Bobbi Brown Interview: Her Best Advice, Travel Must-Haves, Summer Menu and What’s New

Bobbi Brown is a woman who needs no introduction, so let’s jump right into our recent interview with this much-adored beauty mogul as she shares her expertise, tips and tricks, a delicious (and simple!) summer soup recipe and so much more.


What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?
Bobbi Brown: My mother taught me that confidence is true beauty.

As a person who loves healthy food, what things do you find yourself going back to this summer? Even better, do you have a favorite recipe you could share?
My three-step soup on my blog, Everything Bobbi, is perfect for summer as it’s easy and works well with whatever veggies you have on hand.

Another summer favorite is my Coconut Kale Shake. I make it using coconut milk, cocoa powder, chia seeds, chocolate protein powder, frozen organic banana, frozen organic cherries and, of course, kale. It’s great for breakfast or as a midday snack.

What do you love about the new Intensive Skin Serum Concealer and Corrector?
Corrector plus Concealer is my secret to the universe and a desert island must-have, so I was excited to create a formula that not only covers dark circles but treats them. The new Intensive Skin Serum Corrector & Concealer is the perfect combination of skincare and makeup that helps reduce the visible signs of aging from the inside out. Undereye discoloration is instantly brightened, making you look like you’ve had eight hours of sleep when you’ve had only four. It’s the one product I feel most dramatically improves the way you look—I never leave home without it.


Can you share some pro tips on using the Concealer and Corrector?

a. Apply a light eye cream underneath the eye area. It should absorb quickly and leave your skin feeling smooth.
b. If you’re using a corrector (a pink- or peach-toned formula used to brighten deep blue or green undertones), use your fingertip or the included doe-foot applicator to apply it at the inner corner of the eye. Continue placing the corrector underneath the eye, staying close to the lashes and patting the corrector wherever you see darkness.
c. Concealer, a skin-tone correct formula, is applied over the corrector to lighten the undereye area. Use your ring finger or the doe-foot applicator to apply the concealer in thin layers. Be sure to blend well.
d. Make sure to apply the concealer all the way up to your lash line and—this part is critical—onto the dark areas by the inner corners of your eyes.
e. Use more concealer than you think you need, and blend it into the skin in a soft, patting motion using your fingers.


Bobbi Brown University is offered at your alma mater, Emerson College, as well as Montclair State University. In the curriculum, what’s the first and/or most important thing students learn about beauty that’s applicable to women everywhere?
Bobbi Brown University teaches women to appreciate what’s right about them instead of what’s wrong. Whether she goes out without a stitch of makeup on or with a full face, a woman’s real beauty is reflected in how she feels about herself. If you feel confident, you’ll project that and, as a result, you’ll always look beautiful.

I also believe in teaching women that makeup should be simple and that it’s not about rules, but instead about options.

You’re an avid traveler. Where are you excited to head off to next, what can’t you wait to see/do, and what five things won’t you be traveling without?
I’m planning a trip with my family to our home in Telluride, Colorado, in September. We started going to Telluride over 15 years ago after falling in love with everything there is to do. In the winter we ski and in the summer we hike and golf—there is nothing better than being outside in the fresh mountain air.

My five travel must-haves include:
1. Extra Moisturizing Balm to keep my skin well moisturized during and after a long flight. Once I land, I apply Intensive Skin Serum Corrector & Concealer to cover any dark undereye discoloration, Pot Rouge to give my cheeks and lips an instant pop of color and a really black mascara to open and define my eyes.
2. Oversized scarves since they can double as an easy accessory and plane blanket.
3. I always bring sneakers with me on vacation. I love everything Nike. When it comes to exercising, I squeeze it in whenever and however I can—whether it’s hitting the hotel treadmill first thing in the morning or sightseeing on foot.
4. I never leave home without my iPad. One of the best things about my job is that I get to try, see and do interesting things on a daily basis. I love sharing my experiences on my Instagram, @justbobbibrown and @BobbiBrown.
5. A fitted black or navy blazer and a pair of wedges are travel musts. They easily dress up any outfit, day or night.


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–Jeff Powell

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