Backstage Beauty: M•A•C for Azede Jean-Pierre

“Super simple. Achievable. Makeup that looks like every girl could do it herself.” This is the face Romero Jennings, new Director of Makeup Artistry for M•A•C Cosmetics, created for Azede Jean-Pierre.


The fashion was colorful, graphic and geometric, with rounded shapes and hemlines, so Romero balanced this with a toned-down, effortless makeup look.


A mixture of all cream products were used: Studio Finish Concealer was stippled and blended over moisturized skin only where needed. Red was applied on the lids, with gray wrapping around the eyes (spring 2014). Lashes were curled and mascara applied for a wide, bright-eyed look. Nude eye pencil on the inner rim of the eyes completed the effect.

Our favorite tip Romero shared was about the brows: he used Studio Concealer to lighten the hair, and brushed through a Brow Set in a shade lighter than the model’s natural hair color, to achieve a natural, organic look.


We were ecstatic to chat with Romero, a 21-year veteran with M•A•C Cosmetics. We can only imagine the contents of his makeup kit after amassing a collection over the years, so we asked him:

What are the top three items in your kit you can’t live without?
#33 lashes, for an approachable, doe-like eye look that can be used as a whole strip, cut in half, or even used as individuals
#190 Foundation Brush, the perfect flat paddle brush, great for stippling and blending
Prep + Primed Skin Refined Zone, because it doesn’t feel heavy and is essential for controlling shine and prepping skin in this hot weather


So what keeps Romero going throughout his international Fashion Week travels? Vitamins and music. He’s currently listening to Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and Daft Punk. Picturing the videos in his head and keeping the music in his ears is what keeps him charged!

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