fine looking photographs for us. Keep reading to watch a behind-the-scenes video, hear about five places to seek out in NYC, and get a closer look at fall footwear from The Sneaker Project, a curated selection handpicked by our buyers.

Plett’s five favorite places in NYC—
to shoot, drink, or just soak up some local flavor:

[adidas ‘SL Loop Runner’ Sneaker in Frost Mint/Black]

1) RECREATION: Tompkins Square Park. “This park always has good light. There’s a lot of trees, great shadows for shooting. I walk by here all the time. There are these really rad handball courts, and people are always playing, like 50-year-old guys in jeans with their shirts off. It’s a far cry from the Y back in Davenport, Iowa, where I grew up—dudes playing racquetball in their all-white terry cloth.”


[Nike ‘Air Max 90 – Lunar Jacquard’ Sneaker in Game Royal/Copper/Mango]

2) TRANSPORTATION: The Subway. “One of the biggest reasons why I left Chicago was to be proactive about not sitting in traffic. Ten minutes, and I’m just about anywhere. We shot this in my subway that I’m in way too much: West Fourth Street in the West Village. There’s this weird empty level between platforms—it’s this extremely packed place, but no one stays on that floor, so it’s a rare quiet spot in New York.”


[New Balance ‘850’ Sneaker in Navy/Yellow]

3) CAFFEINE: Navy. “This place is awesome. It’s in my neighborhood, great chef, awesome food, always friendly. It’s like the neighborhood hangout. My friends live above it, so we just gravitated towards there. It looks like a cabin. It’s got, like, indigo-dyed curtains—very menswear. Good drinks. Coffee. The only fluids I consume are whiskey, coffee and water.”


[Gourmet ’35 Lite BK’ Sneaker in Black/Chili Pepper]

4) RESEARCH: Soho News International. “You can get any magazine you want here. Fashion, travel, architecture. Other than shoes, my biggest vice would be expensive magazines. What’s that famous saying? ‘Smart people copy, geniuses steal.’ I’m always looking at magazines for ideas on how to shoot.”


[Pointer ‘Soma – Knight Mills’ Sneaker in Camo]

5) DRINKS: Fedora. “This place is owned by a bunch of guys from Madison, Wisconsin, and I’m from Iowa, so any support for the Midwest fam is always good. It’s six blocks from my house, so I hang out here all the time. The courtyard [where we filmed the video above] isn’t public, so if you drink enough or know the right people, you can come back, hang out, have an old-fashioned late at night.”

—  —  —


And check out more from Ryan Plett: Instagram | Twitter | Portfolio | Tumblr

[Photos by Ryan Plett. Styling by Danny Mankin and Scott Taylor.
Models: Kern Charles and Michael Morgan.]

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