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Stella Rose Saint Clair has the Manhattanite girl-of-all-trades thing down pat. A few short months after moving to New York from Seattle, Saint Clair was street cast to star in a Lanvin campaign, she and her fashion design partner just showcased an ensemble at the first-ever Hello Kitty Con in L.A., and she blogs about lipstick by day and hosts goth parties in the Bowery alongside Amanda Lepore by night.

Saint Clair’s Instagram is kind of like if Jayne Mansfield asked Wednesday Addams and Siouxsie Sioux to room with her at the Pink Palace. Her eclectic and varied makeup looks are a constant source of awe and inspiration, especially if you’re drawing a blank on how to doll up for a night out on the town. Her life—and her Instagram—is a visual spectacle, filled to the brim with the glory of all things girly. Here’s a quick peek into the digital life of this gifted beauty guru.

Preferred all-time social media platform: Instagram is my favorite–I’m a visual person and am stimulated most by images. The best Instagram feeds are stylized and diverse.

If your Instagram feed had a go-to outfit, what would it be? It would definitely be bubblegum pink! It’s a running theme color in my feed and complements MY go-to lip color, which is bright red. My Instagram feed wears a Pink Lady jacket at all times and its diet consists exclusively of macarons. It rolls around in garbage piles left over from parades and Japanese toy factories all day and at night it sings karaoke to Ramones songs in pastel-colored dive bars with crappy plumbing. It wears several wigs at a time and it likes cats even though cats don’t like it (cats don’t like to be photographed).

Weirdest/best/worst thing that’s ever happened because of an Instagram post: I always get bugged out by people having conversations in the comments under my posts. Sometimes people will have a whole conversation with each other as though I wasn’t there listening. It’s as though they sat down at my table at a restaurant and began talking about my outfit or something I was doing without letting me get a word in edgewise!

What’s your digital diet? What blogs, apps, and gear do you swear by? I use the Day One journaling app nearly every day. I’ve kept detailed journals since I was seven years old, and being able to journal on my phone saves me a ton of time. You can also find me tweeting at @itsstellarose.

If you could permanently retire one hashtag, it would be: All of them. Do you see those people who attach a wall of like 10+ hashtags to their photos with every possible trendy descriptor? What are they even trying to achieve with that? Make posts because you enjoy it, not because you’re desperate for #instadaily #tagforlikes….

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