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For Chriselle Lim, fashion blogger behind The Chriselle Factor, beauty is all about feeling good and feeling healthy. This fashion guru shares how she experiences beautyand in the process showed us a few camera-ready hair tricks.

When it comes to beautiful hair, Chriselle is drawn to big, sleek waves. We find her at Nordstrom picking up a Sultra Bombshell Curling Rod as she prepares for her night.

So what’s her everyday beauty style? “As a fashion blogger, I’m always changing it up,” says Chriselle. “One day I’m a rocker chick. The next day I’m boho. But when it comes to beauty, I’m such a creature of habit. My go-to products are: BB Cream, lip tint, cheek stain and mascara. Super easy! My makeup is pretty neutral; what’s important to me is dewy skin. I’m a sucker for skincare. I could spend all my money on that.”

Step 1: Starting 2-3″ from roots, wrap 1″ sections of hair around curling rod. Roll rod toward scalp to complete the curl. Before curling, spray each section with a setting spray.

Step 2: While curled section is still warm, wrap hair around two fingers to create a pin curl.

Biggest beauty mistake? “Shaving my brows in high school!”

Ideal brow? “I love thick brows, a little tattered and messy—not perfect. Like Cara Delevigne—I’m obsessed with her thick, straight brows.”

Step 3: Using a double-pronged curl clip, place clip inside curl, securing hair against your scalp. Keep pin curls in place until hair has cooled.

Step 4: When hair is cool to the touch, remove curl clips.

“Every moment is an ‘insta’ moment,” says the snap-ready tastemaker.

Not convinced? We suggest checking out her Instagram feed. Chriselle was born to document and share fabulous style inspiration.

Step 5: Gently brush curls with a mixed-bristle brush, shaping curls into desired wave. Set with a medium-hold hairspray and shine spray.

Favorite beautiful place? “I recently went to Taiwan. And while you wouldn’t necessarily think of anything peaceful in such a crazy-busy city, we visited Sun Moon Lake, which is perhaps the most amazingly beautiful place I’ve ever seen. It was so peaceful and serene.”

Glam Girl: This look represents Chriselle—and a hairstyle option that works for just about every situation.

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