Day to Night on the Go: Two Looks with the CHANEL Travel Makeup Palette

The CHANEL Travel Makeup Palette is an all-in-one beauty powerhouse complete with eyeshadow, blush, foundation, lip color, mascara and three applicator brushes. To have a little fun with this versatile face palette, the Nordstrom Beauty Blog brought one to our crew at Studio N, where our in-house photographers, hair and makeup artists, art directors, models and scads of other colleagues all hustle to make editorial magic happen on the daily.

Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, natural makeup look for daytime.Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, smokey eye makeup look.

Our initial thoughts? We were all super fans of the perfectly chosen colors, made up of several most-wanted shades. The options are almost limitless, but we were excited to showcase how easily this compact, travel-friendly product–sized just right for a handbag or jet-setting–has all you need to go from beautifully fresh, barely-there day makeup to a subtle-but-smoldering nighttime look. No magic required.

Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, smokey eye makeup look.Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, smokey eye makeup look.
Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, smokey eye makeup look.

Read more for our simple (we promise!) step-by-step guide for going day to night with these two gorgeous makeup looks.


Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, natural makeup look for daytime.

Prep: Cleanse face and apply moisturizer and illuminating base. Add concealer as needed and foundation to even skin tone.

Artist Tip: to make eyes appear brighter, use a foundation one or two shades lighter than your skin tone in the eye area. Blend outwardly to cheekbone, above the eye and set with powder for a more airbrushed look. To enhance eyebrows, lightly brush eyeshadow into brow line.

1. Use the applicator sponge to apply the mid-tone pink eyeshadow shade (#2 from palette legend on back of box). Begin on your eyelid and blend outwardly into crease and toward brow line.

Artist Tip: Intensify any eyeshadow shade by spritzing applicator sponge with a little water before swiping into palette.

2. Pick up the white shade (#3) on your sponge and add highlights by creating a small ‘V’ shape from the inner corner of your eye, blending outwardly slightly across lid and into crease.

3. Lightly brush one of the darker shades (#1 pictured) on the outer corner of the eye inwardly, again in a ‘V’ shape, to create a little depth to the eye.

4. Picking up a small amount of the white shade, blend top of eyeshadow line outwardly into the brow to soften the shadow and highlight all at the same time.

5. Apply the included Inimitable Mascara.


6. Using the blush brush, sweep blush (#13) lightly over the apples of the cheeks for a daytime glow.

7. Apply the second lip color from the top (#8) to lip with brush. Outline with the third lip color down (#9) and blend inwardly for subtle dimension.


Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, smokey eye makeup look.

1. Pick up the gold eyeshadow shade (#4) with applicator sponge. Apply around the outer eye–slightly more heavily along the lash line and brow bone. Blend toward the inner eye, leaving underlying shade as-is. Use the blush brush to blend into brow lines–highlighting again with a little white as in step 4 above.

2. Create depth to the look with a smudgy eyeliner effect; spritz shadow applicator with water and brush the darkest shadow color (#5) lightly along the upper and bottom outer lash line.

Beauty DIY & How-To: Simple, smokey eye makeup look.

3. For a final hint of drama, outline the lips with the dark berry lip color second from bottom (#10) and blend.

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Special thanks to our model Melanie Smith and a few members of the Studio N crew who helped create and photograph these looks: Matthew Sumi, Sarah Swain and Tim Whalen.

–Jeff Powell

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  • Jenna August 3, 2015, 8:45 am

    It looks like shes’ wearing nothing in both looks. Smh

    • Jeff Powell, Blogs Editor August 3, 2015, 12:36 pm

      That was a bit of our point, Jenna. We loved the idea of a fresh, barely there makeup look that was subtle, beautiful and not overdone.

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