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Real Weddings: Hayley and Ryan Thu, 14 May 2015 00:19:10 +0000 Hayley shares the story of her real-life fairy tale—marrying her fiancé, Ryan, in a Scottish castle—brought to real life with photos and a beautiful wedding video.

Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.

Date and Location: January 28, 2014, at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

The Venue: We visited the seaside town of Crovie in 2011 and fell in love with Scotland. We wanted to have our wedding during the winter and in a beautiful location, so Edinburgh seemed ideal. It’s an amazing, historic city, and Edinburgh Castle is absolutely breathtaking.

Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.


Special Details: Our wedding day was exactly what we had hoped for. The weather was chilly; the castle was warm and cozy, and we felt full of love and laughter. We were so touched that our friends and family made the journey with us from the United States. We loved the idea of having a cozy and elegant winter wedding with lots of candles. We knew we wanted a smaller, more relaxed wedding to let the conversations flow and ensure a fun time for all.

HayleyRyan_EdinburghCastleWedding_ZoeCampbellPhotography_0094 HayleyRyan_EdinburghCastleWedding_ZoeCampbellPhotography_0085

Favorite Moment: We wrote our ceremony and asked our wedding party to perform it—each person taking a section or a reading. It was wonderful to make our vows and promises “to” our friends and family rather than an officiant.


The Dress: I chose the Two by Rosa Clara Bambu dress at the Nordstrom Wedding Suite in Scottsdale. My mom spotted it on a mannequin, and it was love at first sight. It’s a lovely soft English net and has such a beautiful layered look. Our Wedding Stylist was Kathy Valentine, and she was so kind and helpful!

Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.
Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.
Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.
Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.

Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.

Advice for Other Brides: Plan the wedding you want and, above all, have a good time! Weddings shouldn’t be stressful—they should be about celebrating and bringing people together. And dancing. A small wedding is highly recommended!

Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.

Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.Wedding Advice from a Real Bride & Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.

Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.

Real Wedding Inspiration from Nordstrom Blogs: Hayely and Ryan.

Photos: Zoe Campbell Photography | Video: Little Love Films

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10 Insider Facts about Hayley Paige’s Big Day & Wedding Dress | Guest Post Fri, 08 May 2015 23:39:48 +0000 Or should we say dresses? Bridal Designer Hayley Paige gives us a sneak peek at the details of what she’s designing and what she and her maids will be wearing during her upcoming July wedding.


1. Not a single dress has been made yet for my July 11th wedding. Gulp! I am kind of approaching the wardrobe like I would a typical bridal season: one style at a time and fresh off the pattern table. It’s nice to have a design room at my disposal, but it also gives you that added panache of fashion show pressure.

2. I relate my current situation to that of the tooth fairy losing a tooth or Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother needing a Cinderella-like dress. There is a lovely sense of unpredictability and a ton of exploration to be had. I’ve always been in the director’s chair, but now that I get to actually play the part, the perspective is a lot more intimate and compelling.


3. I will design what I find exciting right now and not let the past or future detour my vision. I don’t mind if in ten years I’ll want something different. In fact, I expect my tastes/fashion needs to evolve and change with time! That is just the beauty of fashion. It’s about living in the moment and feeling your best in that moment.

4. The best thing about my wardrobe is the smile it will put on my groom’s face! I’ve thought a lot about what he might like on me during this whole creative process. He is not only extremely supportive of my craft, but also very aware of my design aesthetic. He is also an avid sports fan, so to see him getting excited about what I will wear on that day is like my Super Bowl (only with more sparkle of course).

5. I am loving a little bit of everything. I’ve decided to not stick with just one theme throughout. Even with every season, I try to think about all the different types of women I want to appeal to. So for my wedding day, I want to appeal to a few different graces that I particularly relate to. There will be geometric moments, floral moments, couture moments, modern moments, etc. I will also wear a veil and most certainly dabble in some unique head pieces. It’s not a sundae without the nuts, whipped cream, and cherry on top. I want the works!

6. There will be color! White is tantamount to weddings, but I’ve never felt pigeonholed into an all-white palette–especially as a bridal designer. When it comes to adding color, I always think of that ending scene in Sleeping Beauty when the fairies are changing her gown from pink to blue. It’s so magical and memorable.


7. However, my maids will be wearing white. In the olden days this was actually the tradition. I also love the idea of doing each little lady in a unique design to highlight her individual style. I’ve been calling it “white and bright” since I will also be adding in some spritzing of sparkle. It’s important that my gals feel special on that day as well, so I want them to be identified as exactly that.

8. The two women I’ve looked up to the most for direct inspiration on my wedding day are my mom and my sister. Both have beautiful marriages and know how to carry their confidence.

9. For certain gowns I will be wearing on that big beautiful day, we will be adding special renditions to the Hayley Paige collection in the upcoming season! If anything, I hope my wedding day choices encourage brides to be bold and brilliant with their own gown decision.

10. After personally going through this experience, the advice I want to give brides about choosing a dress is this: You are basically a sparkly Batman for the day, so don’t be afraid to be daring and exciting with your wardrobe choices.

Shop: Hayley Paige

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Thank-You Cards: Mind Your Manners Mon, 27 Apr 2015 22:12:26 +0000 Now that the honeymoon is over and you’re settling into happily ever after, be sure to thank Aunt Margaret for the waffle iron and all the rest of your family and friends for their lovely gifts.

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Real Weddings: Lauren and Edmund Fri, 10 Apr 2015 23:29:55 +0000 As president of sales of the bridal division at Donna Morgan and special partner to the Wedding Suite over the years, Lauren makes us feel extra honored as she shares the story of her beautiful beach wedding to Edmund with us here on the blog.

Location: Wychmere Beach Club, Harwich Port, MA

Our Vision: Ed and I both love the water and the beach, so when we found Wychmere Beach Club we knew it was just perfect for our big celebration with all of our friends and family. Our vision was “traditional meets nautical”–with personal touches from us both.

We did every single bit of the planning ourselves, and looking back, I’m so happy we did. At the end of the night we were able to sit back and say “wow, we did this together.” It was just amazing having all of our friends and family there to celebrate with us; the weekend could not have been more perfect.

Special Details: I’m originally from North Florida, so Ed and I chose to do our placecards and favors combined as little jars of Tupelo honey. If you’ve never had Tupelo honey, you must try it!

My Gown: My wedding dress was so perfect. I felt so beautiful on that day, and I knew Ed would just love it. It was the very first dress I tried on at the store!

Bridesmaid Dresses: I knew I wanted navy to be the color and Donna Morgan had the perfect shade. Also, my two girls actually came to me and wanted to wear Donna Morgan, so it all just came together so well. The minute they tried the dresses on, they fell in love with them—they were so comfortable and required minimal alterations (literally only hemming!).

I also love all the options that allow you to get a dress right away—like that each girl can order her dress online and have it shipped directly to her home. My matron of honor had just had a little boy a few months prior to my wedding so her being able to get the dress right before the wedding was amazing.

Favorite Moments: I must say my favorite moment was walking down the aisle. I’ve never in my life felt happier than in that very moment. It was so amazing to marry my best friend in the most beautiful setting with everyone around us.

Photography by: Angel Greenlaw Photography

Did you find your wedding gown or bridesmaid dresses at Nordstrom? We love a good wedding story! E-mail Nordstrom Wedding Stories for details on getting your wedding featured on our blog. And for more inspiration, make a complimentary appointment with a Wedding Stylist or browse our Wedding Suite.


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22 Decorations and Inspirations for Your Wedding Mon, 06 Apr 2015 21:54:11 +0000 Looking for ideas and inspiration or just a few special touches for your wedding day décor? We’ve put together a few editor’s picks to help you do it up right.

1. Better than tin cans and soap crayons–this rear-window Just Married decal from kate spade new york.

2. Light up your love with a chalkboard marquee. Universal Ironworks Recycled Sign.

3. Voluspa petite scented jar candles: 8 different colors and scents perfect to coordinate with your color scheme and place around your venue–or use them as centerpieces and favors for guests.

4. Speaking of centerpieces–these personalized mason jars are perfect.

5. Poncho and Goldstein I’ll Love You Forever sign. Rustic and sweet.

6. Fringe Studio Happily Ever After glass tray.

7. This charming Second Nature by Hand wood slat heard.

8. Cathy’s Concepts personalized ringbearer pillow.

9. Creative Co-Op light-up heart marquee.

10. Put this Glory Haus burlap banner above your head table.

11. Foreside decorative metal letters.

12. Creative Co-Op embossed iron wall plaque.

13. Universal Ironworks marquee lights metal sign.

14. Come on. It’s a wedding. You can’t have too much love! Second Nature by Hand recycled book shelf art.

15. Mikeylin’s magnet chalkboard for menus, cocktail lists, beautiful sayings, anything!

16. Cathy’s Concepts personalized wedding vow rug.

17. Place a few of these Shinhwa selfie sticks around your venue. Seriously. Everyone’s going to want a try.

18. Mr. and Mrs. etched champagne flutes.

19. Personalized cake server and forks set from Cathy’s Concepts.

20. Personalized four-piece unity sand ceremony set.

21. Fringe Studio best day ever glass tray.

22. Cathy’s Concepts personalized aisle runner.

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Real Weddings: Erika & Tom Wed, 01 Apr 2015 19:19:57 +0000 Erika recounts her wedding day and how she and Tom involved family and friends to celebrate the importance of everyone coming together.

Location: University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio

Our Vision: We decided on one of the most beautiful settings in Cleveland, Wade Oval. It’s surrounded by world-class museums, and we felt it was the perfect, relaxed setting for our ceremony and reception. Our families are so important to us, so we had our siblings, nieces, nephews, parents and extended family participate in our ceremony.

Our hope was that everyone would feel comfortable and enjoy a laid-back reception—we made sure to give plenty of time so guests could eat when they wanted, dance when they wanted or just enjoy the beautiful setting. Following our ceremony, we all had cocktails and appetizers, played lawn games and danced until the wee hours of the night.

Finding My Dress: Carmen Marc Valvo one-shoulder dotted tulle gown

When I started to shop for a gown, I wanted to go to Nordstrom first, where I was lucky enough to meet Connie Knotter—the Wedding Stylist at Beachwood Place. I didn’t want a traditional gown, and with our entire wedding taking place outdoors, I needed something that would be light and fit the occasion. When I came in for my appointment, Connie had picked a great variety of dresses for me to try on, and I knew immediately that she had really listened to what I was looking for.

After trying on several gowns, Connie brought in the Carmen Marc Valvo, and as soon as I put it on, I knew it was absolutely perfect. When I came back for my fittings, Connie spent time helping me find the perfect shoes for my dress. Each time I went to the Wedding Suite, I felt that I was a priority not only to Connie, but everyone else that worked in the suite.

Favorite Moments: Just a few include: walking down the aisle together to a favorite song (“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles); our nieces and nephews joining us during the ceremony to symbolize their importance in our lives; our first dance; and having all of our friends and family come together in one place to celebrate our marriage.

Photography by: Jeff and Katie Downie, Dovetale Photography

Did you find your wedding gown at Nordstrom? We love a good wedding story! E-mail Nordstrom Wedding Stories for details on getting your wedding featured on our blog. And for more inspiration, make a complimentary appointment with a Wedding Stylist or browse our Wedding Suite.

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Real Weddings: Samantha & Michael Fri, 27 Mar 2015 15:00:40 +0000 Samantha shares the story of her October wedding in Ohio, where loved ones scattered across the country met in the middle at the church where she was raised.

The Ceremony: Church of St. Rita in Solon, Ohio
From the very beginning of our planning process, we knew we wanted our wedding day to be a fun gathering of family and friends. We focused on having great food and great music, knowing that our loved ones would be on the dance floor all evening.

Becoming husband and wife in the church I was raised in was an extremely important element to the day. It was such an extraordinary feeling to look out at the gathering of the most cherished people in our lives, who had traveled from all over the country to witness our vows. The ceremony was followed by family photos, and then the bridal party took a very memorable ride to the Cleveland Museum of Art for photos in their beautiful atrium. The journey was full of love, laughter and a soundtrack that will not soon be forgotten.

The Reception: The Bertram Inn & Conference Center in Aurora, Ohio
The reception venue was an elegant ballroom and I focused on decor that was classic, using timeless navy blue for the linens and accenting the tables with ivory hydrangea and gold pillar candles. The venue also had a prefunction atrium complete with gathering areas for guests to visit during cocktail hour. In addition to the dessert table, other personal touches included a calendar guest book for guests to sign in on their birthday and a wedding-photo gallery featuring our parents, grandparents and wonderful friends.

The evening began with heartfelt words from my dad and our honor attendants, followed by a beautiful blessing by a dear family member and a delicious meal. The remainder of the evening was spent on a dance floor overflowing with guests.

The Dress: ‘Isabelle’ by Kelly Faetanini
I added a custom Kelly Faetanini lace shoulder sleeve that transformed the dress from strapless to cap-sleeved with a keyhole back. A few additional layers of tulle were added to give the skirt a little extra flare. I wore the Nina ‘Claire’ cathedral-length veil in ivory and navy-blue kate spade new york ‘sala’ satin and glitter shoes.

For the reception, I removed my veil and changed my Kenneth Jay Lane earrings to sapphire and gold BaubleBar ‘Diva’ drop earrings. The final accessory of the night was the Alainn extra-long necklace in gold, which I draped down my back (à la Jennifer Lawrence when she was styled by Dior for the 2012 and 2013 Academy Awards).

Personal touches that cannot go without mention are my Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue. Something Old was a piece of fabric from my favorite childhood dress sewn into my gown (a surprise from my mom, who conspired with my Wedding Suite team). Something New: my gorgeous gown. Something Borrowed: a silver Nadri crystal bangle that belongs to one of my best friends. Something Blue: my kate spade shoes.

My bridesmaids wore the ‘Aidan’ dress by Jenny Yoo in navy blue. They were all absolutely stunning. For the ceremony and photos, the dresses remained strapless, but for the evening, many of the girls took advantage of the chiffon panels on the Aidan and converted the necklines to a variety of styles. I also gave each of the girls a kate spade bridesmaid idiom bracelet and Nadri and Givenchy earrings in styles that played to each girl’s personality and jewelry taste. My bridesman was given a Herschel Supply Co. bag, Link Up cufflinks and a bowtie.

My Wedding Suite Experience: From the moment I stepped into the Nordstrom Wedding Suite at Beachwood Mall, I knew the experience was going to be special. Stylist Dana Zak immediately made me and my parents comfortable and relaxed. I was unsure of the silhouette I wanted, so Dana pulled options that helped me narrow things down. Knowing that I loved many of the Kelly Faetanini gowns, she mentioned Kelly’s upcoming trunk show in the Suite and I made an appointment on the spot.

Once fittings and accessorizing began, I was continuously blown away by Dana and the Wedding Suite team. No question, phone call or text message went unanswered. Dana was even on my favorite contacts list on my phone! The relationship she has with Kelly Faetanini and her team made it so easy to get updates on my dress and get every question answered.

Dana also helped me coordinate the fitting and ordering of all 12 Aidan gowns for my girls who were across the Midwest and East Coast. I cannot go without mentioning the amazing Natasha from alterations, who tailored my dress to absolute perfection. Dana and Natasha were a dynamic duo, and I cannot thank them enough! They embodied Nordstrom’s commitment to excellent customer service from the first dress I tried on to my final fitting and beyond.

My Favorite Moments: It is so difficult to pick a few special moments from a day that was truly magical from start to finish. I spent the morning getting ready at home with my parents, bridesmaids, bridesman and flower girls. We had a delicious brunch with a mimosa bar and Frozen was on for the little ones (and most of the big kids) to enjoy. It was so special to be in the house where I grew up and walk down the stairs for a first look with my parents, best friends and family.

Per the advice of family and friends, throughout the evening Mike and I would step to the side of the ballroom to take a moment for ourselves and watch those who were closest to our hearts celebrating our love. It filled us with an unimaginable joy to watch everyone having such a great time. It was a goal of ours to truly be present throughout our day and appreciate every moment.

Photography by Nathan Migal

Did you find your wedding gown at Nordstrom? We love a good wedding story! Email Nordstrom Wedding Stories for details on getting your wedding featured on our blog. And for more inspiration, make a complimentary appointment with a Wedding Stylist or browse our Wedding Suite.

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They’re Here: nouvelle AMSALE Bridesmaid Dresses! Wed, 25 Mar 2015 20:59:24 +0000 Now online and in selected stores: a new line of bridesmaid dresses from bridal designer Amsale Aberra. Created as a more affordable option to the original Amsale collection, nouvelle AMSALE bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns are available at a lower price point–without sacrificing an ounce of beauty.

We love the muted tones and flowing lines of these pretty chiffon dresses. Check out our six dress styles in six different shades–perfect for flattering a variety of body types and color palettes. $190–$220.

Check back mid-April here on the Wedding Suite blog for more from Amsale!

SHOP: nouvelle AMSALE

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Real Weddings, Bridesmaids Edition: Two Brides, Two Shades of Green Mon, 16 Mar 2015 15:00:32 +0000 A lot goes into planning a wedding, including finding the perfect gowns for your bridesmaids. Here, two unrelated brides—Krista and Danielle—share their inspiration and the paths that led them to choose bridesmaid dresses from Donna Morgan in beautiful shades of green.



The Bridesmaid Dresses: Like most brides, I leaned on Pinterest for inspiration throughout the planning process. After we selected our venue, I knew I had to choose a color palette. Pastels were something I was really drawn to, since they are so soft and romantic, and that’s how we envisioned our wedding. Since we loved the pastel color palette, we thought that having mint green as the main color of the wedding would be unique. Once we had decided on that, it was easy to narrow down the bridesmaid dress color, since the Donna Morgan line has so many shades available.


I knew I wanted to mix and match the colors, because we had decided to mix and match ties for the groomsmen as well. I really liked the idea that everything at our wedding would tie together but not necessarily match perfectly. I was also able to get color swatches of the dresses from a Nordstrom store, which was so helpful in making my final decision on the color, and I ended up with a mix and match of the colors Apple Tart and Spearmint.

I was very flexible with my bridesmaids. I told them the colors I liked and then let them choose whichever Donna Morgan neckline they preferred. There are so many necklines, which all look different on different body types. It was really important to me that my bridesmaids felt comfortable and pretty on our big day, so I wanted them to pick what they felt confident and pretty in!


Your Wedding Suite Experience: I chose Nordstrom for a number of reasons. First, not all of my bridesmaids lived in the area, so coordinating a shopping trip was not going to happen for us. Choosing Nordstrom would let them all go and try on dresses and choose their style on their own, or receive free shipping if they didn’t live near a Nordstrom location. Also, I knew that if there were any issues with the sizing, they could return them without a hassle—or the girls could get them altered in store and they would be treated well.

Final Thoughts: Looking back at my pictures, I can tell that each of my bridesmaids felt as pretty as I did!




Location: The Foundry by Herban Feast (Seattle, WA). My vision actually came together after I booked my venue. The Foundry is in the more industrial area of Seattle (SODO) and had that nice romantic, urban feel. It was the only place my fiancé and I could agree on (we loved it!). For me, it had the romance (wine barrels, soft lighting, etc.), and for him, it had the Northwest masculine feel (concrete floors, wooden chandeliers and a fireplace); it just matched our vision. I incorporated a lot of soft, romantic colors (coral, mint and gold), beach wood, air plants/succulents and soft metals—including a gold sequin runner at the head table. We also did a romantic Italian light wall and candles for the ceremony. It was heavenly. :)


The Bridesmaid Dresses: I wanted a color to complement coral (my first color choice) and gold (my accent color). I started to see this color combo (mint + coral + gold) early in 2014 and LOVED how it looked!


I liked the classic look of one color for bridesmaid dresses (mint), but I ended up doing shades of sage and mint for my flowers and design details of the wedding. I ended up doing shades of coral/peach/pink-orange for my flowers to add depth.

I knew what I wanted from the beginning—Donna Morgan was my designer of choice. She’s a great designer and the dresses are great quality. After that, I let my bridesmaids decide on style; I just requested that it be something long and have a “hint of mint,” because I loved how it looked in the sample I saw. The gals ironically all went with the same dresses and neckline because they just loved the style.


Final Thoughts: Looking back at the photos, I love seeing how the bridesmaid dresses brought the whole picture together. The color (deeper than my white dress) gave a fresh, romantic look to our wedding. I can’t begin to rave how much I loved the color and overall look of my bridesmaid dresses.

And a note about Nordstrom. I knew I would get service, quality and style there. I have been a loyal Nordstrom shopper since I was born. :) My mom (since retired) worked for the company for 25 years. Nordstrom is still my go-to department store for basically everything I wear!


Did you find your wedding gown at Nordstrom? We love a good wedding story! E-mail Nordstrom Wedding Stories for details on getting your wedding featured on our blog. And for more inspiration, make a complimentary appointment with a Wedding Stylist or browse our Wedding Suite.

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Q&A with Fashion Designer Monique Lhuillier Fri, 13 Mar 2015 19:30:46 +0000 To celebrate the arrival of the spring 2015 collection for BLISS Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses, we caught up with the designer behind the brand. We just couldn’t miss an opportunity to chat about her gorgeous bridal gowns (and bridesmaid dresses!), the risk she recommends brides take and her favorite thing about being in the bridal business.


The Wedding Suite: Tell us three things we would be surprised to know about you.
Monique Lhuillier:
1. I started my bridal business after looking for my own wedding dress almost 20 years ago, because I felt there was a void in the marketplace for fashion-infused dresses.
2. I love the outdoors. I am from California, and I love hiking and spending time with my family in the sun.
3. I’m half French and half Filipino.

What’s the most important thing about designing a wedding dress?
For me, my bridal gowns must emanate romance and fantasy. I offer all different types of dresses that will make a bride feel glamorous and alluring on her wedding day. When designing, I focus on the gowns feeling very feminine, marked by exquisite workmanship and luxurious fabrications.

BLISS Monique Lhuillier Wedding Dresses

What’s distinctive about your new BLISS collection; what sets it apart?
I subtly infused color into this collection. I wanted a beautiful pastel color palette including tones of pale blush and latte all mixed with soft silk layers, white tulle and lace. You’ll find exquisite design details: beautiful combinations of Chantilly lace with overlays of draped tulle and delicate embroidered lace appliqués in addition to cascading hemlines edged with horsehair trim.

How does BLISS differ from your namesake collection?
BLISS Monique Lhuillier is inspired by a feminine, elegant and youthful bride. This collection provides a curated collection of romantic dresses that are punctuated with fresh styles that embody my signature design aesthetic. I provide distinct silhouettes—from stunning trumpet-shaped gowns and ethereal sheaths to whimsical ballgowns—all at an accessible price point.

What is one bridal fashion risk you would recommend to brides?
Experiment with color on your wedding day. I love pale pink or blush for a touch of the unexpected; it can be quite enchanting for brides who are looking for something nontraditional.

ML Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaid Dresses

What’s different about designing a bridesmaid dress versus a wedding dress?
The process is quite different, and I actually look to my ready-to-wear line for inspiration. Bridesmaids want to feel beautiful, comfortable and even a bit fashion appropriate when they are walking down the aisle. I try to provide dresses they could wear again for a special occasion and offer colors that will complement them.

What advice do you have for brides as they choose their bridal parties’ wardrobe?
The process of choosing your bridesmaids is hard, but finding a dress they will all agree on is sometimes even harder. As the bride, I think it is necessary to set the direction for what you want your bridesmaids to look like on your big day. The more guidance they have, the less likely they are to go astray. This means giving them hair and makeup direction, accessory parameters and, most of all, very specific information on what you want in their dresses. It’s important to select a bridesmaid dress that fits into your color scheme, but it’s most important for your bridesmaids to feel beautiful and at ease. Selecting one color is the easiest way to have a cohesive look; then allow the bridesmaids to select the style they are most comfortable with.

What’s your favorite thing about being in the bridal business?
The bridal business is rewarding because it all revolves around such a special day. To have the opportunity to make a bride feel beautiful, confident and glamorous on this momentous occasion is such an honor.

SHOP: Monique Lhuillier

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Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses Tue, 03 Mar 2015 07:31:00 +0000 Back in December, we gave you the scoop on why co-founders Lauren Conrad and Maura McManus created their gorgeous line of bridesmaid dresses, Paper Crown. And now, seven styles in a number of muted pastels and neutrals are ready to ship and outfit your equally gorgeous maids.

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid DressesPaper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid DressesPaper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid DressesPaper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid DressesPaper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses


SHOP: Paper Crown Bridesmaid Dresses

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5 Questions with Designer Hayley Paige Sat, 21 Feb 2015 00:00:58 +0000 Bridal designer, New York City dweller and self-described ‘procraftinator,’ Hayley Paige is engaged(!) and giving us the scoop on designing her own wedding gown, what celebs she’d love to dress and a sneak peek into her wedding plans.


The Wedding Suite: Living in New York must be a constant source of creative fuel for designing your gorgeous dresses. Now that you’re engaged and making a dress for yourself, what will a Hayley Paige design look like for Hayley Paige herself?
Hayley Paige: As a bridal designer, it’s important to keep an open mind and find inspiration externally; you want to avoid just producing things you would want to wear. I like surrounding myself with a ton of visuals to help improve my aesthetic vocabulary. More is more for me! Living in New York is also ideal because the women here are so eclectic and magnetic. I love channeling their playful characteristics and assuming a “day in their shoes” to really understand what makes something beautiful.

However, being newly engaged puts a charming spin on all that I do. I’ve had a fun-yet-challenging time shifting that external fascination to a more personal dialogue. I’ve been relating my whole situation to what happens when the tooth fairy loses a tooth! For my own wedding, I want to do a little of everything that makes the Hayley Paige aesthetic so unique and versatile…but also push the envelope stylistically and individually. This will most likely result in multiple looks; I certainly don’t want a circus, but I could definitely give Cher a run for her money with the wardrobe changes I am dreaming up!


A business to run. A wedding to plan. No doubt you’re a busy woman! What keeps you grounded?
My family has been the leading support system in my life…and they have met a fierce game-set-match with my fiancé in the past year! I’m very blessed to have people that keep me inspired and also grounded. When you have genuine people around you, you certainly don’t want to let them down! I am also grateful to have a CEO that took a chance on me at a young age. He has given me some great tools and fabulous coworkers to grow as a designer and businessperson.

Not that you probably have a lot of it, but what are some favorite things you do with your downtime?
I like tiny adventures and a good margarita! I am also a sucker for Pinterest and finding fun things to create/build/DIY around the house. I just learned the term “procraftinate” the other day—where you procrastinate by doing super-crafty organization projects. I could not think of a better word for me and what the wedding planning process is like! I find myself wanting to put a “unique chic twist” on just about everything. Hobbies aside, my absolute favorite thing is to have an engaging dinner conversation with my fiancé. He is a smart cookie and makes me laugh.

It’s been so exciting to see your dresses on the Red Carpet lately! Is there a particular celebrity that you dream of dressing?
I love any good trailblazer, fashion “it girl,” and/or athlete-turned-entrepreneur. I think Sophia Amoruso, Jamie Chung and Misty Copeland would be at the top of my list.

Lastly, we have to ask: can you tell us a little about your upcoming wedding? Sneak-peek time!
It’s going to have a “wild at heart” vibe to it. My goal is to mesh my over-the-top girliness with Danny’s humor and masculine charm. There will be sparkle, there will be some fancy dance moves, and there will be some memorable surprises.

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Real Weddings: Cai & Alex Fri, 09 Jan 2015 23:09:13 +0000 Cai shares how her Vera Wang dress dream came true and the importance of bringing family together—even when separated by two languages and an ocean.

The Ceremony: St. Joseph Catholic Church, Strongsville, Ohio
I’m originally from China and my parents still live there, so they couldn’t help much with the wedding planning. Instead, my amazing mother-in-law, Kathi, stepped in to support me along the way. I felt so blessed by the love of my husband’s family throughout the process.

My parents flew in for the big day, and even though they couldn’t understand what was said at the ceremony, they did participate by walking me down the aisle. It was so special to have them there and to have the wedding of my and my parents’ dreams, since they were only able to have a simple ceremony 30 years ago at their own wedding.

The Dress: Louisa by Vera Wang
I’ve always known I wanted a Vera Wang gown to get married in—they make a bride look like a princess. When shopping at Nordstrom at Beachwood Place, I met my Wedding Stylist, Dana, and she really helped make the whole process easier for me. She’s the one who found my dress, and I instantly fell in love. It’s a strapless ball gown with 16 layers of draped tulle and crystal embroidery accents at the hip—a dream come true.

Dana was so helpful by accommodating my busy schedule, finding a perfect seamstress to help with fittings, and really going out of her way to help me with everything.

My Favorite Moments:
At the reception, my friend Yan gave a beautiful toast in both English and Mandarin. Like me, she came to the United States alone from China. She perfectly articulated how much strength it gives me to have the love and support of another family here in America.

I also felt so beautiful during my first dance with my husband in my Vera Wang dress; it was a wonderful evening that will stay with me forever.

Photography by Mydi

Did you find your wedding gown at Nordstrom? We love a good wedding story! E-mail Nordstrom Wedding Stories for details on getting your wedding featured on our blog. And for more inspiration, make a complimentary appointment with a Wedding Stylist or browse our Wedding Suite.

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Real Weddings: Maureen & Ben Mon, 05 Jan 2015 23:22:54 +0000 Maureen tells us how a timeless location, a bicoastal wedding party and some personalized touches made her and Ben’s September wedding a perfect one for them.

Our vision:
To create an elegant, classic feeling that stayed true to certain traditions while making our big day feel like “us.” Most importantly, we wanted it to feel like a celebration for all and a night to remember forever.

The location: University Club of Chicago
We saw this historic building, and it was love at first sight. Cathedral Hall, our ceremony/reception room, was like a castle with high ceilings and stained glass windows looking out over Lake Michigan. For cocktails, we transitioned into the charming library and then back to Cathedral Hall as the sun set for a gorgeous, candlelit reception.

The dress: Spring from Lela Rose
This gown was simply perfect: classic and timeless with the lace detailing, the soft and simple silhouette, and a higher neckline. My favorite part was the unexpected detailing in the low back.

I completed my look with new Jimmy Choo silver sparkly shoes that I can’t wait to wear again and a Nina veil and jewelry. My bridesmaid dresses were also Lela Rose in a beautiful color. I loved the pop of magenta (my favorite color) in the sea of black and white.

Ben looked so handsome in his tux from Hart Schaffner Marx! Our groomsmen wore suits and ties from Hugo Boss.

My stylists:
I found my gown at the Downtown Seattle Wedding Suite and my bridesmaid dresses at the Michigan Avenue Wedding Suite in Chicago, since most of my bridesmaids live there.

Heather was my amazing Seattle stylist—both attentive and honest. The entire team was so helpful, warm and caring whenever I stopped in to visit the dress and add another piece to my look. Heather partnered with Toma, my extremely talented fitter, to ensure my dress was exactly what I envisioned.

Taylor and Allison were my stylists in Chicago who took care of everything with my bridesmaid dresses. They communicated directly with my bridesmaids, which made a stress-free experience for me.

Favorite moment: Sitting at our king’s table, surrounded by so many friends and family who had traveled from both coasts to support us on our big day. My parents, Ben and I planned a lot of this wedding virtually. It was a celebratory moment when we realized we accomplished exactly what we wanted, and it was amazing!

We placed wedding photos of our parents and grandparents in the library for cocktail hour. It was a special way to thank our parents and honor our grandparents who are no longer with us.

Last and certainly not least, we loved the dance party! Our DJ was amazing and the dance floor was packed all night!

Photography by Laura Witherow.

Did you find your wedding gown at Nordstrom? We love a good wedding story! E-mail Nordstrom Wedding Stories for details on getting your wedding featured on our blog. And for more inspiration, make a complimentary appointment with a Wedding Stylist or browse our Wedding Suite.

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Wedding DIY: Paper Garlands and Table Decor Fri, 19 Dec 2014 16:00:29 +0000 Our November Holiday catalog featured papercraft and garlands from master crafter Laurie Cinotto. We shared a step-by-step tutorial on The Thread on creating these crafts with a holiday theme, but any number of colors or mix of patterns will work for this project, which makes it perfect for weddings with a little DIY flair. Drape the garlands anywhere or strew the paper balls on your various tables for endless possibilities that add a personalized touch. 

DIY garland and paper crafts for wedding décor.

DIY garland and paper crafts for wedding décor.

DIY garland and paper crafts for wedding décor.

Our thanks again to Laurie for sharing this project and her crafterly magic! See even more inspiration and ideas, and get info about commissions and ordering her DIY Beautiful Paper Flowers book, over at Laurie Cinotto Art + Craft.

Jeff Powell

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New! Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Now Available for Pre-Order Tue, 16 Dec 2014 18:00:16 +0000 When planning their own weddings, real-life besties and Paper Crown co-founders Lauren Conrad and Maura McManus were having a hard time finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Their solution? Design a bunch they love themselves! So was born Paper Crown Bridesmaids. We love them too, and these dresses full of flowy romance are now available for pre-order.

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses

On her motivation and philosophy, Conrad tells us, “Designing the Paper Crown bridesmaids collection was a dream! My goal was to design dresses that flatter a variety of body types. This way, a bridal party can look cohesive but not necessarily have to be wearing the exact same style. Everyone should feel great, just not better than the bride, of course!” A bride’s supporting cast should definitely look and feel great—we think you could say that about these ladies and their gorgeous dresses in action.

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses
Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses
Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid DressesPaper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses
Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses

We have Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad in six silhouettes and a number of pretty pastels and muted tones. Dresses will be available to ship the first week of February.

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid DressesPaper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid DressesPaper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid DressesPaper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid DressesPaper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid DressesPaper Crown by Lauren Conrad Bridesmaid Dresses

“We are extremely excited to partner with Nordstrom! Here’s to happily ever after!” — Lauren Conrad & Maura McManus

Pre-order: Paper Crown Bridesmaids

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Real Weddings: McKenna & Joseph Mon, 06 Oct 2014 16:00:18 +0000 McKenna shares her and Joseph’s special day at an Italian-inspired location in Scottsdale, AZ.

The vision: It was beautiful! We wanted something classic yet contemporary, so we decided our wedding colors would be black and white with hints of pink. Silverleaf reminded us of a Tuscan villa; it was as if we had stepped into another country! Gorgeous!

Favorite moment: I will always remember walking down the aisle with my dad and then joining Joseph at the altar. It was such an amazing moment knowing we would be husband and wife. Finally! The entire wedding was perfect—we were so happy with everything.

The dress: I chose the Ethel from the Vera Wang Collection. My bridesmaids went with a black Monique Lhuillier floor-length gown.

The Wedding Suite: Kathy was amazing. She guided me through the entire fitting and helped me with everything else gift and gown wise! She has become a dear friend. She is an amazing person inside and out and made the whole experience perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better stylist!

Photography by Renee Clancy.

Did you find your wedding gown at Nordstrom? We love a good wedding story! E-mail Nordstrom Wedding Stories for details on getting your wedding featured on our blog. And for more inspiration, make a complimentary appointment with a Wedding Stylist or browse our Wedding Suite.

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Real Weddings: Vanessa & Jon Thu, 25 Sep 2014 17:55:48 +0000 Vanessa recounts her and Jon’s May wedding at the Renaissance D.C. Downtown Hotel in the nation’s capital.


My Vision: The reception venue was modern and sleek but still warm and inviting. This modern look lent itself well to the D.C. vibe we were trying to achieve, as well as a less formal feel to the reception. For example, we did not have a traditional sit-down dinner; rather, we incorporated live-action stations in our reception ballroom, which included a mashed potato bar, a crêpe station, and a crab cake station. Finally, we had a photo booth that was a hit with our guests—such a fun experience, and it also doubled as our wedding favor. Overall, we wanted our guests to enjoy a great party with delicious food and drinks and have FUN!

The Scene: When we were planning for our wedding, an issue was that my family was scattered across the Northeast, while Jon’s family was situated in Seattle, WA. Our closest friends live in the D.C. metro area. Ultimately, we decided to have the wedding in Washington, D.C., as it is a location that both families could travel to and one that our friends could easily get to. Moreover, we hoped that our out-of-town guests would take advantage of their D.C. visit to check out the monuments and other historic sites!

St. Dominic’s is a breathtaking church that provided a serene setting for us to exchange our vows. We visited many potential reception sites to follow up the ceremony with before deciding on the Renaissance D.C. Hotel. However, after our first meeting with an event coordinator at the Renaissance, we felt excitement: something we hadn’t felt with the other venues we’d visited. As the event coordinator showed us around the hotel, Jon and I could see our wedding playing out, details and all.

We loved the modern yet inviting feel of the hotel as well as its central location in D.C., for both out-of-town and local guests. The coordinator was also inviting—her warmth was evident, as was her love of planning weddings. Jon and I knew we wanted to work with a coordinator who saw our wedding as unique and would put as much care into it as we were.

Special Moments: Our favorite moment took place right before the ceremony began. Jon was in the back with our priest, Father Schommer, talking through the ceremony logistics and running down the list of items to check off, as they were waiting for the clock to hit 2pm. They heard Jon’s sister singing and the organ playing, and then Fr. Schommer asked about our cantor (the chief singer employed by the church). He asked if Jon had seen him around. They discovered that neither of them had actually called the cantor. When they did, they found out that he was sitting on his couch at home! The chief singer who we had worked with for 8 months had forgotten about our wedding. Fr. Schommer made a quick announcement to the congregation that there was a 5-minute delay, and that we were “waiting for one of the musicians.” He asked the organist to please continue to play music. This was at 2:01pm.

Fr. Schommer was a quick thinker, and he went through the ceremony songs and figured out which of them he could sing and which he couldn’t. In a minute or so, we had it figured out, and were ready to go. At about 2:05pm, Fr. Schommer walked out of the sacristy (the area behind the altar), onto the altar and quickly came right back. He said to Jon, “Vanessa is coming down the aisle!” The wedding party and I didn’t hear Fr. Schommer’s announcement of the delay, as his microphone speakers didn’t reach the vestibule (the area that the wedding party and I were lined up ready to process in). On top of that, the filler music being played by the organist was the processional music I was meant to walk down the aisle to. With all that confusion, the wedding party started to process in… without Fr. Schommer or Jon at the end of the aisle.

Fr. Schommer asked Jon to wait for a minute so that I could get down to the end of the aisle, and then waved Jon out. There was a roar of laughter, and made this moment truly memorable and unique to our wedding.

My Dress: I found my wedding gown at the Tysons Corner Wedding Suite in McLean, VA. There couldn’t have been a more perfect gown to suit my style and my wedding day in the nation’s capital. My wedding stylist, Maria, called me for my first consultation in June 2013. Knowing I was petite with curves, she suggested designs by Matthew Christopher. His ‘Moet’ gown was the second gown that I tried on when I had my first appointment with Maria, and I immediately fell in love. I tried on a few more gowns just to be sure, but each one couldn’t compare to ‘Moet’—it sealed the deal for me. I purchased my Nina wedges, Nadri earrings, Nina veil and Nina clutch from the suite as well. I also found the bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dress at the suite!

The Wedding Suite: Maria and the Wedding Suite team made my shopping and alterations experience incredible, from the day I purchased my gown to my last fitting. Not only were they organized and detail-oriented; they were also warm and caring, making my wedding experience that much more memorable. I didn’t feel like just one more bride walking through the suite. Rather, I felt my experience was unique to Maria and the team.

Photos by Rachel Naft

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This Just In: Erin Fetherston on Her Gorgeous New Bridal Collection Thu, 18 Sep 2014 20:47:45 +0000 Erin-Fetherston-Dresses

This just in! New styles from one of our most obsessed-over bridal designers are now in stock at the Wedding Suite. This latest collection from Erin Fetherston is full of forward-thinking fashion that’s awash in the signature fairy-tale romance found in all of her designs.

ERIN erin fetherston ‘Phoebe’ Ostrich Feather Hem Chiffon Shift Dress

This season, Erin offers some seriously stunning reception dresses that will offer the bride a second chance to dazzle without risking injury to her extra-special gown. “It’s giving girls the freedom to balance fashion and tradition on their wedding day,” Fetherston tells Nordstrom. “Brides opting for a timeless wedding gown can look to a ‘cut the cake’ dress that will allow them to incorporate a trend or element of their own personal style into their wedding day look. It’s one aspect of the wedding where she can really get creative and bend the rules.”

ERIN erin fetherston ‘Lucielle’ 3D Floral Organza Dress

Blush pinks and prints (!) abound in the bridesmaid department, making for a thrillingly unexpected statement. “With blush being a personal favorite color of mine,” Fetherston explains, “this trend is near and dear to my heart and truly embodies the ERIN erin fetherston collection, both for bridal and my main line. The bridal assortment really lends itself to the ability to add subtle print or texture into your bridesmaid grouping.”

ERIN erin fetherston ‘Isabelle’ Print Chiffon Gown

For those seeking a more hands-on Erin Fetherston experience, look no further: this week, the woman behind the designs will be making in-store appearances at a few of our locations sprinkled across the country. Brides are invited to bring their bridesmaids along to try on this new collection (as well as a few Nordstrom exclusives thrown in for good measure), all while Erin offers her expert style advice, personalized for each bride.

ERIN erin fetherston ‘Sandrine’ Embellished Chiffon Gown

The one-on-one sessions will last 90 minutes apiece, and while you’re waiting your turn, you’re invited to enjoy a glass of bubbly, nibble some light bites and take advantage of a beauty service provided on site (manicures, hairstyling or makeup touch-ups, depending on which event you attend). And we won’t let you leave empty-handed—every guest will get to take home a trio of Nordstrom Makers chocolates as a parting gift to say thanks for attending.

ERIN erin fetherston ‘Chloe’ Foiled Chiffon Gown

See more from Erin Fetherston in our Wedding Suites, and for even more inspiration, see Erin Fetherston’s very own wedding photos from last spring on our blog.

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Real Weddings: Eva & Jeff Fri, 08 Aug 2014 21:56:04 +0000 Eva shares the tale of her and Jeff’s May wedding at Windows on the River in Cleveland, Ohio.


My Vision: I wanted a simple and enjoyable day. It was all about gathering with loved ones and having a great time! My goal was to create a day that Jeff and I could celebrate with all our favorite people without feeling stressed and crazy. I wanted to take in the special moments as they happened, so I would have amazing memories. I wanted to keep with certain traditions but also to make our wedding unique and perfect for the two of us. At the end of the day, everything was without flaw, and we all danced the night away!

The Scene: It was a beautiful, sunny, 70-degree day in Cleveland. The room that held our ceremony and reception had high ceilings and tall windows that let in the natural light and provided gorgeous moonlight in the evening. The exposed brick and other architectural features made it the perfect place to display the fresh floral arrangements and romantic colors we had chosen.

Jeff and I had our first look outside the venue under an old stone bridge. It was a sweet time that we shared alone, before all the festivities really began. Jeff finally saw the dress that I had been anxiously waiting for him to see me in, and he was so handsome in his new blue suit. The ceremony was emotional and heartfelt as we shared our vows we had written to each other. We started the party off with cocktail hour outside on the patio as we listened to a live pianist with a view of the city in the background. There was delicious food, tear-jerking toasts and all kinds of dancing.

The best moment for me was standing back and seeing all the happiness and love around us and between us as the realization of our perfect day set in. Every little thing came together, and the two of us could not have been more thrilled.

My Dress: The team at the Nordstrom Wedding Suite was great in helping me find my gown and making it perfect. I went to the store for a Hayley Paige trunk show without any expectations of finding my dress on my first shopping trip. I had an open mind and wanted to try different styles to see what suited me. I was so excited with what Nordstrom had to offer, and my stylist helped me try everything I had in mind. She did a great job of making me feel comfortable and special as I quietly analyzed each dress.

After trying on about seven dresses, I tried the Hayley Paige ‘Guindon’ gown, and although it was interesting and fun, it did not make a great first impression. I took it off and moved to another. After thinking on it, I went back to the ‘Guindon’ to give it another try. After I explained that I loved everything about it except for the stripes, Hayley told me she could make it without the stripes. I was sold!

Bride: Hayley Paige ‘Guindon’
Bridesmaids: Amsale Crinkled Chiffon in Blush

The Wedding Suite: When it came to finding dresses for my bridesmaids, we loved the Amsale collection because the dresses came in so many different colors and styles. We picked the blush pink color, and then each bridesmaid chose the same dress in a slightly different style. The dresses were definitely the look I was going for, and I was glad to have found them at Nordstrom.

The process of fitting the dress was great, as I had complete trust that the alterations would make it just right. Natasha altered the dress so that it fit me perfectly. It was convenient being at Nordstrom and having the lingerie department so close. The manager came down to help me find a bra that would best work with my dress. The experience of going for fittings was exciting, as I couldn’t wait to get back into my dress each time!

Photos by Mindy Sue Photography

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Spotlight On: Amsale 2014 Mon, 21 Jul 2014 20:46:18 +0000 The new spring/summer 2014 Amsale collection is now available in our Wedding Suites—and here’s a sneak peek! All gowns are available in plus sizes and can be made to measure, so you are guaranteed a perfect fit for your big day.

A659/Carson: A combination of timeless and current, this French alençon lace fit-and-flare gown is truly feminine. The layered tulle adds lightness and soft structure, while the delicate French lace long-sleeve bolero allows the bride to create a more formal look. $5,950

A655/Cameron: This fresh and modern lightweight ballgown has a silk taffeta corseted bodice with straps, a full skirt, signature pockets and a sash that accentuates the natural waist. Elegant and effortless, with a sheer back and touches of French alençon lace for added femininity. $3,950

A643/Lenox: Classic Amsale, this silk magnolia fit-and-flare gown has glamorous beading and a keyhole back. With sophisticated, clean lines and luxurious fabric, the gown is simple, chic and effortless with a touch of shimmer. $4,800

A654/Quinn: A beautiful, quintessential bridal gown. Channeling timeless sophistication, the French alençon lace bodice meets a silk ribbon bow accentuating the natural waist. This gown is perfect for a summer garden wedding, as the full skirt and lace underlayer create a fresh, airy fit and provide movement. $4,500

A657/Preston: This gown has a formality that makes it ideal for a black-tie wedding with the right accessories. The silk magnolia fabric is luxurious, and the cut is architectural and spare yet modern with a sheer neckline and sexy, low, bow-detailed back. $4,200

To see even more Amsale gowns, take a peek at this behind-the-scenes video from the spring 2015 collections.

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Racked’s Winning Wedding Couple Thu, 03 Jul 2014 22:06:40 +0000

Last month, Racked hosted an Instagram contest for one lucky engaged couple to win a totally free Brooklyn wedding. The catch? They’d have to plan it all in less than one month. We were thrilled to be a part of this event and offer the bride the dress of her dreams. The winning bride, Jacqueline Berman, wore a gorgeous Heidi Elnora ‘Coco Marie’ gown, and she looked absolutely stunning. It was incredible to see the wedding coordinated on such short notice! See how the entire day unfolded over at Racked’s Wedding Week feature.

Photos by: Daniel Silbert

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Effortless Name-Change Service from MissNowMrs Thu, 19 Jun 2014 23:14:14 +0000

We recently stumbled across this company and just had to share. It’s a unique way to take the pain out of changing your last name! Founded by a bride fed up with the hassle of trying to update her last name, MissNowMrs condenses the tedious 13-hour process into a 30-minute online experience via 3 steps: Questions, Forms, File. You can start it all just as soon as you’ve got your certified marriage certificate.

Featured in the New York Times, Brides Magazine, on NBC News and more, MissNowMrs is offering Nordstrom brides a special discount. For a limited time, take $5 off the regularly priced service ($29.95) with the promo code MNMNordstrom. It’s an easy way to check at least one thing off your to-list with ease.

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Erin Fetherston: A Unique Wedding by Design Fri, 13 Jun 2014 19:30:09 +0000 Erin Fetherston

Designer Erin Fetherston and musician Gabe Saporta’s wedding last spring was the epitome of a fairy tale affair—and we have the photos to prove it. As she’s known for a design aesthetic that’s rooted in romance and whimsy, we weren’t surprised by the gorgeousness of the event, but we were amazed to hear that she and her fiancé pulled it all together in a mere six months!

Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston

Held at St. Nicholas Abbey—a Jacobean mansion at a rum distillery in Barbados—Fetherston got the best of two worlds: the lush landscaping of the English countryside and the warm, tropical weather of a Caribbean island. Fetherston describes the property as a truly magical place with “beautiful, formal English gardens in the front yard, a lush gully of 100-foot tall trees in back.” As she tells it, even the drive to the site, with views of rolling fields of sugar cane, was incredible.

In fact, it was the landscape that ultimately influenced the design of her dress. Originally, Fetherston says, she didn’t want a dress with a lot of volume. “I was thinking I would have a very flowing dress, maybe with a long train. I wasn’t thinking about anything structured.” But after studying a lot of photos of the venue, she realized the importance of connecting the environment and the dress.

Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston

While Fetherston’s design was part of creating a fully realized experience, and although the English garden-style wedding inspired a specific style of gown, she emphasizes that every bride should have her own approach. If the dress is the first consideration, “choose a venue that goes with the dress,” she advises.

Erin Fetherston

Fetherston created a gorgeous, uniform aesthetic by always keeping her concept and the big picture in mind. One of the ways she achieved this was deciding on a color palette—not just for the decor, but her guests as well. “Instead of giving people a dress code, I gave them a color code for the wedding and for other surrounding events.” She describes how a harmonious color palette made the experience feel really special—and resulted in beautiful photos. But her unique approach didn’t stop with a color code.

In lieu of having official bridesmaids, she dressed every female guest in Erin Fetherston. “It was like the bridal party had no boundaries,” she says. Fetherston dived into her archives, pulling every dress that fit her chosen palette, and then invited her girlfriends to come choose their dresses. Looking back through her past collections, reflecting on her years as a designer and being married while surrounded by friends all wearing her designs gave even greater meaning to her wedding.

Erin Fetherston
Erin Fetherston
Erin Fetherston

With so much care and consideration given to every little detail, the results were truly spectacular. Thank you, Erin, for sharing your magical moments and beautiful day with The Wedding Suite Blog!

Erin Fetherston

Find Erin Fetherston dresses and intimate apparel online and in our Wedding Suites. We’re excited to announce that even more Fetherston designs (exclusive to Nordstrom!) will be arriving this September.

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