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What are the best face masks for making dry, combination, undernourished or mature skin look its best? We asked a few of our expert Beauty Stylists to tell us about their favorite masks. Find out what they’re loving at home and recommending in our stores for any skin concern.


   Tenille Masaki Delp, Nordstrom Ala Moana

COMBINATION SKIN: Oily skin that lacks moisture is what I’ve had most of my life (symptoms: enlarged pores, oily T-zone, redness, slightly flaky skin at the chin, under the nose and upper cheeks). My secret combination infuses lightweight, nongreasy hydration into the skin while balancing out my oily but dry areas with vitamins and natural plant extracts. Here is my super easy and low-maintenance routine: 1) Using clean hands, apply a generous nickel-sized amount of Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask along with 3-5 drops of Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate to the face and neck (if applied thinly, you can sleep with this mask on). 2) Remove mask after 10-15 minutes with a clean, warm-water-soaked towel. 3) Apply my favorite Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing Cream for a naturally balanced glow day or night!

ALL SKIN TYPES: Lavender is an amazing natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antidepressant ingredient. Here is my favorite super simple, 4-step luxurious lavender mask routine: 1) Using clean hands, gently remove makeup with peppermint/lavender oil–infused Lancer Face Polish. 2) Rinse off exfoliator, apply a generous nickel-sized amount of Fresh Rose Face Mask to the face and neck then wait 10-15 minutes. 3) Apply 5 drops of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate to a warm-water-dampened towel to remove mask. 4) Apply Dr. Dennis Gross Oil-Free Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion Cream to the face and neck for a naturally happy, nongreasy complexion!

 Jennifer Hatfield, Nordstrom Irvine Spectrum

DRY SKIN: La Mer The Hydrating Facial Mask. The hydration achieved by this product is seriously like a quenching cup of water for a thirsty face. This mask is perfect for dehydrated skin. The best part is that it’s made of soft cotton and you can easily use it anywhere, anytime! La Mer’s trademark Miracle Broth is where it is at. It gives you true hydration, softness and firming. Who doesn’t want to see a miracle happen after only 8-10 minutes.

UNDERNOURISHED SKIN: Fresh Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask. This goes above and beyond all my expectations. It is for all skin types, but if you want bright, radiant, nourished, hydrated skin, this is the mask for you. It’s packed with vitamins for nourishment. Every jar is made with real honey for radiance and hydration!


Aida Peralta, Nordstrom Anchorage

NORMAL SKIN: My absolute favorite mask is the Lancôme Pure Empreinte Masque. I love the way it makes my pores feel squeaky clean. It’s a great skin detox at the end of the week.

MATURE SKIN: I also love La Mer The Lifting and Firming Mask. My skin looks younger and feels replenished after each use.

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