Engagement Stories: A Nordstrom Proposal

Jori and Brett’s engagement has a special place in our hearts—he asked her to marry him at our Nordstrom store in Atlanta! (Ladies, a shopping trip AND a proposal! What could be better?!)

While Jori was shopping with a friend, little did she know that her boyfriend, Brett, along with her friend and even her Nordstrom stylist, were all three in on a big secret! As Jori was trying on dresses, a special box was placed outside her door. When she found it, she saw notes and mementos, including a glass slipper with a beautiful engagement ring in it. When Brett appeared, he asked her to marry him right there in the dressing room! Of course, she said, “yes!”

Jori and Brett joked that there are “no returns—ever!” on what they got from Nordstrom that day!

Congratulations to this happy couple. We’re wishing them a lifetime of happiness!

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