Valentine Tips: Kiara Schwartz of ‘Tobruck Ave’

Stylish, charming, intelligent. Is it just us, or are fashion bloggers the new dream woman? (Move over, Farrah Fawcett—and/or Cheryl Tiegs.)

At the very least, they know their way around a well-appointed date night—which is why we asked a few of our favorites to offer simple tips every man can benefit from this Valentine’s Day. Keep reading for advice from LA blogger Kiara Schwartz of ‘Tobruck Ave,’ a woman who understands the importance of pinball, Chuck Taylors and proper bedroom attire. You had us at “pinball,” Kiara.

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What would be your ideal date night for Valentine’s Day 2014?
“I like surprises, so I think my ideal Valentine’s Day date would be a surprise picnic with some pretty fresh flowers and wine on the beach—maybe two days before Valentine’s day, so it’s unexpected yet still so romantic!”

Describe your best Valentine’s Day ever.
“Coming home after work to find my dog wearing a red bow matching a brand new bike, followed by a bike ride along the beach.”

What would you like to see your Valentine wear during your date?
“Since I prefer a more casual look, probably just some denim or printed shorts, with a button-up shirt and some cool sneakers. A very California, cool, beach look for dudes.”

What would you love to receive as a Valentine’s gift, and why?
“I love this sweet little Wildfox sleeper shirt—that will for sure create some cozy nights at home. This cute Marc Jacobs watch would also make me smile. Loving the mint face. It looks so fresh, and perfect for telling time this coming summer season.”



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